BJ & Jamie: L.A. Fires still bad Rupert Murdoch's estate burns. 12/7

Thursday, December 7th

The fires are no better in California and her nephew took a video and it was picked up by CNN. And Rupert Murdoch’s home has burned down.


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Vijay and Jamie just eat. I heard subtly in the sporting I haven't confirmed it because so really haven't looked it up but didn't Warren Buffett's house burned down. I have no idea I was a sacred to you as Rupert more Murdoch it was one of those billionaires really. Maybe it was I think it was Rupert. And I give guidance it yes it was Robert dance off agreement I heard. A thirty million dollar home burn to the ground yesterday his lesson and the getting there was did you vote and never ended up I I think get that's two separate things I think Rupert Murdoch's was another house and then there was a thirty million dollar. Colonel did OK captain so I was just now asked. Somebody out there let's go live drive witness that reporters shot. It's already good morning good Barton a martyr you know what are you happy now that school I thought yours will be gas yesterday I was OK but I made it does go in just not know about it I was like I didn't like it did its. I was like complaining SE additional India as doesn't do us you know let you know I didn't do is go off the line and with the full throttle. Salmonella lions. And in conserving via the the sort of doing yeah yeah I don't why we heated gas evidence just like it's easiest thing in the world when I lived and that's it Los Angeles where I live there there was a full service gas station and it's staying. I don't leaders went yeah so there is it I was like I know of the issue audio anywhere I Rupert Murdoch or somebody's house. Rupert Murdoch's vineyard outside of Los Angeles has burned down. Yes when I heard. Odyssey to property is a lying during a state Santa Monica Mountains elevation six to 900 into. It is it's in the back medics from the 05 miles 57500. Square from home Pacific Ocean. And close to the water and it burns down while at sucks it sucks yeah it sucks now. They Rupert could be OK I got it heard 29 million dollars. Ambulances house has thirty million and I think maybe his staff probably bought into what he thirteen for 29 and you're telling me yesterday that it's almost impossible in a lot of those areas that your team and get fire insurance. Yellen place them into the teeth in it because they just know you're gonna burn one day. In fact what time I tried to my house and Al I can get higher insurance. And then I said what do you do at least have a lot of people here in Los Angeles they just take crash for their homes. And jam. And so that's of the damage is take a chance to iron today. That's AT&T leniency let. It's about school now because you know I don't know if we don't have insurance and they they say while the property itself it's not gonna burn you still would own the property so he's still have value there but it's like wait a minute I just lost the thirty million dollar hole. Older saw about something here but I tell you what it hasn't it. That's one thing is they talk out loud I don't missile into this with a chance to Quincy people you have to tag. I look at what happened to be that's great. It's great the flyers continue to burn out and is of Nancy and the wins this morning I saw it's like 75 miles per hour and stop though the fire. So I have to tell you this late night friend Alex who was my intern remember I shared his. Video yesterday on a priest would be asked you are what got picked up by CNN little excited he is video. It's possible. It kicks yeah I don't edit any has it as picture of CNN and then the court it's as Alex A events or whatever his last name is that credit by him these dogs. Oh wow it's like it. That's like he prevented or he a gave them breaking down. You know his video that it could end and it's funny at Google get excited about eight or naked like. Because what percentage of the population of thirty C has made exactly the legal guys in the night to advocate if you're the only one I didn't. It's on post they are gas so nobody Yemeni men don't want to let our guys act in but it. Yeah it was a crazy video he shot yeah that was really good at the next challenge one of the better what are Uggla to McCain in all of prior beaten ECE. That we aren't as he's driving into the fire he's not leaving it's not a rear view mirror its head on straight at the fires like way yeah Alex you've got to get to work. We're keep Turkey. Whenever he's in the dosing can target but I would seem to pretty confident that bird or keep Turkey excellent talent and. In. More on Alex. I.