BJ & Jamie: Kim K has stinky feet because of Clear Heels. 8/17

Friday, August 17th

There is a product called Clear Heels. It is an enclosed foot cover and Feet Drs are saying they are bad for your feet and make your feet stick very very badly. So all the Kardashians are wearing them in a lot or all of their pictures and so is Crissy Tegan.  Jamie’s friend has a foot issue and can’t even look or talk about feet.   

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Vijay and Jamie. What are IT department thinks some days from the command and see these some of the searches that we've made here for the show. Like really sticky and ugly feet. You've which I can search lives occurred at kidney and pure and pops up. Hit a really think you can ever really up to it there now Kardashians have smelly stinky ugly feet. And it's all because of the shoe cold clear heels. Which Kim is wearing in the recent picture and now I can get out of my head yet. I have found clear. The heels that they're not enclosed so that's the problem so I have just clear straps it on my feet you know because acute because then it just looks like here but is levitating right. But they have straps the problem with a clear hills that the Kardashians are wearing. Is that there and closed yet so it creates a saga for their little stinky feet right. It's so it's enclosed so they don't have any way to get care who makes sense that wrapped in Reynolds wrap. I'm not gonna trap plastic plastic your plastic basically it's like putting your feet and a Tupperware bowl. And closing that laid out earlier had been able to close the lid on where that Ager shields and they say that it nature beats the guy. I haven't got Jessica Kardashian put Chrissie teak. You where others I know I know her sister lives in highlands ranch I know Tammy is gonna go witness to the Cayman Islands but hey. You've got a call it the way you see it. Chrissie and stinky feet. But at the John Legend I'm sure he takes your shoe all the Goss who and what are you gotta do something about that and in the defeats and the lord you tell them how but he got. Yeah so the way it seals off on their feet is they said that they just seem a little. This is not our guy went I put I guess they just so's we sweaty and there but it it would you've seen the pictures and as Cheney saying that you can get it out of your hand. It looks like they would stay. Sit by the way with us target my girlfriend Snyder you know she has a foot phobia. Like eight horrible with a vote she can't be around feet she can hear this segment it really. It's fixed rate is bunny is that you cheat sheet it is so if you would have to her all I got up a foot daughter or if he came up here it. Oh see we were white rally and yet and you know your slides yeah he couldn't look down your side well right now she can see your feet now. It's the weirdest thing about your notes it's like she's alone or she can go to warm water world that you're what are we gonna do McCain have a limited knowledge that we can't ask everybody that's going to where she could all college but it. What what what you're afraid that is weird I've never met anybody with like sacked him. Like frightened and fed ex yeah I've heard in the put that idea never to the point of like used to spice the. I told you what happened to this one girl called there are so Long Island time of phone. Oh my god says she met this guy and a and then club and he was really nice perfectly it just so happy he blocked out her car makes her she was safe he. And an he bent down between that the car in the door you opened her door and again he's too nice here. And just like whats not insanity the diversity. Say why are there are there. He served at all. We didn't have to go it's not. And do more on Alex I.