BJ & Jamie: Littleton has some of the worst drivers in nation. 8/10

Friday, August 10th

Jamie has a list of the cities in the whole country that have the worst drivers. Littleton ranks 6th in the worst drivers in the nation.

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Vijay and Jamie I found it he thought founded how to act I was still on the day he and seen this yet but they came out with the worst cities in the country. Nadal in the state eight. This is a country you're kidding me no number seven is nor folk. All the too much portion of the auto ads in the country higher current US but look at all or. Yeah bad driving has trips because number eight is the mowing does the country thing and. OK okay if I thought you meant the state now and that's bad enough all over the country. Yes. And and this the whole country they'd surveyed all of the worst drivers in the entire country and and fortunately it didn't collar rattle breaches is. Yeah how it's done. Yeah he's only. Vijay sure on where one of the worst wow you're not your wife is you don't drive. Did you see that I had not seen yet in them what's the criteria or yeah how to they judge that. And let's see here 66%. Of people from Littleton Colorado will likely receive a speeding ticket more than the average driver 66 dimes stuff and present I'll I'll tell you why did because they trap the so yeah. I'll do that tomorrow erase that eight duet on purpose EM track let's Willie got his report. I don't laugh I've read out the way he's no quota I heard that was then and then fiction. They set up these vans Jamie you don't notice. They sit on these stands inside the road to make it look like Parker this broken down really there's a camera and knew they they get change eagle Bob Ray Allen yes if you know about it. They did not being bamboozled you know about it you just go too fast by it well we don't know where they are. Think sometimes but equally remains because I know exactly where I had to guess and I know he's always been sitting there I just forgot he's going to be there. Then you know in Littleton they've got these really sweet tricked out Ford pickup trucks they're cop carts. Maria yet. And they'll sneak up on you know tricky the other day and tricky Ricky do not breaking the law they're not tricky are they the we are tricky Winger trying to break the law he hit it right. So you are 66 I'm more likely than the average driver in the country to get it to to get a ticket for them. There's only three roads that go cross and a thing and so they just sit there and Guinness at all of and every one of those road Sean should be at the speed limit should be about 65 yeah. Instead of third. And let you know as an OK back it down 55 through school so I'm all for the Olympics like eggs and that BM that these 35 when you can easily floor no that makes no sense in straight day the bamboozled. Bamboozled that they've got out that they they sneak up. I am 30% have you have had an. The salt driving incidents. Be in that accident or whatever 30% of people from Littleton over the entire country have had something where they'd they had an incident and it was their fault I can't argue that that's good because if you remember Jamie to hero in one day or two days. Three in a matter of four days here for days overstated and I had three different people hit it. Ram and debate. Is they're driving no money but you are sucking driver. No. I can't get a job Heidi but you you're awful I have not had a ticket does this. You know how. And while. Saint I mean. And Chirac and then the last one is 2.4 percent more likely to get in in the end. Bulk accident than the average driver but isn't that the same one you know humans. Precision drivers higher. They racing you're more likely than anybody in the country that you somewhat but I think there are a lot of older people were little to do it at the old people are the once it's given us black guy. Really because that's who hit me a couple more people you just rammed it to be one I didn't and I Hugh. I don't know what it is a deal. But you kind of goal and you drive more to the right thing you do left I don't know what that is an idea yeah but he you don't really how that line. Yeah I'm Alina if it affects the fact that. I am earlier you cry do like to do to take up my share the road so. It's carrying a five lanes of traffic and literally guys I'm behind him following him and I'm trying to get is currently back the other way it while I'm in my cock. I'm in my car licking his tires to Google over the plate right now. Although I think that upward though. It was a lie and say put it in the road are merely suggestions about how hot hot hot heat and don't have to stay within them. There's suggestion via that he put on the Iowa if there's no cars around it crosswind. Am I shocked though that that isn't tilted in the country number one. Six. That's why. Glad. Yeah yeah so they said no bridges no quota business but they get a bonus for each ticket they write needs firstly put in jail yeah. You're exactly right don't have to you know yes they do they get a bone in the interface that cuffs on you see the next remaining big enchilada. How well thought out well if money I don't know what it is guided. Didn't see pictured you on the body kit with cuffs on I'm telling you right now I think that's accurate up to shore. I don't think bonuses you've got I think otherwise I'll cop wouldn't not have written my ticket down then. When you're in Littleton you're a multitude and into the whole different ball very well my crowd declares them and don't get all the cops I love the little the police yeah all media don't get robbed the they're just not yeah they're just tough they're just tough the tough you know what we can't expect the best on ball hammered him. You know it's weird about it I count as we don't have a police department. Where your city in my city we don't have a police department you don't have the jurors in the nobody's got pitcher when it's we don't care because share. Although we don't have like look you have the low loop. Is that weird. Because I've called him like before and then they're like we got Petraeus read and then ended Douglas Gary sheriff and are currently. So little takeaway but yes yes he could think it's really the eastern Idaho is done exactly a small area now I know we don't have any known. It's easy if you DA idea. There would be steps to support that you worse than little break she should look well undoubtedly hit it I hear it either way against the my skating again if it right you're words that I am and that was Douglas get a share data via Ali you brought demo counting. But at the fact that. I want to go right out my day is crazy guys X number six all. Set you pull over. All got it's been years yeah I mean to me up and I got pulled over O'Malley here last time. Yet has yet time for 40 am morning. You never mentioned it. Lists five years ago at least. When I was driving next couple is back when you analyze it I'm I'm a puppet picnic at the no longer have a wife had a problem. Is that the case out smelling something here but Louise Mellon. Well half life you're a great now is that that in that book and say sure. OK okay god but have EU. Committed some crime has met and rob the bank I don't know but you've lost your license did you know I. Why you can drive he should Amy and I have not seen new drive down low in him when he heard you end up in a couple of years. Haven't you may want to play. Your license for no I just had no lol I think it was. It is a better driver than it makes no sense that you wind gets up and drove original work at 4 o'clock that morning which she doesn't yeah. You blush of license or something something out of this group is some Smeltz. Sometimes I'm with equipment that you've got a good number. Is. Is what can you kind of thrill me. An out and 1 morning it was evens it in the backseat if she hit. He ends up in the passenger seat let's get like a flowers and don't engage what was the vaccine. Like it was over I. I was practicing their list or something I. Her leg that I birthdays coming up a couple weeks and my license its read renewed. I get a new mine eyes light on what I'm doing it you lost a known in my living index added that it that is here and let it expire at. Tired of the weird and that led to that not reinstated that's not the right word. Yeah. Hey if it's stupid to have a license and still be suspended yeah. Tony that he's hearing around a license means nothing something's updated. You can come clean when it you know what it is I noticed what. It's that DM flip of visits to shoot and he lost his is special shoes so we can't hit again. Yeah exist yeah. I. That's exactly I know who I bogeyed the and if you thought I. In the mornings on Alex I.