BJ & Jamie: Lawyer attacks UBER driver all caught on tape. 11/14

Tuesday, November 14th

BJ has audio this morning of a District Attorney who went crazy and attacks her UBER driver.. She is super Drunk so the Driver tries to put her out of his car and she get pissed! He calls the police and she starts yelling at him to take her home and she cusses him out and attacks him, even accuses him of Kidnapping.    

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Each end game right we have audio here front and over driver who videotaped an assistant district attorney who's in his car to. Saturday night at higher Guerrero the guy is to drive further district attorney the assistant district attorney is a 10 okay. Both very attractive Pete. Fact is at what point. Oh body goes. She just hammered she's hammered geez hammered. And a couple of that your first of all this is exactly what you need to give up lift you don't need to do Saturday night downtown picking people nightclubs no that's dangerous seems game you definitely did you beat all the beat. I think that's not a glad she beeps Haloti leaves a lot yet she she's on the need for. I'm sure I did you know let's do. Very thorough it. A couple of big alive we've only got three lawsuits that are pending. From XP yeah as a cook some other that we're all good right. Are you we got this is the lady now. She isn't district an assistant district attorney. Magic which he feels like the next morning when she wakes up and realizes that videos out there. Just a drunken mess belligerence and out there you know you're gonna be fired in which he has been and what ever be videotaped. It set no date after that morning after you pulled these shenanigans. Am known going to be daddy it's me but does she know Gordon yeah he got on the Internet though EE told her that he was the only 'cause she's in the car here's the deal she's in the car she calls it over wall along the ride somehow she's belligerent OK so he doesn't even get always to her destinations like a candy to get out of the car. You can get them. It's a dead she won't get out of the car so he calls the cops at this point. He pulls out his phone and says I'm recordings. Just for the police sealed and amber Allen walked elder. Right yeah so does she's quite aware that this videos out there and listen to the audio. Hot and. We got. So much. You did this morning all I'm asking you politely to please. You're not my else. I'm waiting for the club yeah. And men ended the run you from let me just about. Right not count eating ham. And besides beat up and now. Men please me believe me you don't see that I. It. I eat fewer. Golly gee I recall. And going home so badly but here's O Steve I want to cost about these identity. And ask him that opportunity. To. I think this might be acting actually that's not enough and it's and I said yeah that's Bloomberg. Prescribed as it should. And not taking destination. Your home. Slash ads and any man please leave my view them. This goes all right understood why he didn't go ahead and take her home now. He's over her. Number I mean I'm not alone know how I'm real idea I have no idea did like you might get her point which is she delegate out of a dark Alley you know and she's drunk at Scotland. Well I LL wait for the got did you like. Pass out hammered. Yeah she's she's imagine seeing a marriage DIA now and I certainly see what you're saying want to just go ahead and take her home. But I don't know maybe her home was another media to put up for the for another fifteen yet I don't know yet if he's still the point of like you don't want and we don't know everything that occurred prior to him starting this video. Because I mean so the good of Brooks and according to article I saw she hit him well in the back of the hand. While he's driving you out their jobs. That's what you don't need to be doing your listing of downtown on a Saturday night after the bars clubs on Smart. That's a Smart who's got whacked out. Yeah she acted that I I think he had this story. He attacked him definitely is me and I'm an goober and I am drug is gonna get he just pulls over. It could be some like and you can't just drop me off in the middle of nowhere yeah that part again of the man yeah. Yeah if she Liam she hit him in the back of the head like a job or thought he had just doesn't have a job anymore all. Mayor can you imagine though I mean we've all been in this position where you've done something the night before that you wake up the next morning so Julianna. Our Jamie and her I know you have and if we're your soul of their excellent you like and I don't opens a text that you sent out of that was something. Yet something you actually. Dying and I paid off Jamie and Jamie I don't know not only have you done it week to. They the now I'm Ali's volleys on the up and up I don't do anything stupid like go through a doggy door I. And I felt I felt. Reagan to the guys outside it. Moment of Anaheim the bushes ever met recollect knowledge trash yet but yeah that was that. That was my team and certain. It that day you also to the golf cart elliptical course. Let the poor guy out there he only had one club does she took the lesson club asked this time he got to. Hit the ball chill out. He gets out to hit the ball they're fighting okay it would which. Is the only kind of somewhat incompetent when you know in this situation because you're about partner here on the air is out there fighting with the student I don't really know the data. It's it's too is headed out regime is ended up so he gets out pulls up a club he's got a whack his ball. By the time he gets to his backswing you hear the cargo Harold. Which left analysts consider it the finish rabble more global. I. I was right. You know that was the that was probably the next day where he woke up feeling that what you. It was one that you felt that I do that he was at fault that. They say I was eyewitness and to human agent is district attorneys that we're talking district assistant district attorney. I positioned to out Dallas Texas. You wake up the next morning in this. I was so weird that you said that both attractive but I am looking at the picture. Seubert I told you so. Well models we knew here will put the entire video for you when you hear the entire video. At what what would cheese 'cause see him in arguing. She also counting his time yet and it seems she's 32 he's 26 innings commitment she she says something to the effect that like. You know the cops aren't here you know we can see here I don't have a problem senior deal. I'm I needed Circuit City would you for awhile. That's what she has a hearing this rain to. She's drawn up she's going back and forth from anger. I don't think she's assistant prosecutor right. It makes some good. Things that. Or she whacks it back a day. I'm maybe I did. The. What courageous or extra audio and super it really just check it out on her FaceBook page but is it in the video goes on for about five minutes or so retirement so it's your whole career over well and Dallas probably. Have to move you can't. Run. Out. Only got her heart problems so much. In weekday mornings on Alex I.