BJ & Jamie: Live Bear Cam in Alaska. 7/31

Tuesday, July 31st

Someone text us the link to a live cam in Alaska of Grizzly bears fishing in a river and it’s really cool.

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Vijay and Jamie Allison 1059. Watt sites I have something to do today now I'm gonna watch barriers you don't let the guys that that text NATO west nice things good things yeah helpful things I just said to my girlfriend on your tech site. I screens on your ideas about the carpets and thank you for that. But we are talking about field cams and how Jay Cutler. Ali does said there what field camps in his retirement moon. And somebody gave us an idea to watch this amazing field cam in Alaska. BJ if you like watching live cams here's a link forty YouTube bears in the last. I don't know whether put money money or guess the associated me would being lazy and had to do with regard and we are right. It's it's called the ad. Get cat Mae east. KATM. And I national park like bear camp it's pretty cool oh my god it's awesome were dodging it a couple of players that are industry right now and it's pretty wide stream and. These fish are just jump around all over the place to grab one when they want on it immediately what life they had. You. His is a waterfall you guys did get sued it yes and the the picture just fly byes heads so every now and any pros that big paw they're going. Grabs want. So he is the king of the jungle they're right nothing he doesn't have anything upright on him you know I know he's he's pretty much he rules he owns the grizzly in the last. Yeah like as a polar bear can get them easily LeBron James of the animal world cricket. Everything is at his fingertips he can he do what ever he wants it doesn't matter yeah so I like how you put it when we Rossi or is he said. Can imagine that team that literally guys I know we should be done to show for you but we're watching a live camera in Alaska bears eating a. It will put a link up very curious to kick. And so BJ goes. Imagine that Jane you see a stream and didn't aqsa just fly in the idea and you're just grab a big Mac you need it. And then there's another big Mac or wherever your reps say we're sitting here in the studio or your driving your car and at any point you can just reach up and grab a big Mac but the pop in 08 or a. That's what their life is life and things and said. Kids we are all watching this Manila instantly know it's like the filet of fish like about it but government. Made me laugh at the iPad that's a that. It made me laugh at any way people are saying there's all kinds of them didn't live cams are offering a whole week watch women. All women live cams. Yeah dollar. I don't have to go jump over Canada and and it is to think more about what's going Conan and I don't know all women live scams as to whether they do Wasilla there's anti. What you might expect Chris yeah that's you out of here I shall see what they're stitching. Well hey hey all right away outside you wagered that the after I had an Anchorage Juneau Charlotte yeah on the pros say channel on. You couldn't tell that that tax was a soccer tax. You go to something that's not allowed to work with who. I mean c'mon. That's and I said dad that when the cameras in Alaska they have named the wind I add to when bear his name is Otis and that's his office. All of a school that's so cute but I'm going to be watching this'll date that she dared destroyed in Alaska destroyed that one million dollar car. Now a guy handle sports car he and his friends are you have a friend. That would woods chipped his thumb motorcycle to different places in the world so that he has sprint could go motorcycle ran threaten this guy did this would the sound. It's a sports car but it looks like it's out of the 1950s. At some. Shelby cobra or something too old caller who registers worth a million dollars. So he parks it I guess you're gonna go hiking when he comes back it is shredded. The does its convertible. It's completely ripped apart a bear gets in the Steelers didn't. The pregnant and that big Newton's in the car and that's what the bear winner after it destroyed. Would did you see that one guy and feel leg cubism more innocent he left a package gunmen there did you see that acknowledge that yet yeah I have to pack big gum and there and the dared open the door with a blow off. Got hit and things happen. Risk he locked himself in the car I get the government yeah and ages. Eight X I mean destroyed it bad so bad. What are. All in 1965. Signed Shelby cobra. Oh and did they are destroyed it I wonder if you. Does in Chad's got rid of those that players he was up they're touring around with these cars he's expensive cars with his body's he would get a bit from right North Carolina or somewhere. And he left they know he's behind the seat it's two seater. It looked signature pharmacy. They're winning her race day. And does insurance kind of million bucks and and read parts that I don't that's a good point systems in the end 64 last seen that commercial on TV can walk and that mark's place. Don't think they have that car that it knocks. Are the air you are if you're curious we'll put it out of baseball arranged such an important. I.