Bj & Jamie: Keith Urban was short on cash. 8/7

Tuesday, August 7th

Keith Urban was in a small town grocery store and he was a bit short on cash, he asked a man with him for $5 and that is when a School Teacher swooped in and she paid for his stuff.  She didn’t recognize Keith Urban at first and even had a bit of argument with him until his body guard stepped in and confirmed who he was.

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Vijay and Jamie Dallas 1059. BJ Jamie wanna shoot Jim can you give quick story here and yes your. If it's like story time okay all right and this is a story of a good deed. But lady who's a teacher Annika she's come into some money and she's in non New Jersey. She goes down to restore convenience store called the wall lost the war. The club last what what sort WA WA I guess it's chain back east OK let me tell. You know it's convenience store not like a simple and that's a thought that I can so she goes in every week she goes to the store in in looking for a person in the a person that could be paying for something getting gas or whatever she looks at him and says you know what they probably could use them like for cash okay. And so she helps somebody out once a week that's her commitment. That's very very on yes is a lot this happy story. Thank you Staten make you what gets better and better heart so last Friday she goes down a little while lost art it's her weekly. Adventure down there. So she can help somebody up. She goes inside the store and there's a guy there's a guy can honor he's got a little you know what honey Boehner a soda or whatever it is upon the counter. He's had in his pocket he doesn't skimp on your wallet doesn't have any cash looks at the girl next to him and the guy says he got me cash on yet. And she says no I didn't I know lady immediately stops in mid eighties for his boot. Reeling yet because I know that this is a Maine like what that is the guy couldn't pay for she won the lottery once money or whatever and there she is like an Angel. The guy at the counters key third. Well he's worth 75. Million dollar weightless. Led Keith Urban is inside the wall walked. From its peak. Could it could it must grow up eating cats in cash and money and everybody. Says he's claims the woman with him with his sister which. I though what is with a woman know according to the story and why he's in this lady when she realized it was key third and she said hey who's the ladies and he said it's my sister. Is the sisters say and that I mean doesn't look like her sister. Does it well honestly I don't see a picture of the sister there is a picture of this lady who. Finally got a picture with Keith Urban I don't the year repeater back resign honey bunch but he did take a picture whether. So I don't know what the woman looks like so I don't know what but just like he claims what she found that it was key Thermage she asked key. Who wears. All wears his nickel whereas the call and it's why many months. And a. Here. No but I had a friend like this and had a friend like this guy's worth quite a bit a moment he was wearing and a few mill in fact look at. That's under the gun everywhere we went he always had no cash and no one. Bring Italy yet and he's worth a potent among that's why he's worth the tenement that sit India doesn't think you think either one of those guys. Never has the wallet on the Montes I don't. The wallet so you didn't read anymore into what he said my nap while I don't know I need to know more details that they don't say in the story. To say why he didn't have what he's ahead it's your future yeah. Where did you take the story when I have no idea why did no one. I didn't have cash on but the lady paid for his honey bun Minnesota. And boom got a picture made found out it was key third and she asked what his name was he said keeping she goes. A lot like key third. She said you look like like Keith Urban and he's in I am. And she says where's your bicycle and said well this my sister has so. Well and then. There might have any money. Makes no sense does not weird mix of sets that nobody had any cash on oh and besides who walks into what laws store or 7-Eleven. In grabs its European honey butter whatever it is you're gonna get and and knowing you don't have any cash on. You have a body guard Alex has money on him I would say this story is what I had apps I think. As soon as that guy looked at Europe Keith Urban it looked at two girls say hey do you have any cash on yet because woman swooped in the didn't have a chance to go to the bar. That's what at the capitol the timing net shot liberty sign Exxon and may not short on cash media asked his companion for five dollars. That's when the woman mrs. read her overheard at swooped in and tossed the five down. And then she's dot because. Someone in there a body got there and Hyundai says she does but again cheese but it IC didn't recognize her knows she thought she was helping these guys in Horry was as distinct thinks she's company got this down now via. She doesn't realize he's worth 75 million dollars but is also but in the end and now. That's her duties she she really fun and there are signs of my right in your in my left feeling a BJ can just to me if I was a no yeah but but that's what she does every week goes down looking for people like this so she'd jump into paying for this woman has made a habit of exercising such kind gestures on a regular basis. It's a lovely story as he's known for. But before broadcast go to the store and look at exactly other ala seriously so this fall it's lovely piece of a rough. Rich man seven other people pay for his stuff as I sell a lot of so it is growing out of it warms my heart that this is what 75. I think of her side though she's the one out doing good deeds she's doing Petit he'll get that memory for her whole. Forty. More valuable and I you know I know it's not about Melissa had visited your stories I had millionaire friends do nice to have him. And so we took their helicopters somewhere will allegedly cabbage soup itself. I just trying to be cool and might be in a nice person when we landed at then debt airport I said. Well I'll pick up the tab on that helicopter field and they should. Okay all this half. I can imagine it would you know genius and I know. I did your. But I did not really think that they know I mean multimillionaire. People obviously of them held after I think they're going. Rich people hate to pay him yeah yeah this is the bottom you know I'm telling you right now folks that is so true. Anybody with a whole lot of money art I. They do not like to pay day. I've gone out to dinner before with you know me and in a friend that the friend I was talking about and you know what the check comes just like okay let's put this you know when they're worth a dollar. And here I am paid a payday but your people like me who aren't and I go eighty M I'll get that not really mean no yeah. These are your dress it's a good Jeff your partner like leak of a wallet why don't they don't say that anti scary. You're paying for and our helicopter feel enough to walk into that little airport and your X ray and right dodger visa card takes the. The payment rent and you never filled up a helicopter before it. Right back you know people don't give us tickets gonna cost you 45 bucks you ever filled hell aren't they. All pricey rental pricing. None of a speech in the importance on Alex.