BJ & Jamie: Jamies whole foods experience 4/25

Wednesday, April 25th

Jamie said she went to whole foods and was not impressed.  But she did spend a lot more money than she wanted.  She bought a new water jug and made some lemon water, her son thinks she took a suburban mom class, what is next Orange theory.


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Vijay and Jeanne plus 1059. The BJ and Jamie morning show you know I would deal with from a kid in my teachers can walk out Friday's better Friday is tonight. There is so beauties like listen. So I know either walking now and I go oh OK it is you know because they don't get paid crash happen and they deserve more money and I said yeah I need is. Respect that but walked up Friday. Yeah I'm make the convened at three day weekend rent it at. Did notice this I guess sitters a doubleheader today at the ballpark hit a Coors Field with the Rockies. And I guess it's a teacher's. Students today. I know nothing out of a science I think it's presidential science day to step science and techno. Biology or something like that in the get a very special price likely him for a dollar and they're saying a lot of kids and teachers are gonna be out today. Going to the baseball game so that means out today. School's out tomorrow. Some schools are on Friday. The habit of scattered I think we just start the summer vacation now let's go out let's just go to start it now and that's regroup and then get back into the classes by ought to. You don't know how we paired to freak out that their kids would be home starting right now at fifty just like we ever I go yeah. Of that but I appreciate that and oh my god. So yesterday I know that I am going to be Kathie Lee and talk about my kid great now but I am yesterday. We went a whole foods after I picked him up from school. You know because right around the corners there's a whole foods so Google's with the way. Like he usually have like all the food out and it looks really good and everything. That's been sitting out for a while I'm really did that turn over Labatt. I've been there a whole foods one time really in got a soda. That was at the band aid because you have all those generic it's not clear and it's not. Yeah no hat but look nice price yet is like really weird stuff doesn't. I feel soda as much as little squares and cheese. And that is little that's where I'm at so low that's undecided little tease on the southeast it crackers come with a node just now things overnight here. She's over here. I'm gonna go into a boy that's a small container intimacy due 97 and 399. Colorado we read now now we're all pretty much a hat and a whole foods like there are so we go to health foods yeah innocent and does it with a absolutely out of the hot foods and the. It has something to do the year who go to Amazon being Amazon did the F it has something to do that because you know a lot of their customers got really upset that Amazon because. Amazon's beneath. Some of the customers to go to hope food program outside right now it's all high diesel realized that end. And Atlanta or whatever the won a roach and now it's awful and so usually I send as a whole foods is kind of crazy but it's like he thinks he's super cool. But he gets food in a thing and I paid for and then he eats at my shop. It needs in the world I enjoy doing so well I just Japanese and you know when doing exact. And even ten leg that was the worst ever and that was because I'm so sorry mom I know is fourteen dollars but Reilly the rice both. Fourteen bucks for his little tray of food that he walks around the store eating fourteen Dolly sent out an age of I shot a. The F fourteen now. Mo I was like I. Next tell our socks like and I am so we can get her money back anyway so a budget stuff. And then I got this big glass jug does really pretty glass Judd thing. And then we got Tom I cut up limits an infinite ligaments in the big last in a field that was Fiji Water Bryant the. Right to exist is water yeah I think if you think they see not only now need to bottle imported in. Yeah violence and business is just name brand eleven. There are organic yeah I think of a beautiful there and I and I dollar lemons Leah. She says to me like did the likes of derby and mom blast them like what it's about is like. Just old like you got some salary but limit your bit make it limited lotteries like. Tell me you're gonna joins orange theory next to each. Stereotypical. Yeah suburban mom thing in all those kids that. Sounds to me like you're starting new embarrass him it's that the limit why Oregon tied to. The important kiddies that were way over the top model we have cut back here suburban Atlanta for a class are you go to orange theory next week because all the moms and orange area and are saying what is orange theory I don't know I'm never meant. That like. The aromatherapy. No horse theory is like at circuit workout. Oh to work area and that's why wouldn't go with neither as I never behalf it's Utley to go to each circuit for leg whenever Fineman. It's like eating your gal interval training yeah. I'd have to work. Yes yeah the lord lord of the ground in the it up. If I get big studio and like so over here I do arms ital. Oh yeah no one plays what location and then ran over here and adds that I do rallying for Batman or that go over here and I do a mouse refinement in that inning jam. Well this is the newfangled thirty minute work out. They used to be popular back in the ninety's like gold's gym where you goalie and he works six machines are done in thirty minutes they're out the the company ex partner that. I. They fit this boy. Did I leave we have one we looked did during. Now we did we went into you walked in one we did because we had a jet at a gym membership that we were not using too easily double maybe there's a better way and that is one of these kind of closed so we like let's just go check it out and we went and hammering them that's what I canceled my gym membership Neitzel there about everything is the right outfit. I do not now known to have us live yankees yeah. Gotta look like you don't need to work out. Yeah that is jury. Didn't want to daddies and yet did you get like looks from people that were there. Well we we yeah yeah I definitely don't say how do you like oh no right now I'll people that don't need to work up yet to different planes and beautiful people and are linked the end negative that in the I'm not but here's what do you do you well notes are there working out yet is it that that's the thing and then let's hear it went. Everything is dawn broke classes now I'm. There's you know I used to cycle cycled Jim yep now it's road Jim via Munich spinning no it like revenue and I mean that they used to the that's any glass houses were like the radio and now it's rolling class I'll ask. So they're going to be in a boat anytime soon so yeah. Hello. Look at it from every angle manner. I gotta I gotta see where it really benefits my life who would rolling class I don't think I'm gonna ever dive boat with a horse I doubt it. So I don't need decked class. Now have you noticed that I am just curious with the whole foods think as a Mitch in the Amazon have you noticed a difference in whole foods. 'cause they're owned by Amazon. I think this and Sox not violent I want to go down the line downtown has a macaroni cheese bar you act the gap have you been no the only one of ever stopped you and is that Bill Maher. It's not accident really nice here but it for a lot of my range I don't like to pay high prices yeah court you know things that I can get for bill a better price. You know it's funny as I left and I said as stimulating as it is going to be 212. Dollars for food well you know just kind of odds as a running Joan yeah and CNG rang up a 179. And we got no fluke she tried to kill a funny. She knows it is yeah but now here's an every day it's throughout yeah I mean the you know how. 79 dollars holy and license and later in the night he does so what do we have for dinner and lake. I have two of the top of the hour. For everything that it after a 107 dollars or Italy well. And that's so I don't excess beds and you know lord each inch immortal.