BJ & Jamie: Jamies son says that he has synesthesia. 4/6

Thursday, April 6th

Jamie’s son says that he has synesthesia.. it is when you hear music you see colors. There is an artist who is able to paint the music she hears and it is a proven thing and some people really do have this condition.

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Vijay and gene and speaking of music I saw this yesterday and funny you know we're just talking about this or some brought this up yesterday. As you knew where I'd just disgusting stuff. This sinner so if these yeah simply. Go diagonally and has not even out and I think viral or senate because he said mom I think absent the eject an active what's that. And especially minority does yes it is it's an. Since it's the Asia theme that I think Tyson and they went easy that's pleasing to easy and apple these dead arm when I hear music I hate. I see colors. That's what you talk. He told June he sees colors when he and his music are you dine well I think for any certain apps act. Well it's funny because there is a story in the corner route. It is is girl she's an artist in the reason she's an art this is because. She sees colors whenever shears assault so whatever sought to set so we just played better. Twenty below. No. You get it as she sees college yeah you really tellers look and she repeats it and what this shapes our air she's listing to the music. In these pieces of art are selling like crazy. But it's a rare condition according to doctors. And that you see colors when you hear music. Yeah well let me let me see my sake I mean don't put it I had an agency backed. But I think gun play and I'm. Now see I see a guy ain't. Onstage. Listen more geared listen. No flashes. Pan am mulling it. She's lighters in the air. I see it sure does maybe white. People are born. Do those people the back of the room the continue to talk to each team you saw. Shanghai and slacker. We'll. Trouble every parent every year and natural actor and I get double bird talk and very you know it up. Looking into this and this whole seemed colors when you hear music I feel like it's eight well I saw a white shirt he was in a white shirt. The evidence is more than Nancy you're here you're pinning an image of you possibly video that you've seen nor are most. Acts being on stage with it would be weary were talking about vivid colors that flash it in your head in before your eyes. That you can literally translate to canvas increase piece art. It so this basically what you're looking at are these colors that are expressing the music she just hurt. Which to me it is seasonal flu shot. Every sound effect is she here does she see colors I don't know. An example that's it that's a good good questionnaire. One for example they showed what color would you see our. But for us. But it's a one car. Sow doubt and nothing of what what about this John John John to get an articulate guy. Don't know we'll Kodiak Island a list that does sound and then see what EU what flashes in your head. Now all your old sound that's he's doing just tried to do that here. The bloodiest scenes don't wanna look away this is John brought out his ass kids Sayer where Harris insisted. And fancy city is maybe he got out this insane rearm. I seemed like a wife and a re not proud of the way shook her. Hey look I Candice this is how brown now brown. How I see this being polite aside cheeks are and that should the psyche thing really isn't a real play on this you know girls in the latest commercial for the medium. No so I guess to prevent brain waves stimulate ping on her head you know although little what are those things a little probes and here they put him on there some brain neurosurgeon he puts all those things on their. And the suspect. I feel something in the right out of my brain and she never goes. There. Just earned. His brain power. Or she can T electrodes she can figure out I had like send it to which part of the brain. Action in the lags front doesn't have to do would be an immediate. This week. So now you. It's likely psychics and I don't believe in them running in and saying. Saying it is is true is true cheating going out and eating this lady sees colors and here's news I do. I do think what do you think she sees when she hears it or. Aren't well I don't agencies GOK. Yeah. He's into everything immortal John Ellis. Nice nice.