BJ & Jamie: Jury duty and NETFLIX scams. 11/13

Monday, November 13th

There is a Jury Duty scam going on and Jamie has a Jury Summons and BJ is wondering if she is part of the scam.. A woman was contacted by a man saying he was from the police and she missed jury duty and was going to be arrested if she did not send him $500 in Gift cards.. she did it. There is also a Scam connected with NetFlix.


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PG endgame and no I'm not kidding. What it it's a scam it's the PGA and Jamie morning show here on this Monday is a scam that our names are all no no no it's not welcome. So our that would. There was any placement area part we are the beach NG new morning show welcome taught you mentioned to me last week that are and the Monday after Thanksgiving yeah you have to go to jury duty yeah. Are you sure it's not part of a scheme what scam is this Denver police put on their FaceBook page over the weekend that there's a ski and we jury duty going on really rare and well I I don't that your partner is simply because you've got the documentation. You've got a number you get everything you need. But here's what they're asking for credit card number. They're not not well it goes even further than that listen to this. A woman was harassed by a man who called her claiming to be a detective with the Denver sheriff's department told the victim that she missed her jury summons. And now because she missed there's a warrant for her arrest. So then he told her in she did she did. Go to the grocery store. What you buy some gift cards and eat about I understand this gift card and that's 500 dollars in gift carts. To pay the bond. To avoid going to jail solution no matter which went to guess cocked you big dummy took weeks. And I don't get it. That day and didn't peoples and give cards dealt get a do you how do you take terrible worn by going to teens who pursue getting gift cards. But there Netflix there's one for Netflix it's really good you know that you'll get an email that says you're next Netflix account is alone has been compromised. And that you need to go into Netflix and give them all your information again. Re appear Netflix account all you saw that. Allard and yes. In its attached to Netflix Netflix had no idea there was that you know goes to this fake site via which you know that happened to it though what was seen big government. Not Expedia go what was the big Equifax yes good and remember when Nate wanted to go back in an incorrect it will give you insurance it. And everything else and it turned out to be fake I'll clean is your still security number. Hold saying. Look if somebody calls you and says hey you're gonna go to jail if you don't go get these gift cards it's probably not legit. Well noted because nobody really needs gift cards although a woman just send my mom fell for the same kind of scam and she got 2000 dollars worth the gift cards. It green in gift cards. Gift cards usually they will tell you that much and I know this because it. I got all the teachers gift cards and now Walgreens and only semi like 200 dollar worth gift cards. Really yeah that that's all they you know Timmy I think if I felt for some anoint them that I have to give gift cards for 2000 dollars to get telling me about this. Do you think we got him really look like having done anything about him as you look back. But I give the people apology for the Netflix kudos because I understand that remember that when time. Does that look like a really hit it I mean because they use their actual. Trademark Netflix symbol and everything in and you look at that the deal. Looks like you know because says Slash global block it looks like everything's so legitimate Tia and plead Clinton on your information you feel like you do the right thing. You're not you syllabus gamers are really good so in England some are Condoleezza equally eloquent guarding. I'm sure that your mom for and in the fact it's tax that would sorry and it until it from nice enough. In the importance on Alex.