BJ & Jamie: Kylie Jenners quiz for Travis Scott. 7/23

Monday, July 23rd

Kylie Jenner gives her boyfriend and baby daddy a quiz about how well he knows her.

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Vijay and Jamie so all there I just played you decide Kylie and Travis. The two and a session. I see you see why I think it's worth playing. Did you sell off well there are couple we've all been silent dinner Kylie and that Travis and they have that they'd be stormy intranet. Think it's Travis yet wouldn't even cut open. I think it stripped out but they have the baby in the whole persona they wanted you don't display to us is that there are loving couple in their race this kid together. They're together forever. OK forget about the marriage license nobody really cares who that we live in 2018. It's all good it's all good but when you listen to this school is he knows nothing about honor could. Care less that's nothing what I got from and you'll hear you guys get is Kylie Jenner and I'm Travis got. You'll hear in this doesn't even care matter. I don't see any rather be doing any thing Els and life. He only cares about the named Jenner. And the money. That's it you can tell it in art he we got that is why she would pose I don't know. Isn't that that would of that that she would put this out there it just shows he's not into this I don't know actually put out an. Art so here's what the way it goes opera like fifteen minutes on his play you like three different questions they asked once about sports. When sport. What I'd like to sports epic. Turk. And that it. Who moves forward. Feel very comfortable. Yeah him. He'd ever get their man and he never does she finally ends up giving him I Ewan on all what the sport was she came back and said cheerleading. He says this award. I swear I really nice where she comes back it says cheerleading not that I listened all fifteen minutes yeah that he isn't as well. I forgot you were born on vacation. This needs to get friends on vacation now Kylie Jenner Clint. About her pets and how well he knows what Lou what it she adds. What tire. My dogs. Levy. We. Well actually true there's no lady on Normandy. And the my. And I'm. And then you. Big vegetable market outlaw unknown unknowns. Because usually girls clearly was and in. And be. Prepared. We did not know somebody's pets date a bit. Get paid you lab floor right I've got port we don't have a baby together I know but we went to I look at guys sassy. Says he's proud is that right. My Oki. And an item you get the I don't know I don't know I may I don't know the last and I under I don't aren't let me let me get this again let me guess on Jamie. What pets you've given what I thought I. Larry the lizard. Yep both older daughter. Yeah. Adding that we don't have baby. Is great that is probably wouldn't last on May Day call I knew that. But on three out of what has pretty President Putin invoking flash you know says via. Critical. I knew it you know look at those things that mean neatly analysts think that your dog isn't real housewife yeah of his name nuts maintain unity is the oldest of the dogs are here's the very last one left it will make this last what they talk about her parents. I guess. Yes Chris and and Bruce is not the real me so it. What are my parents are named best. Go to English my parents' trip things first and third listen. Now are you know event member the other day. We're talking about that doesn't mean it doesn't have an expert in. Knowing that. Could send willing out. All we gave me. Yeah I'm feeling plus things right here in this. Fire and I know you're gonna get them. Whom I feel like it's gonna last forever don't you. Most obnoxious thing on the planet to tell somebody to of the night you almost got an and then they don't even know they don't hear you that I know your top and now in it that's what it tells me just tunes are out yet. Every possible chance. It tells me to that he just really incident her and he's not now and now he's got her pregnant. They had a baby. There's money Rowling and her. And that's really he would rather be out at the club. He doesn't want to be changed diapers. You know. I don't think it allows the agency. If they probably. How their guests. Each in week day mornings on Alex I.