BJ & Jamie: Jeremy Hubbard talks DIA Train. 2/15

Thursday, February 15th

We are talking to Jeremy Hubbard about life and his marriage because Jamie is still holding on for their relationship. Jeremy is trying to become the voice of the DIA Trains. We think he is the best.      

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Vijay and Jamie oh yeah and we go away it's you know she's very unique it is happily married has hotlines were about time that okay. Hubble Hubble Hubbard yeah the V horror. Hits yeah you know it. If it hadn't been public you got there I don't had a busy night of sleep at. I just wanted to make. He's tired again he's tired you know you got to meet my dad before we get married Jamie. You have to ask that the act he's old fashioned yeah it's something. So let's average eat your enemy Bob Wright the open source so Jeremy how you do it. What. And that'll. No Barry writes different idea and I. Why did it in fact Barry White sings our favorite song it's our theme song Jeremy yeah it did happen at all yes I do then I think what they're you listen to this this is. I'm in Manhattan. I think here is this year leasing yeah exit from the moment. Is our beloved home buddy old buddy Obama will. But what I don't see why that's funny sometimes and I've I've really big is why doesn't. You know the reason we're reaching out to you is I hope you realize that we're on your side but this DIA thing. Well I need all the help and get it to people look at all the people in the contest and those people left out of the could take so seriously that it I think it really they're gonna be like that right there every Russian collusion here with these folks I think. Yet again right yeah let me tell me a lot of people are taken as bad leg to getting mad especially people in my industry our industry so that they're like yeah. There's no radio people in this I can't believe it. Don't get there really worked up about it says you know I think that Allen looked at the attractive guy we. Makes me wonder why he didn't account that Pete has already begun. Yeah get to eighty that we talked to Alan maybe it was yesterday herself and I think Gallup does a great job and I'm a little confused on how he's got to run support again it's. I guess is he's the incumbent right. Include this Burma as it's been that yet in the caveat that. And who is your competition again can go through your list Jeremy you know. We got my belt at seven. We got Allen roach. There's liquid party. And down when you rotate quite. I can't relive. Wait let the let that you don't think it had a chance with that I'll Gary ship Jairo. How. How does he hears the way he's his starts. Well it it. It's so good and it took a week we may do the idea if it. I do have Jeremy is auditioning GM model showing people up at your place and yet our computers are for. Isn't all art and I listen to unfairly I didn't I didn't listen some based on how hot people work yeah. Obviously Jeremy you know if you win hands down and I just listen to him as just and critics and even with your hot is your voice went all right so social ought to. It played Jeremy Hubbard please he is the ideal addition do you have it now and I ask a look at we have posted it on her FaceBook page still that I am. And. Concord new recording that I wanted to be just. Move I didn't wanna be a great super proud because you know what you're just back from a ten day trip and just went home don't want some annoying point knowing that you are holding up the departure of the trades which is a very you know. Yeah because right now I'd our Dell our Hala she really is PG at me yeah that's what she yells at gin and she does every time I took my foot in the door that should you. I've got a taste of its hardware we duty to change out there yet no doubt about that. I really everybody in this town and I know if you're just listening you don't understand what's going on but it veered. You don't really is in serious PR mad about this. I get crazy Pennington who has play until some companies plan pay so she's them up for the girl what's right and she's like. Told me me me. Upheaval them for me. No no no no let up. It's indecent I don't know if I mean it definitely. You're either on the on the equipment side there's basically. I think what people are affiliated with little right and so we dealt with that spoke. And that you could go do you know what the others never dull. You know there's a conspiracy theory that it that nine is that and in bed with DIA and obviously they're in cahoots gap that's our includes a visit our there's so many nine you know people in there and running again. Out of the plan that it is though that does. I hear me. Doesn't Jeremy is there anybody I need to sleep with that DIA to get this story so pickup. Let me get this one for the team just gave my outrage cookbook about people like that I forgot. Dry eye fi emir guy and that's. What I do we have is I think. Metadata are here right here here's Jeremy is auditioned for DI are here. Hello and welcome to Denver International Airport at sexy and doors are closing please keep clear and hold on for departure to all eight gates. Please hold on approaching the station for all age gates. A trade is arriving please keep clear and hold on for departure to all be gates. Boortz here for all eight gates terminal ground transportation and baggage claim. To eat you know I yell at people there's no great you're just reading it off. The way it needs to be read off into the sound like a robot you know you've just like you feel like a soft blanket when I'm on the train home. Home pencil comforting it would rip. It is that we were at Newark Airport that there's been some funny that your little carpet look about the open and the people who play on now and they're they're sort of overlapping sort of like. You know Alec wrote Leo what the or that they'll be another. Over each other and it's not Apatow. Unity and I would guess that of the the final. Or not will not mean we not mean you were not what I stand the chain mounted at the shark can play that Gary should viral placed on the list does this play out played Hillary listen to this Jeremy. Andrea hello and welcome to Denver international air and and how I don't know okay. Hello and welcome to the summer and have a prayer. It actually is. They didn't it's. Not gonna say anything mean about the zone in the. We re post again Sean so that we can get the votes in doubt I I'm personally. Jeremy I'm also voted for Allen roach do but I. He's already didn't you say they have to switch over to my lives in Minnesota but yes. To Minnesota. What color. Got a how to drive it well. I think that you're not trying to I feel like all the other voices and listen dude they're all trying so hard and you just like I'm just Jeremy Hubbard and welcome to detain. That's. Gotta have that natural komen competent about. Well if Gary sure pyro wins we know it's rigged with a I'm just saying there a way to vote. That out yes I I do what you do is you set up the update FaceBook accounts. And that's how you can do oh I'm sorry let I felt. Let's tell you a deed that voice printing and recchi had gotten I do vote mountainous and I think that's a different government just seem to have gotten emails today and that's at a well. Ever a point where it's at but yet the notion I'm sorry Jerry I I think you're about stocking no no none of them started uploading hey Jeremy takes body. It could talking to you and good luck to you the quote. Or rifle won't make sure it's posted up therefore we play him out with our our love song. Oh yeah plus. Yeah. I. At 530 I will I will play you're gonna need instant fox thirty Latin Jeremy Hubbard. Tony you got the idea or did you him loving me what he where it pushed the puck up a couple of bunker but the odd. I asked them through fourteen yet but yeah anybody I can't. Unlike many kicks in here you and Jeremy. Jamie. Jeremy Jeremy yeah. Yeah Indy weekend mornings on Ellis. I night.