BJ & Jamie: Live Feed of Giraffe is pulled from Youtube. 2/23

Thursday, February 23rd

April the Giraffe was on a live feed for the last couple days because she is very pregnant and about to give birth.. some people complained that the feed was explicit and contained Nudity so the feed was pulled this morning. Ok as we were talking the LIVE Feed went back up on Youtube.   

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Vijay and Jamie are we have breaking news this morning at 744. Hour cable if you don't have the newsroom. Alia I shouldn't use that many edge sorry about that sorry just so devastated right now yeah. Too much fun though I know he did pumpkin. And is yeah. Cold baby juror Ralph watch. Yeah there's this Joseph raft. Son wasn't your name. John knows that this too he was arrested April April right to April the draft people of the watch in April to draft fully pregnant for awhile now. I watched it BJ for two. Hours last night India two hours. Millions. Of people around the world are emailing watching history out millions of people around the world helped the breaking news this morning is the video has been pulled them. Because people barter. Complaining that it's nudity some sexual contact being broadcast. So therefore you protesters. That are saying hey he got to pull this thing animal rights people are seeing we do not need to see. But giraffe being born he actually it would do it and can't audio as the darling Ayers and the director of the news yeah. I don't. Good morning good afternoon good night TV. It's genetic you around the world that tuned into our draft him in the past twelve hours. In a little bit over it a little bit of over twelve hours we've seen twenty to thirty million users aren't I correct in your animal adventure park. Outside into New York in Harper's. Now unfortunately. We did the fire spread that we gained popularity is a perfect example why we cannot have a nice thing. Pretty millions of you and tuning in. Two T witness of this educational. Experience in life rapper. There's ample extremist animal rights act is sending out rebounded us and that's okay. And unfortunately. Reporters and two candidates for its explicit. We're new concept which had need for its removal from YouTube to then be real. I knew any Joseph don't close community should. And I don't know it's an animal seriously how that it used he sees animals in the middle of every Debbie gonna do is hope I never coming close except for dogs that kinda irritates me nobody knew if you merger rap you didn't Wear clothes you've got to go to big tall. Well that goes. Thank you don't even give him when don't even given that and he's hitting noon after that did you go to say that the thing is shot yeah. Did you know I got so stupid I can't we talked GO tip I've got a tidbit for you to Juneau April. Is pregnant with a baby from a younger man. Clinton with it what it does your rational controversy maybe this is what the videos pulled you. She. April was fifteen years old giraffe terms that's pretty adds up here that separates pushed it right. The mate Oliver is only five. Can live with it usually thought of what is that and I did draft fierce I don't know the conversion of I don't have a table here for that ethic but I just know that it's got to be quite a bit was her being fifteen years old but he's only five in their. It got a baby on the way glad there's got there's something going not here she's a draft are now. If this makes yeah. We're talking about just. We're talking about this. On the side here before we open up the microphone. Why is it's. That the entire seed and we can't watch this. It's all based on YouTube in their policies. Broadcasting and some other about other means. Yeah they should go to mystery inside they can have their own web cam that setup from this animal place. They can do and periscope they didn't do on FaceBook line. It looked like it was FaceBook I've just doesn't ways of doing this time. It didn't realize it was on. Due to sell the FaceBook thing at the YouTube seed but they don't have to do it that way and I don't know I didn't see if they could have done a FaceBook live video earlier and then went to the FaceBook but. You get thirty million people watching what I just said but let's give the go go down to the end RadioShack team but yeah. Canada is Iowa run that the micro senator Dick. Our center yeah it's as simple let GMI. Yeah I don't know I don't know that part I don't know I know you to be yanked it met. As we don't even go through YouTube and are things saying we can't end that we don't have to pump and this. Hill FaceBook has their rules but I don't think Zuckerberg is gonna say this is nudity. But if you were close there would go. Being told it's not drastic turn to right there and he crashed not big into the mid to what we're. I don't think it's sexual content they're not my senator watching it together. His leg. Than some pair you or. But yeah no idea what they say they say as you're watching you see I didn't know this until I read it you know you were watching for you know the first side. Well it wouldn't who've this export exposed to whom we got to watch pro hoops to pop out a career. Who the real ugly I'll. I think it's when her tail goes up that means she's you know pushing according to this article you're what Jeanine Pirro who move to go about that yet. My guess. There you know you see a move which you see them hoofed it could be anywhere from 304560. Minutes up to sixty minutes before this cat. Flops on the ground. So mad. So mad about this is not to ever into this crap you know you'd why it yeah. And my son and then he got more. Is like can't we do something of their lives and like no doesn't as a way to address them they mean I know better I watched him instead I'm watching the anatomy of finance couldn't. I at least with my aunts I got to see them carry out this watermelon. You than a guy than hasn't had a great. I have some satisfaction out of that you've got nothing could you watch this begin a giraffes appeared just pace. In its may pacing for two hours would no burst. It's like watch and you know I don't know a movie and not get the pay off. You know like I don't know who killed whoever well I guess at JR you mean you know you feel NTS still weird until anxiety until a hate. It's a. Just baffled by it they don't have other means of getting this up and running for their thirty note thirty million customers so you think that there's more. Lot of customers using that there is somewhere there's somebody sounds fishy about the story. I don't know people tour I mean we reported on FaceBook all the time. I'm just say something sounds fishy when this story I put up a picture of tune native people. Or about and then I the united maybe 800 hour. I thought they were adorable they were two naked people and it was just there but. Is a hundred year old let you know and we pulled them need equally as I hope for the but that is new right yeah but that is student. This year but this is what's been around for a hundred years is that you are due enough all after what this is that your ran out. It doesn't makes this doesn't make sense there's something wrong here somewhat easy what's your theory. Well my theory is that people don't have enough going on their lives and to find something else to complain about someone complain about this they pulled it. But I'm also seeing that it's back up. Oh my god who does all this time and now effect as of just a couple minutes ago is supposedly in him that's just NATO they they do the studio lighting show yeah it'll let you search I am and I and I'm back to YouTube. The and to them that's nothing has come through yet again here's the excuse given by dean director of this animal sanctuary. Where the giraffe is about to give birth and now they pulled it. So good morning good afternoon good night TV. And I need you around the world attitude into our threat and pass laws. In a little bit over in a little bit of a short well hours we've seen twenty to thirty million users aren't I correct in your animal adventure park. Outside and you were in Harvard's. Now unfortunately. We did that virus credit gain popularity is a perfect example why nice things. Pretty millions of unit including an absentee witnessed this educational. Experience. In my breath partners and extremist image rights activists and being outrebounded us and that's okay. And unfortunately. Reported earnings of candidates sexually explicit. We're new concept which has me for its removal from. You do show on the word is it's on FaceBook lies it's airing. I it's backed up on YouTube so you know what I think happened that puts on you because I didn't think this first let's take it is this is this giraffe or rescued or rappers that some might think about it. Canada the draft puppy farm dinner. Because when I first saw the video I will say like. I love that it's in a little pin yeah. And it kind of bugged me sad that those animal activists are freaking out. You won't like animal BU ability I think farmers since Lou you know whatever ranchers I think you'd take your animal like a towel aura even though horse and alternate put it in in in like stable I am sick. We write really yeah nice to have birth bit. I know but I think that that's maybe what's going on here really I think I think it's an act that Owen crate I guess is backed up so the world to saved. We did all have enough yet it's back up its running Ayman there again there's listen we did all that he made any mean I have in my text saying it's back I have a question. So that entire thing we just did the. No reason complete. Waste. Of car. I. In the immortal John Ellis. Nice night.