BJ & Jamie: Jamies storage problems. 1/30

Tuesday, January 30th

Jamie has a storage unit that is full of all her furniture from her lake home in Arizona.. this is really nice stuff and she got a letter from the unit company and they have seized her belongings and it will be up for auction in March. BJ has been trying to buy that unit for years but Jamie says nope.. Now it has to be sold.  


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Vijay and Jamie I don't know why I'm so intrigued by this but after he told them yesterday jamiat cannot get to solve my mind that's. It's like here are happy that I've. Ball and no. And I can get up well yeah I. I think you're lost seniority negligence yes this somebody else's gain on this but the here's what I know I know you. In I've seen pictures of your place and your garage and in that extra room you have it you really do. Really do gather really nice items you you're you're high yet and I'm high and gather. But for the most part you know when you orders up there you have something in your house it's pretty low it's good stuff. It's at Wal-Mart it. Most I love mark say yeah just say that you Hugo a little bit bored classy than what I would go get like my furniture that was just. Dude gets around the house I think Hugo. Top shelf compared to what advice. I think especially with our furniture yet especially with the furniture all my goodness folks listen to this YouTube it is an entry. Jamie why shut up shop. At least to have soup I did shut shut out the shot I did it go over lake cabin suit no blue light kills right. Well everything in their house had to go so the other owners commit and when he got to deal would put it storage right. So I sold I sold it adds is that whenever the house and in like cabbage soup but Alan I looked like now this is crazy but I in due course. At high end high end furniture store in California I see I didn't know they asked what. So I'm really entry so I endorse this high in treasure story in Los Angeles and eight date. Basically they did the entire have a snaps. They discriminate. In decorate your stuff in an industry. But it but it sure stuff out of thin it's it's good stuff. Well she takes it out of there and she's got to bring it to Colorado and put it in storage and I don't have room. Have room fort no you can't put two houses at one ranked so but what she may have liked housed at a day you know the jet till Reza more supple. Because it was like and at that house and averages like three bedroom two bathroom and it and it's good so I couldn't in my mind dislike. You know just forget it because it was free and it high oil and legs and gives out which is ran off. What are you get forget. Not only did you forget you for guts for several months that are out. In the storage place said you need to pay your bill. He'd need to pay well and what you need to pay your bill hall and now you're six months behind you need to pay your bill now. She never paid it never guess what. They've confiscated every day I guess that cut the lock golf. Yeah that says it is theirs Anderson says. That we have cut you off off. Tell us like at twenty dollar or not. They can't lock on to forget about the block we've placed our lock on the door to your unit. And your personal property is being advertised for sale on a publicly available web site. The link tells furniture and all the blogs of the lake house. Could have easily been safe for 467. Doll I remember the amount. I yeah I was like I wrote. Because I am so intrigued by this. Fears that the here's what's really making me mad disorder again she could have easily come to me last way. Week before whenever the time when it was when they're gonna put the slot caught. She can obviously came to me and says hey BJ. This place is fault it's a 10 X 30 unit update that is. Think about it I mean I rented before that like I tense and it beds to the roof like all of a tall yeah it's an eight by thirty. So this could have been saved a couple of when I got a hat come to. I know this is happening until I opened my mail so do you think's yes they're calling they were calling their college Ali Doug and I did you put things opulent looking. Well I have so much mail as a wild so then I get back. And I open it says I mean I have no choice that you could have saved it's because. Because I didn't know I was good at what could have if you open your mail weeks ago what do you mean our could've saved the issue could have saved it. It opened my may. But I didn't. I can't pay it did you did you calling for months I've said here what's calling it may be admired your telling me it. I feel like I should have had this dog bite too. Port Charlotte as cry and threatening the best listened to him and when I just sit didn't buy thirty feet. You'd realize that I had no idea was still didn't. As I justify okay. I think paying for iso. Is moved Adam and whatever like three years maybe four years ago. So Ivan paying a 195 dollars a month. For four years for the storage unit I've never looked at the stuff I really know where it is the harassment at some room there Littleton. I admit I'm not sure where I haven't opened it I haven't looked at haven't needed it for four years some is not very not even that you know I mean and money by not spending 200 dollars a month. It is you could have easily hit I would have taken over the pavements I just to get to step that I didn't know what's in their god willing to take. It I. Plopped down 500 dollars in a heartbeat to have all the belongings in this unit. But aid to and I just you know heart now many of you people have storage units are the biggest waste that money and main. You just keep 200 dollar that 200 dollars and up and that's forty years five years even though it. Keep your complaining about storage units in storage places but yet you just didn't give a huge favor the get a make a windfall often well actually if you think about it. I have this plenum. Okay because that stuff is heavy it's really and I'm just to Kirk and just a girl. It can't lift heavy stuff so they get I don't. It's not only Bruno and so all they have to do is bring somebody in you gather a crowd after they've advertised. Have an auctioneer go about maybe even we have drug abuse and murder of Robert ED go through that route do you there'd I don't I don't think that person down by the lied to but it didn't either it would got to give the TV but ordering a Ruben yeah. But it got it up and they did it and what they're gonna do Jamie is gonna sell to somebody that person's gonna be responsible for moving its historic places just get a little on this actually. But I am not gonna lose any more money ad campaign ads of the for 200 dollars a month or 800 years I don't care about you that you. This furniture inside this place probably worth 101000 dollars or more if he didn't have a product that overtime