BJ & Jamie: Lottery winning couple do not change life style. 7/5

Wednesday, July 5th

Florida Couple who won over $300 million they have done nothing since the win… not even a new car. They still go to the same stores and even buy lottery tickets.

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Vijay and Jamie I was reading this story over the weekend out of Florida. As you know. I'm somewhat so infatuated with the lottery. You know I one day one there. Do you scratch off ticket I am million dollars I don't know why I'm just fascinated with. But I saw this story in a rated weekend and this is I could do this just he would do Newton. A Florida couple who won one of the largest jackpots. Ever. 328. Million dollars. They want and its low over a year ago. I think it's been a year yet. They've not changed their lifestyle at all. They upgraded he upgraded a little bit in a truck hit a one hit a 120000 miles and decided to get on with 50000 to also be getting by her new round. Now you even get a no. She went out and got her a new car but that's it. That's all they've done 328. Million dollars. And basically. They've done nothing. They still live in their modest I saw a picture there how's it just. It's just like ranch style 300000 dollar home which is not that much about home. It's where they've lived for many years they haven't done anything no vacations no trips and as I want to work. I don't know it doesn't say if they're working. Sounds like it might still be well they say their lifestyle has not changed at all and they don't plan on change that's crazy I couldn't do. In fact. They won 328. Million dollars. He says they both when they go to the supermarket. They go to the same one to go to Wal-Mart they go to jail same shopping habits. He says they still. By lottery ticket all mine guys they shouldn't be allowed to. Want to win over 300 million in lottery you're not allowed to play to mark the light enough money or raising. She says that let's see here a friend for so a friend says that they have hundreds of millions of dollars burning a hole in their pocket. But it's almost as nothing has changed. They continue to live their life the same as before they want more rainbow Y says. We are not. Can't do anything exciting with the money greatest candidates. Of care of the family. Think we can go any turn it anything. I don't even let's yeah I mean you didn't he didn't give it did this read only hi guys this money do you have that by itself control. I know you and I ET even contain myself when I've got fifty dollars to the man eater yeah I got a it's burning all my pocket I got to spend totally. I'm right there with our being hit by the I would be up by yeah that's be odd vacation here or yen in Tokyo where I. I I don't be doing thing I would be doing things and I would be biting things with 300 million you could just you know. You can blow a hundred of just got a bunch of stupid stuff in your ranked this this couple should not be allowed to do so. The boy if you're not even go militant spend the money put it back in the economy they're taken all this money from us. One that's all we could be cabinet are right now 22 million dollars 310 million dollars I'd be jerked now mantech had asked him anyway at a more furniture you know what I mean I do know what you mean that's crazy story panel to. There. They just sit on the money just let it sit there and edit just you know accumulate and I don't think we're gonna do anything leaks. It's. Do you do it how do you do with each inch. And more on Alex.