BJ & Jamie: Jeremy didnt win we are sending an Edible Arrangment. 3/1

Thursday, March 1st

Our Friends at Edible Arrangements are going to send Jeremy a fruit basket to raise his spirit over not winning the contest to be the voice of the DIA train.


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Vijay and gene please keep clear and hold garden before departure to wall a gates. Our friend. Fox thirty one's Jeremy. Hub hub uttered yeah she did not go win 10. The said that it would it is sad day. And we did our best there was even a song about becoming the voice of the train to the airport you know DI a writes. I'm not and not to the drink but today airport but at the the actual at the airport cash you know we even are well. 75000 votes than Kim Christiansen from nine news she wins for the female category in the middle category you just heard hello and welcome painter. Allen roach you wins Jeremy Hubbard. And he just stayed Scott it's got to be one of those I don't even know he'll work today he's so distraught. It was in the fetal position is since. We've been trying to get in touch when he and he's just MIA I am worried about it very worries say shopping. But. Jamie and and we know what will cheer him up. We know how to fix things friends we know how to fix things here's her friend Diana. You guys I know you don't who die any as the organ in addition she works in boulder she has store and it's all go ahead Diana dial was called. Or we're gonna. Gonna fix this we are gonna pick this year these can be happy camper and by gosh you know what takes everything applied apple should doesn't look. It does right I mean it makes him a happy. Chocolate clear out. It does well my god this the best to Diana we so appreciate you see you realize what we're dealing here a man that is sold so distraught right now of. You realize and I'm here because Haywood might hit all the guys listen we now the lull in trouble about it. I love Bob that's what do you make sure that we get it edible arrangement over his place and it reminds me should happen. This afternoon Leo that's some I guess I don't think he gets they're too like I don't know 3 o'clock or so it should have been Yost yeah and then if. We have to get it and I'm gonna work is so great I don't know it's an event I feel like it's going to be to heartbreak game and pineapples she does an airplane. I don't know do we want you will do something happier and look at it you don't don't don't do anything. Now happening on who you are allowed only I think I must arrange an envelope it's shaped like luggage and now hold it up let you know I don't know that. And I do not technically it you know periodically daisy you have what do you know the idea that. Yeah OK okay this is a cluster are dying my. God that's so some wears so excited and listen. I am can you take a picture of it denying them that way in Libya a little love too on their FaceBook page. Yeah I look I'll take a picture and I don't text that situation on. And ethnic you might episode ought Diane it just so great of you to do this horse thank you so much all right. Edible arrangements and called it right we have such Jimmie and I have such a great relationship with the edible arrangement people because we we screw a lot of things yeah we have to fix. It crap but yeah it's good. It's so adamant the other day we're currently he or anything he'd been. You know yeah. I love gross he's. Ollie to hold okay like which we made our little bookcase and I don't. Yeah we definitely matured into one yeah they delivered one year to station team that torn apart in Nevada tomorrow at this time. Will do our best talked to Jeremy how about the Hubbard and try to find out how well all the edible arrangement win over I got a feeling it's going to be smashing. Success. I feel like it's gonna change his life Alia I mean I think it's I can't yet then can he knows we love and I. I like this whole thing this DIA thing ME list it was brilliant marketing on their part. But to keep the same guy is the budget that's a crock of crap to me he's a good voice and you had me. What is the white we even have a contest then. I don't know I don't know why ai that's why I do I do think he won the heads up you know Hinsdale upgrade. It's handed him. Why we even more honors. I don't know here's a heads up I think he won gets dumped up. The good guys got a great voice and he's been the voice for awhile and I think yeah little late hair. He lives here in mainland there you and I've been spreading their rumored it's not true. He lives here you know so if they have that that guy with the best forehand I heard hovered wind yes and it's not a foreign competition to our. To voice glow. In the immortal.