goal and you're saying okay. Yeah how humble an alternate shot. I. Can't then I checked. I don't. And then if I got movers did go to this George plays and they move it over to my house where I live now I've got the money I think that that option is the only aren't there yet but the and I think that. And the sense mark. Winning is an auction but it's online right now. Blue and you know it's examining right now on the year personal property is advertised for sale on a publicly available web site do you view the site. And am I can give it to you. More and that's creepy all right over the next if I gotta make a bit late now to affiliate in Obama pain only one hand he's in the if I get a spill milk balls and you know that story and she made her painted install. And I just argued that he doesn't I will load them like it's argued that I cannot not a. I want to CNN on it there and. Kind of negative via the web site hello and then tea and it says that everything's not. Not gonna be disposed of yap. And I guess that's that on. Anyways after this. Snatch it up yes a little five unit and then may have liked when he for us. Gal out there are eight or do it like storage wars will they just leave the law cutting somebody spicy unit or will they open it up so you can see he opened it is an election. No no no when they sell it. I'm talking about would they sell it what they'd be able to people talk about these guitar line legally sell stuff individually count on you got to sell it as a unit. Well why isn't. For sale on the website I think it's an online auction only. Does that stuff because my mother in law or does storage units and debt that's how they're company does it's all done online now so they just take a picture from the outside yeah in the Beagle that cadets are you're allowed to see even if it's a physical auction they just open up the door you can only look inside can't speak your head in or nothing and race and that show yes that's how they do they have the flash. I thought it was electric there's a show. Yeah yeah. Announce track online yet photograph and you just bid on what you consume me. You guys needs of furniture argument yes I need to catch brand I need to look. I'm. I really about it try this thing I can. And support. Tonight I thought my effort crystal ball. Must play some golf finally I played he burned ever since I thought they've been paying. Ivan de from a mom's storage unit for twelve years well I will say that you're paying for twelve years under mom's storage unit you probably need to get rid of the storage unit that's. The commonality that's like if you think about your stuff him. All the stuff in the act. Of the stuff in your basement again why would you go okay. I'm never using it I just need to get 100 got junk and just take it away. I've always thought did a storage unit to deal is it is something you've given to if you're only gonna use it for like 68 months race and then after that because it's something that you all are going to use. To throw something in the storage unit let it sit there for ten years. Swelled ridiculous. That's ridiculous because like you said they're not cheap. At what I think it's bad you know a lot of people like when they get to be seventy or so of them they moved to Florida they still weren't all that you know can't Stabenow that they they're now in a little apartment where they. Storage unit rankings. It don't nobody I don't Brit pop but it also was brilliant at the same time. It's that weird things summation they were sharing a storage unit with their X. They had 30000. Dollars worth of business equipment and he stopped paying it and they action enough. 30000. Dollars. I don't know if it's a relief I don't I don't I get a thing it's like a relief you know it's gonna go forth from them now. I guess I can go in and buy enough the ups at. Could spin on it up furniture. No you're going to be you could blow hole at. I was free and I got all the for the only way you would dead on it is if you could get it for less to your 467. Dollars wells and did you come out ahead and concede if they enforce its. But you got to think we. That's why it's so solve this that you're back to square Watergate if I know that definitely to your body. Take a look at it. That's enough. Like GUS surgeon at. No no no dementieva Brad Glenn I have yeah and I paid for it for about six or seven months and I moved on like crap out of there and where is it now I gave a lot of it away it is considered in have never missed it. Yeah I was paying for something better I just wife stuff like 14050. Dollars a month and I'm like oh what do it probably uses I. Look at the foreclosure and never uses so what I get yeah that you have gotten so much instead of losing everything you would have gotten some out of it. Can get out of it what a pain in the butt what you're gonna get a good joy MTJ and Sean and having some good furniture that's what you got again. He isn't ever going to pick it up yeah. But it did got to try yeah. The holes. Vehicles big and it's just I think the whole Abby hold anything yet in your drug. And anything that you throw well there's something in their right now with a wooden club back Coke for calling I I get groceries. Have you ever been like man and holing. I gravel no federal negro well. Harwood was. Telling Carl and listen to the minor. One but I don't stretch out. I got bananas is well back in coconut stop like added to what I'll. Gonna go get the frigid as I don't get departure because I get such a super deal on its champion of the Benjamin to. Maria. Easily given that they showed and I would take 467 dollars and hearty hi we would have gone over there and he had I would go through it. That would probably would have got in scope or two over some items discussed I'm sure we got bloody and we would have probably gone to girl. We did. As we went into my toilet. But I love that islander I see it on an everyday. Well it's a beautiful and I and now what. There are clear. And cooler whatever I got a new two of their hired Alan you know others to toilets are higher now than it was that low. The law is similar UM student needs to get a higher needs him the really nice. 1983. Models took a shot. Because I gotten into it from my house now hired there I like Camelot and chanted and held once Sudan got rid of that the olive gold when. I'm not a deal bathroom. And got to get that man mildly that the that the bottom and see that the immune or you can point. Mad about this isn't all that comfortable did get something years near news items we hear. He got by that there's nothing we better yeah. Do so itself. Help from their match. I don't know like I. You're right and graduate student Stewart. I can't just treat. Black lacquer furniture. And hype and hoopla at. The tire stop. It's gotten. I don't you know me and I yeah yeah it beyond new in the importance on Alex I.