BJ & Jamie: Kids in Competitive sports. 6/20

Wednesday, June 20th

There is a video of a bunch of parents fighting at a youth softball team, we don’t understand why so many parents put their kids in competitive sports so they can go pro or get a full ride to collage. One mom called in saying her daughters are in a competitive league and as a jr. in high school she already has a full ride for collage.

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Vijay and Jamie you were just watching this video these parents fighting. It is softball game. I used sub ball game not like an adult softball game I youth softball game yeah I think after twelve years old and the players this was in not thinking sport tennis acres of but you know you days. People to have these kids that are on travel teams because that was a travel situation. I think a couple of those teams were from somewhere around some relief from that area and they got this big huge spike. Would these kids that are on these travel teams is that right. Did he get caught in this city and we should never have. I kind of feel like she's a Smart answer it yes because you've committed yourself in your child and you don't would disappoint your child and I get and I do get it. But my Brothers and your friends about the care of some kind of rhetoric about the parent. And you know I was just wondering though if he'd because it's very expensive at some point when you catch yourself you know you have a good drive down the Phoenix Arizona for a weekend the play with the kids in this saw a baseball eagle what are related injury and it DR think to yourself one of a do it week we could be doing this sport right there in in Colorado. I also wonder wind because much my son's. And like best buddies he's on a travel team and that may take him out of school. He even leaves on Thursdays and Fridays ago that it had played an early cool I mean is supposed to do that are. But I do have dealt. Always keep digging kids out of school I go take a trip I think a lot of kids do. Read this to go and traveled and boy oh boy what happened would just letting you know in Europe like your own zip code because there are gonna be. Huge professional athletes don't you know that's. But also thinking you active guard and yeah. That's Wednesday it's more about the parents and again I think some of the kids like. You're telling me that the majority of people that are on these travel teams these parents believed that their child it would save baseball or basketball one day of their child yeah the NBA or Major League sport is here in the capital of the hockey. Yeah and that's investment yeah there are going to be probably snuck out ol' yeah yeah. Rob Lowe's. Even our aren't doing my own bosh Angela her son is in LA and he's on a hockey travel team and they come to Colorado to play as well because hockey is a really big deal the travel teams are really good here right it's so they'll come here to play and Beckham and others aren't is gone brought. And I think she thinking it's yeah it's fourteen. So assuming they were doing it just to. Get better competition because you're going out of the area when not in that it which I think is Crockett itself but but they're getting better competition. And it needs to leave it at that but I just don't understand what they invest that much money from home and because. Oh you're gonna pay him back because your kids can play professional all of mile per adult you see I'm. I'm glad they are they're not that good hello I got to be pro athletes but still chances. It doesn't some Debbie that got a thousand kids out here that are twelve years old playing baseball or basketball or hot. Aren't telling my son and they can be a professional drummer. I know I you know he's like I think it would be a professional drummer Ambien Ambien and like you do act begins what are the odds are horrible I believe NMN he believes in himself so though. But eight. And tell me can't. Tell me can't be in the bay and try to be at Abu should not gonna travel with him I bet I would have played the draw and a Rio I said yeah for sure you've complained about happened to take those drugs over to the school like that. No way you're gonna. Those drugs on a plate to go to Minneapolis the play good robbed. Hey if you keep babies and people are saying that is good because that's what happens with that bit like Angeles sun people are looking at her son when he's so good he's so good at it. So then she's like a might not ever basic needs goods you let them know. I think it's a pipe dream. I mean. Let me say this. But he still be very impossible from ice and be in a professional band and make it right. But some do some idea that avalanche some. Of these thirteen kids. Yeah. Natalie. Each month. There weren't. And get the area needs to be easy you know what's. My friend Brett in California. Came and eight jet at this and 10-Q. I explained that he and the eight I'll tell them. How can ear. It would jeering. Oprah will seek. Don't eat meat eight market trend gone well. And you are now in nineteen year old. Graduate. They want him stronger and bigger BJ told Greg certainly didn't kindergarten all the time. So you let better athlete for like my kid is the youngest kid in his class yet so I wanted him to be a fantastic athlete Allen a redshirt him and waited for the next year of kindergarten. You have a so called scout. Telling someone in the eighth grade that they will guarantee they're going to be in Major League Baseball