BJ & Jamie: Jamies theory of woman who fell from cruise ship. 8/20

Monday, August 20th

Jamie has a theory of the woman who fell from the cruise ship and says she spent 10 hours in the water. During her interview Jamie noticed that the woman had a lot of energy and spunk during the interview. Would you have so much energy and look so good if you spent 10 hours in the water Jamie thinks she swam to a sand bar and stood there for 10 hours.       

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Vijay and Jamie disgrace and look what did it my. That's something tell I don't know because I will say this we keep watching this lady that fell off this cruise ship. And there's something really fishy here. Those two ladies that that they claim they were out in the ocean for many days it and it turned out it was a big hoax that that they weren't stranded on a boat they got rescued and really they had. Radio service and they had food yer yeah. Why they lied when they were rescued Jamie thinks this woman slide. I didn't eat it's we let me play. I was in the wheel of some ten hours each sheet looks like Kim court issued in. Listen when she says stuff and I found off the back of the Norwegians. It's I was in the world of some ten hours and it's these wonderful guys rescued my name recent play. I am very lucky to be alive today from from England yeah you know I'm faulty sick. We have not sitting at the bottom of the bag and went after. Okay. And video so I just watched OK get off the boat you guys. If you I Wear out in the ocean for ten hour right it's all languages so it means you now. It's draining so lighters draining because you get dehydrated you're out in the water for ten Alex. And you are treading water may be just floating because of lack I don't know. But you get out she basically job offer that boat to the rescue boat did you see there. Yeah shoots imbalance she she as she made a bill that she says she just thought I knew she met her boobs better and damage you know it'll bounce understand that you did your did bouts to do a little below it. She jogged off the boat some of the water for ten hours treading water I'm not jogging off that vote. And I look. Disheveled she find Jesus right now and she giggled and weird say here's what there. We don't breathe that loud. My theories next. She. Swam to a stand by a sandbar is something that's a little bit underwater they can't really see. And she stood on the air she did tread water she just stood on their and then when she saw the rescue boat come out she went into a little bit deeper water. We get if you know where she was just some box. I will say this. Watching Kay get off the boat this morning when I did remember this this is only a few hours after the rescue and she'd been in the day the water for ten. Are treading water according to her. Drunk she's also dropped easy how are you gonna be a you know all flickered up in the water for ten hours. It's about the boat looking and then my fully expected her to be feeble. Coming off very weak may be one of those big guy cruise ship blankets around her shoulder. An easy walk I'll earning yeah he did not even walking maybe so they had to assist her to one and I barely able to do an interview would be easy to sit. Luke and I'm Pannemon. Volley and she should be bawling mission like Adam K eight I didn't glad it could then Mallard. And these guys got them. And then she went up olive garden. It was weird. Personal. I don't think she found the symbol are. Stated she was able to stand up and down in the water use when somebody to come rescuing and swim back out deep water. I and I didn't cruise ship can get through that area team and they were seeing. Or yadda naked math and then she swam out to the deep I told Jeff I do agree something weird. The fishy. And two hours so they should she get a little fight with their friends but at the real fight with you BJ yes and I am maybe you know you topple over the the back. When the let's see some OK says let's say I get a fight with somebody and that and they toppled off the back. I immediately screaming and running and pulling that emergency thing that they have on the ships I'm doing everything and then they'll put the reverse thrusters on yeah and then the ball go in get whoever I like. Right right. But they do that and the fringes like you go on. Where. Her ten hours away are you saying that appealing it. We're sitting on the back let's say we're on the back into the crude hit. Much like a scene out of the pac ten remember rose. To the speech he lose to call me. And we will do something else. She is she's kind of chunky BJ there we are in moonlight and you're certainly not a scrutiny is to. Listen to make there we are in the moonlight okay erect sent and if you cut in here. Then I'll say they weren't drinking on the on the. They were on this boat were combined I'm so. Let me get what I do okay. And then all of a sudden I was like are. You are already married and you had you went to marry me. Are you doing and then you push me and I would report the you wouldn't pull little rope wouldn't say hey you know can collect stop this train honey my my buoyed by buddy just fell overboard you really wouldn't do that. Yeah I would do I would look at you for a little. A larger head Bob. We get further and further away your heads get smaller. Smaller. Smaller. And then when you're not really in like audible range. In maybe. You know on who I thought you were. Well. In the immortal John Ellis nice nice.