BJ & Jamie: Littleton Fire Sean helped put it out. 1/3

Wednesday, January 3rd

There is a big fire in Littleton this morning no winner for the Mega Millions          


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PGA and so oh well it does not fired as of quiet this lag. And higher this morning what they have is birdie. And abandoned buildings really yen Littleton. That's easier this morning idea anyway and we drove by Eric there on the corner they'll be schedule there's an old shopping street there. And that's been abandoned for a couple years now. I love you man you walk in here this morning the first scene tell me is that there was a fire there's a fire this morning. And you stopped he did you lovely wife she ate a pullover and you whiz on the fire to do your part you my friend our citizens out of high caliber as well I care about my city and I care about the people around in my city am when I saw that little ember on the corner there smoldering and that I thought it was my civic duties jump out there extinguish it still. Out there well and shots close to the rescue by credit. There was no one in the building when it was abandon is that we use at abandoned don't act. And it's an abandoned building now I don't know exactly would start the fire in my guesses who's been pretty cold last. Well obligated Twitter right now it is says huge flames from the commercial building you know rules for this morning luckily no one inside the cruiser crews are mopping up now. And breaking down the equipment it's hash tag thank you swallows. Hi yap neither Donny and I'm and acknowledge there is Edwards thank you for pulling over whizzing on the fire and a nice view you know yesterday image in charge of our worst JD. I lost what eighteen at the way to new attitude around well well what's what's going on here her a hug I. I'm not I don't know we're back to twenty. 1420. Bit 26 feet in 27. Yeah I haven't her from this morning you know yesterday and mentioned in starting a brand new be changing YouTube channel yes you do it openings and videos up and all that things are going so well on now bad things are not not working out for me. I know what it needs and if you can do this or not because he seemed to do it myself online but I need I need like a tutorial. Of the the YouTube. Does he offer that you know. I'm Sears and video on YouTube yeah no there there videos but I need like. Us that scooter come to my house kinda like you don't ralphie rise in the drums. Sorry if somebody can do the house or does he have they amassed hitter I think so gap so so I need somebody like that I need like a YouTube tutor to come to my house in just sit out and say okay here's how you do what he's struggling. Everything. Hillary and not loading and gaga dog. And everything. Ever Abby from the get go I started yesterday you know a shot that video here in the studio yesterday rye is gonna put it up it was going to be my first actual life. In studio. Broadcast. Video looked great sounds great on my phone from what I try to up late at load it to YouTube. For some reason he gets about halfway through a name. Error error. I don't know why doesn't tell you lot just as. Ever ever. Obviously there's some sort of error that's occurring home could beat him music. Could be the copyright music no no no no no no this is this is before even gets up it's not being yanked. You don't say you don't into this this is the process of actually uploading to you'd neither too bad I've committed to iPhone I find it quite easy. And I'm I'm willing to pay you know. 56 dollars an hour. While there's so much hope finally speaking of money. You wanna check to see if anybody won the Mega Millions Tom Gideon what he checked quick I think it was 35360. Million dollars last night. And why and why. It sounds like you're doing well. Stroke of the Apollo never voted out of that era and he had had a definite confusion here yet I got Italian. Every since we got that email a couple of days ago from our boss saying that hey where the elevators could be out I get anxiety when apple would do parking lot that. I saw her I needed to have an upstart digs it makes every morning. Making falsely herself back don't go yeah photo Oprah but we have we are on the eleventh floor and ward not be with we don't live in fitness world. This morning show is not the fittest. In tout. Now we're probably the artists but not defend itself for sure the thoughts of what does that. People are funny yeah we talker so so are Boston's is an email and again eleven boards and says hey look guys or text. And he says guys the elevators could be which they have been in the past I don't know what the hell's going on their elevators but he says he could be up Suu Kyi and her hubby were willing to stay home. We will Abby biggest visit HR issue ha yeah exactly we could I die I guess. Get over this kids kidnapped. And it out too well or all the diseases that you lose it would I don't apply. Well what I could even put out so it's not real oh yeah okay what the hell is yeah. I'm like okay that she was married to steer us out. That visas that would Lister yeah but the a homer as electric that I if you. Odeo says yeah they think it can be a thing I think it was your experience and got married to a doctor. I think it okay lobby ever heard. That would that's good that that because that's pretty funny but it wasn't payments down. That it was like a Dodd knows no I'd adopt but I don't know. It's like Psycho and hostess or some anti coated hostess so I could have just hit it that's it and hit that would kick it via the club eleven stories right kids. Again if you add oh did Joseph is that it's a doctor term if you add. It's good to Jesus. It's. So you say BJ at David. The united Biggio to purchase its medical if we hate these eleven a stories you have to collide on the stairs so badly that I swear I'm getting anxiety would appoint the bark a lot. And then elevators out I swear I'm going home I don't think it's peaking at the workplace hazard or something I mean for our grabber just. I certainly is an obstacle for his nuptials there. I don't know I don't know before gonna actually have a grabber we could against. And installation that's yet eleven store he wears me out I had the last time I did I just I have. He supports stocks well and I actually did up because. Just get like my channel needs him upstairs on the second floor writes I definitely see. But it's eyes that that's normal because we're in a resting mode and doing all this and get to run up the stairs you are going to be winds. Hoods I thought better about that. Then again heart disease my neighbor about two weeks ago he he was early in the morning and he was outside you know I'm like what forty Dell and he says you wanna go with you wonder red rocks of Google granite staters. Did you go. I dissidents why. That's what this still concert out there at this current woke up this and what about my friend Julie that keeps post and or fourteen or yeah. Yeah yeah well what's your home. It's crazy. The and and that I know you I'm like look these are trends and and and you sent yet union new friends there again. They're funny we don't. We're not it would not bad at all. In. More on Alex.