Wednesday. I don't even buy that. I don't buy it let it progressed the way it does little to innovate like baseball and if it works out it works out but but to hold the kid back and let everybody else go walk. Asked plate bigger and bigger and stronger. When I was assault below or and I was thinking let me tell you this is a. I didn't wanna stick around those pop freshman coming up behind me to stay with my class but if you missed out dead and pull them back feels. Malaga pro that you're gonna stay back and you're going to be like the superstars get like upstate about them group who never do you buy. I don't hate completely if he's. Eric and I he I completely disagree route actually but it is not my kid either action. When it went tracking tune them IE I am a strong advocate that I agent addicts out there your eagle. That picture that they eat their Clinton want out that not a big. Get an option. That at her and. I know you guys stop let people aren't you know our. Are all that did it. Scholarships. Yeah they're on scholarship yelling they're all getting them up you know on my daughter was on a travel team since I was eleven and they're going to be pro and they get their full ride at. Let see here we did travel swim team for college scholarships. That are out our buddy he he's got a secret there's too. Really guaranteed scholarships in the world. Number one is women's golf to protect kids in high school in women's golf because they always get a scholarship because nobody there's nobody ever plays at number two bowling. Put him in bowling they always skin color for the bowling. Thing didn't put it fully they get a full college today via that they they told. What he ears deal why can't he go the traditional route like he played Little League Baseball you go in the play high school baseball. And if you're good enough they will find you you will get a scholarship. We are headed to the boys out volleyball nationals in Phoenix in July. Kids definitely miss school and they go to travel at a ten and get better competition. Our daughter's got a full ride scholarship. There's also rides only one kid only one person said hey continue just let kids be kids only one person tried to name the restaurant. A two volumes and a number two UJAJ. Good morning BJ and Jamie what's up. So I you know we do travel a lot at my daughters both there and play competitive volleyball. Real time actually competitive volleyball in school yeah I think those that every sport I never told them that I played and I got a I got my college page order. All and my got all right and my daughter was just checked she's going to church junior high school an issue that got it last year. Okay she got up all right. Yes just let me ask you maybe there's something here with a piece of the puzzle that we are missing out when we started this conversation because of the clean don't want you to set that. As a parent you're not looking that this child's gonna play professional sports and make a living. But they can get their education from it. Right well we started playing because she was hating on it and she wanted to play. Other teams more competitive the kid that she can smell. And that we start traveling around Colorado. And and it progressed sealed its nationals and we hit you know other other competitions. And it started. You know progressing out as stage and everything else I'm. She is you know straight days and whatnot which is great but at one point I got so tired of it because. And you're so caddie and sell off. And a lot of parents do push their kids. That I looked like even wanna quit it is I I really want to quit and she's like no Mike can't spend 22000 dollars this year. Well this year and this is here. Last year I like an issue ever. Look at that adding 28 this year in the and I got another one starting to play their Shelby had about. Out. And about 8000 later this year and it's her first year it'll let me fishy going into it here it's the. 36000. Dollars this year traveling from the sports. Isn't college to play again I think you're coming. I know all I did it wouldn't let go up you head up last year and this coming year that's over 60000. Dollars that you're spending AJ you could put that in college. Well here because my daughter kicked our air paint are her. Her competition this year and next year glued. You just said you're gonna spit twentieth. Apple's dollars now. I just say this is reminded me of what a horrible sport fair and I am I just remember that I never told you the story. So my son was seven years old right and he's just on this like little soccer team yeah and and he sat down in the middle of the field look at that coach got mad at him so we start make him run laps. No Noonan now my kids to your McNamee everything he's got him make my kiddo read laughs now so I said. And it's. Yeah here is by I didn't I grabbed my kid I took our crap I'm like you're not gonna make my kid runs have just of these ebony said yeah. Yeah and it's like a volunteer man I. That's what kind of person you are learning to get it and like. To read the Gartman. Left. I got a better what I remember the story of GB why unknown when you're a sports apparent owner Jack lets us like that. Listen kids like six things like civil realm he's like six years old he's got to start to learn how to play baseball. She buys the wrong handed globe did that happen she didn't know what he can he was. Yeah. I don't like Kidd was left kid that hit the shot put that. Yeah and more on Alex I.