BJ & Jamie - John Hetlinger Interview 6/9

Thursday, June 9th

Phone interview with John Hetlinger from America's Got Talent.

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DJ and Jamie and OK I love and good morning John. Good morning we'll have no idea though and job. Hey I like your case that you see there. The odds. Are he superstar. Out there working on yeah. How does still. Well that's kind of surprising MIA. I enjoy it I'm having a good time with that. I thank you I mean yeah I was saying earlier today I wanna beat you now not when I'm 82 I would be you right now how. Yes all right you are like limit like large. Yeah that hasn't it's a lot of fun. It's crazy now I'm we got a lot of response to the Ladd Peebles say that you play at the Glen. I do occasionally hagel there are karaoke with Michael leave. DJ. And that we have a lot of fun together yeah Dylan. Well I've been doing it Michael deeper probably 25 years. Constantly hear there's been. We started out in Broomfield at a bar called junk them and it became. Bumpers and we've moved eyes sort of follow Michael. John handling your was on America's Got Talent you talked to Simon you are on the show just couple of nights ago in Simpson's kind of taken off the mean the video is everywhere. So how did you get hooked up and America's Got Talent. I auditioned for them. In Phoenix in December and they GAAP. I guess they like hit and they moved on and invited me to the first judges audition which is that Tuesday night's show. Now let me doesn't he auditioned. I'm edition with them in the cities a couple of times since San Antonio and Denver. Until I got doing heavy metal they weren't really very hands. This is a little bit. I assume you did like what what did you do before McCann songs. Ole. Consider railroads trashy women. Yeah that Allen Coe you never even called me by my name it's. Its ground and they entertaining and fun songs yeah. And that they like the hardcore he just rock and roll. They wouldn't have Ben and Chris that in any hang. Half John. In the sons' bodies are you aware that they invite you to join him and concert. Yeah I heard you earlier wondering if I was on FaceBook. I tell you I found you yeah I think he has yet he aren't so you're aware that they invite you to Chicago to be a part of their show. Yeah I heard that area responded that I was ready to go and they said let's make it happen girl. Yeah I think did you face the pain is confusing because at the main picture you're not in it. That happened Italian great kids. Yeah I. My daughters and grandchildren. All over the southwest and that we try to get together for karaoke when they wanna party day in my grandpa down. John Handley years deep current star of America's Got Talent patent did you have a chance to talk to Simon decides what he was critiquing their. You know but I enjoyed my time with them Simon is. I watched the video yesterday John I look back talk I didn't see the original show couple nights ago Jamie's when inform me about in fact that we found out Broomfield and everything else but I went back and watch the video. And I was so impressed would you work career working on now Hubble telescope. Aero space engineer unbelievable they administer any. Yes I have a Lutheran minister I. And retired now that I filled in when my pastor's on occasion and I meant. Mount hope Lutheran Church in boulder now. Yeah because it's really weird to read some of the his content I stopped him on FaceBook. And it's like up stirred you now it was so great to see I was like faster than that but yeah I was like scientists expect they. Guy we're done not at all that's crazy that's on. Capable John. Edward is that quite exciting at that I am almost. As exciting is being on America's Got Talent. Bridges go to school and. Simon conned me into saying that that America's Got Talent was more exciting enough coastguard so. I do without go to school reminds. Total loans and nice Smart schools and SES is at. In the days when and I enact. Field work there were only four coed school. And I bet you did everyone of them. No. I didn't even know what do when I was turned to tell you can tell us I got they can rock and roll like you do it seemed like I imagine back in the day you really. Oh really easy ladies out there at the. Not so much. Either man or. Have been married to move my lovely wife for 36. Years. She might trophy wife my child bride you mean she isn't even on Medicare yet. Don't know what she's only sixty theory. You read into the green and your needs to go look at it and say oh yeah facts. You say you're I think it's wonderful talent at. Day we got 36 years so I think it's gonna collapse. Three of these 88 they do that's that's where. That's not OK that's great that's correct that's creepy I think it's wonderful John. On the job that John. Nobody got a dog it dog but then look at what's. On yeah my FaceBook dead and hundreds and hundreds of follow requests then. Just within a couple hours after the showed Tuesday night at 800. Twitter. Hit. In a Twitter in the united please. I do now yeah I just urge you clear 82 and I just learned this is not okay. AGT is. Really having him to social media community. Ben and I think we'll have many years I had to Facebook. Page have a father went on. John angers karaoke night out around. Hey John are you currently under contract and NBC. Essentially. Are they owned. Yeah there are an excellent idea had to go through them to get. And in fact I don't you interview those people that own new adding that NBC the next time I tell them to fly you out there are so you have to drive. And it's on to do or die than. In fact it took me out Ono that would I I rode drove down. Two that show is recorded a month or two ago. Okay yeah. Who are you were driving just to season prince is my apology sir and went down to Albuquerque to populate my Samsung. At the far right started doing it settled spectators Euro tour John you're on to work. Yeah I think I get through I gag because they GT NT I doubt he's gone AGT and very hip edgy not a snap cat. I try to stay away from that yeah yeah best Nancy grammar not mine and I got as much as I can handle it FaceBook and Twitter. You and I mean no disrespect but you only did sound close to 82 years old. Well I. Begin you're supposed to be tired night need to know and stuff. I have been very much blessed. In my life with my opportunities. To end the events in my life and with myself so. So what's your secret. I didn't know what that would be I do young women and young women young young. Quiet young wife's nineteen years why museum probably yeah. Yeah I'd be here so where does say it's music beer and nineteen year just commands I'm gonna go young girls and beer. Would you trust. I would view but it's my job thank you so much. Thank you. Well you're welcome at my pleasure then for being on our show you can be guest anytime you want John thank you and good luck with the America's Got Talent. Thank you very much all right great to have you on the show. Back and. Pretty amazing guy got she's so young I don't. It remains they think he's 82 on paper I think he's lying just to get on the show John write your broom we have brought it right. Here Broomfield that's pretty amazing yeah you know now everybody is when I guess you can close the nineteen years separation. Yeah like his attitude that it's like the whole young girls and beard methods that work or how hard part you don't. About saying nineteen yes about it same thing so are also gone low for elaborate a bit with. Hopefully you go job. You tell you showed jaunt job Sean good job. And somebody nineteen year younger. Than me we years. Right now just get married but. Jane Jane Seymour is on Ellis nice nice.