BJ & Jamie: Jamie's near death elevator experience this morning. 6/25

Monday, June 25th

Jamie recounts the Elevator fall this morning she say that when the car did finally get to the 11th floor she jumped out like Indiana Jones!  Our elevators are a bit wonky in this building.

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Vijay and Jamie allos 105 going BJ Jamie morning Jamie are you OK yeah. It's just weird have netter and will push on I just type mainly in the way the. That's bizarre meg not saying we don't know I haven't. Malfunction of an elevator here the Jimmy was riding on this one when she was coming into the studio and dropped the floor. That was crazy inning you don't you guys that you don't and you'd like vertigo or something I don't know and then when the lights blink. And so it then it went to one so I thought it was on the first floor that can figure out where I was there I was up here you know those weird so he's bailed out I actually okay this kind of embarrassing because I fell floor and I. Does how many diamonds diamonds elevator and I just remember like movies of snow machine yet you know is like it's just. Because it when it drops it drops axed but only you have no real gravity hits I. It's not as good guy but it didn't. Anyway I I am when the doors open that's now is our floor I mightily and jumped out and kind of rolled through here. Joseph the role that's what this picture could ever pays to start going down remember that and on that dad Disney cruise LA was decapitated. Yes from that the members didn't work out well no doors shut on a different floor and run and she was leaning out in an hour. Elevators I've noticed the guy always in trouble our elevators here yet this building its little lol yeah it's the old IBM buildings here another Texan. And our elevators have a lot of problems. They stated they go out of service quite a bit. And so some things technically just not right to compete OK there's of the rock but I noticed over the past several months. Then our doors because an elevator door and Turkish army remember. Happens all the time now but even at what an eyewitness do you I was there yeah you are there but our elevator doors wouldn't we knew who stepped into the elevator your in between the the elevator in the floored the doors are shut it they should detect dead in open back up again right. Ours has gotten so that they hope to get the dates to death then they they will not stop. Yet the Hamels lost an arm it's under the ice cream them to take it out well any elevator and world view is secure army and there are no we'll hit that you can bounce back to her. My poor track for an. Not I don't know that aren't that picky witness that it is not good. I mean I have written 800 million elevators in my life I've always been a high rise Ali is no. At first I might like a song on the floor but he should be able to go through lifetime where that doesn't happen post I'm. Thought BJ this morning right yeah yeah. I'm glad you're safe I'm so is it a slacker just talked up an elevator. Really that's weird so it's been around Bruce bore elevator actually I imported from doors there but they're all generic they're all jacked up but. I tell 'cause I like and I'll let. Just to my stomach yeah. I don't wake yup it. Everything you saw what I bought legs and then I don't I had done this I die. Everybody's safe everybody is well we've reported the killer elevator for. You are big building maintenance and against their own and already they've just asked around late to get us Serbs did that sensation as a way to get out why. Drug I'd just like the shot. And you know am I am hyperbole and the week does good joke on that now there's another issue right Eagles when he went to note. I think employee didn't adapt to go to every floor are. And put a note a bit. Well thank goodness they get here early the other building yeah people but and now that you are alive and get school were all good we're all good. I hope they'll lose that your instant this morning hasn't screwed things up for the rest of weight. The I don't use those I don't mean there I mean I don't care for the elevators I know it's a big chef there and that if something broke you could. But why hate stairs while getting some air Dilma at this point you have to I don't think we'd have to carries on now yeah I don't think you could make it Charlotte. I don't know because it I have to sit down and go down I'm a little after that and he did not buttered soul that. Cardboard all great idea it just sits. I'll let down. Largely due to a yet he I'm order I'm more concerned about coming in tomorrow and have the climb those are all mine Jamaican now that there's no way no warning anonymous can physically know. He's did that I Brad there's no way so here's the deal tomorrow morning when you flip the czar and you thought you hear a best album appropriately you know the elevators or the as we. I can climb on the we walked eighteen holes of golf yesterday I don't believe it's the idea of how impressed myself a zip yeah all of the action law. Outlaw. I am shy but it's like 800 miles in when in Iowa and he and he got to pick your outbound exactly you walked around a golf course I did 27 miles. Shine route I've. I Andrea. Exactly which beat Hewitt wheels that I did not all I. Yeah you know I know assault hello I interviewed tackle the course yeah golf course I can't make every resident in that. Check on that at the lord. I isn't BJ JPMorgan should just getting started on Monday we're gonna party in paradise you know all the details. For a number I don't a lot of people reaching out a so you've reached we need a couple people inquired especially if you wanna go that. Our single. Yeah and it ended up and they want you to go and they are working with you to make sure that happens so you just need to hold them. If you wanna go with us of the team and islands in September you just call them and they'll walk you through it I don't know the details as far as how they're doing it. But they promises. That you will you will be hooked up there. Yeah and take care of everything I give me just say here I wanna go. And it it's a traveling to the Milton chairman I mean not free feds say is they'll take care of all the details and that's what they do their traveling to. So call 1807. To 84397. That's 43971800. Seven to 84397. They will work it out with the yeah yeah. Yeah immortal.