BJ & Jamie: Jim Hooley of Fox31 updates us on the perv in the building. 8/2

Wednesday, August 2nd

A man was seen putting a camera in the women’s bathroom in our building and there is a $2,000 reward and Sean is on the case and is going to get that money and find that guy Jim Hooley talks to us about the story and gives us more details.          


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Each and Jeanne DJ and Jamie as we've been telling you all morning big me curved here in our neighborhood. Bill fox thirty one's GM who Lee is on the scene they couldn't get better guy. To go out there monitor it not only ability to rule. Slowly I want to see me any. It would and I suppose well. Yeah yeah as big time big time jet which we saw its sat here this morning. Which input what you want together though until after we saw the news reports this morning. Well we get the alert the props up as alert yesterday or from a PPP member police and the cart so mr. also we shared this morning. Well anyway what's the best thing to do in order to catch this guy has creeped out there right thing to do obviously. Put this picture on CBC and yet you know we do a lot of resource you know you got yours are the sort that got with a camera somewhere shouldn't be. But this guy's. You know we Donnelly Bennett we are impressions of. There's ever you know I compare it around. I compared him to this year's daily portrait it's a good picture. Let's stop a now we have sort of credit where the plastic. Plus there's a part ball too so somebody in your building Gunner got a pretty good look at their car but unfortunately David there weren't able to get up play that card that. Talk about it's not a late model BMW opium Earl swore to war. Why you were kind of a newer one oil. It doesn't Clark and that's my car you just described at. There's a lot of neighbors like it was down here and spirituality play that. Eight this guy in Jim I don't know if you know this or not the we've been talking about it all morning this though the floor that he was all on is our company that owns Allison. No I mean I'm Bob the mountain TS moral seven. They own all these radio stations that was our floor our employees that walked in on this guy. Yeah and did you hear how they kind of caught onto the guy would do and obviously one of the employees saw him and I guess ski (%expletive) homage in order in the building in notable mature now. They're seeing boats or and that's when she got nerves but there was the Q motorized air freshener down on the ground. Knocked down on the ground and its fighters and sort correctly that nature way to watch used to underground they looked up the match with a when they found the camera up in where the air pressure those. And we know the girl can she's our coworker Jim what the inside scoop we comply Geron Tori yeah. Rule really poorly and yes a little better each yeah you didn't. That's announced the cameras and interview Jamie and what makes some stuff and yet we double what you know or didn't purchase of course we're delighted English you okay go. Yeah she's she's happy that she called police. Are you actually got to do but I've never seen a case like this or get up during the short porch outside. Where did a treacherous personal habit of this guy chili's is no Einstein obviously you don't really good pitcher behind it in the up. In the air pressure by you know large number of IDs like that. And all busted they sent pictures of him coming into the lobby in an out of the lobby. And the thing is now he realizes that they've busted show on every time but that bike he's Allen have a bike in the building they stake today and and so we realize our building now knows he's exit I can all the time. Right the pictures are so good that we realize that we've been busted doing things we shouldn't be doing it by extracting ourselves as a walk into the lobby got all the sudden pictures. And so here's a crime stoppers number a negative this. You can you don't have or whatever anybody got any of our you know ten to 2000 dollar reward American held up and coming up. Here's the number 7209137867. Seven to 09137867. That's a 2000 dollar incorporating government yeah we do here. Yeah I mentioned this earlier this morning the last hour. But I'm telling you right now somebody that's listing to our show this morning if you go see that picture you're gonna know this guy. Somebody knows you're gonna get that money. Now Politico Jim I have a question because you've been like a crime stopper got so we have different theories. Do you think he works in our building or do you think he works a rat like what she got on on these kind of creepy people. You know my gut it sit there shoveled people seldom go into rated a barrier as you know there are seldom random crimes you take all the time that things are random they're really not. Usually it's somebody who knows the area who knows to people about it who knows the lay out so street. It might be somebody right there are placed on the third floor of the ports or or whatever you never know. Yeah yeah yeah my last question is why would a man like watching girl. He on the bottom of those but gasket things I don't get around it. Yeah I can't answer that then there is little question big giant you know I got lucky. Eight Jim Jim Jim Jim it's a good team yet to answer that's okay that's. If you've given us an answer we we wouldn't you know Kenneth kind of weird things about you or I think. Oh it's good yeah that's very important. Are generally box or two until we take the ice jam. You're the best I can say yes I just outside her door I know you wouldn't bring a bagel and so yeah we'll bring you some argument anything. Oh. And yeah. Some of the TV people that don't really care beyond our show and it hit him they think we make them lose credibility I just asked him mad I guess. I immediately. Thank you Jim cook and you don't think I only ask him about it but yeah studied him and I don't kill his career. Yeah Indy week day mornings. Now it's nice night.