BJ & Jamie: Killer Grandma has been arrested 4/20

Friday, April 20th

The fugitive Grandma on the run for a double murder in two different states has been arrested in Texas. She killed her husband in Michigan and then ran to Florida and found a woman who looked like her and she killed her and took her identity.. She was spotted in Dallas and arrested on the boarder of Mexico in Texas. She is a bad Grandma.


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Vijay and Jeanine well yep she's been caught. Killer grainy. Yeah I heard they caught her last night in a restaurant down in Texas. She was in Texas she didn't make it Colorado we said she's our way to Colorado should be repealed sludge in little. Yeah because of Jesse Matt the last victim now at the elks lodge right in tonight was she Texas hold she didn't make it in fact she was running for the boy. Now and it's really drama. Know for sure they just caller grandma because she's 5657. Years old she might be Graham you let it grandma but my. He killed her husband because she had a gambling addiction and so's she killed her husband we signed out in Minnesota and then what she did she friend did this woman. And they are BS bad and yeah and she looked like her on purpose and she Stoller I'd have woody got identity. Yet she took the idea and tried to you don't know all of these Social Security numbers everything she can get including credit cards whatever you are hacked. She went ahead of Fedora after he killed so they take their had to live pictures of her wearing the hat in hotel lobbies different places and storage she'll. And yet gambling via. She has a major gambling problem that's what they called her losing streak boys. Because she goes to all these casinos and loses or but. In this garden rob somebody or kill somebody but she kills her husband in Minnesota goes all the way to Florida. And the friends this woman kills her and then went on the run again and they quarter last night in Texas about to go across the border. Word is just didn't for the Minneapolis US marshal's office met Lois and reach the woman law enforcement dubbed losing streak Lois. Has like you lost that all this time he was just arrested on South Padre Island in Texas all this. After that ten day manhunt for Minnesota's fugitive grandmother. Tonight's arrest as you can imagine comes as they welcome relief because he's accused of murder in tombs date while. A fugitive for grandmother. She was and Padre well. Andre Allen just hanging out having like am I tired candidate she was in restaurants that choose eating Unger. Data and storage I know that this is sexist that you don't exceed. This thing with you know Graham slit you know it's study would sexist so is that the statistics show you. That grandmothers don't normally become serial killers. Visiting casinos and headed for the Mexican border no idea just dump it statistics tell you that it's not even sexist yeah the end and never. I can't even imagine what it's like. You've killed somebody in Minneapolis or Minnesota. They knew what to Florida you're on the road at that 'cause they know knew what they should Douglas. You befriend somebody. All along getting him into your web of of deceit it you're about to kill a person steal their idea. You always consciously think all the credit did try to make it to Mexico. It was less for ten days a senior pictures plastered everywhere in Europe 57 year old granddaughter. It. No way to teach your grandchildren. And is bad grab. The computer Kelly. Jamie I could does that matter I gotta say bad grab our. That you don't leave your kids left. Graham is that Debbie Davis thing die aren't part of this is the most bizarre story ever yeah I found though that was kind of creepy to hammer out there. You've got to figure she's gonna kill again yeah I mean she had a problem the last two fits the load bowl mobile. Some people. In the immortal on Alex.