BJ & Jamie: Man Assaulting women inside corn maze in Littleton 10/24

Tuesday, October 24th

Woman assault at a haunted corn maze in Colorado.

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Vijay endgame here check the south this happened at the Chad field corn maze Jimmy post this yesterday it. But the US unless I had no idea this example I didn't see it on the news. But at the corn maze. Some freaky stuff going on in jets field. A woman walking through Halloween corn maze in Jefferson County says the masked man who confronted her. Assaulted her was no actor. Right now we're in the midst of the hunted. Klein may is take luck in the day and it's not so scary. At nine it's another story tech field farm spokesperson Erin Burt says what happened Saturday night. Was not part of the act staff members punted quite may say several customers reported a man dressed in black wearing light harassing apple. And include a woman who filed the police report to. X day I have no idea who this person this tells her cousin you cannot proceed down this path. Unless you either dance with me just mere touch me. Bulldog in this person's between nine year old woman told the Jefferson county sheriff's department the masked men knocked her down. Dragged her a couple of feet he stood his ground and say well this is what you paid for she says the man eventually let her go and she later reported the incident to staff at the Mason will. Isn't that crazy who would've thought that went on yeah it's you know you don't think so they can sneak in as an actor. At these things now I understand and haunted house it would be just a little bit a little bit more difficult but very important major on an open field somewhere. And he's the guy in the air okay ego it is a customer all right it you can have your white man asking you dark little suit in the car a new kind of transform yourself inside the corn maze it just slide is never even thought about that. Yeah but I really go during the day because I have a little dead so we go during the day and it's still a little creepy even though there's no actors or anything but now I. Her third and. You'll find a better corn maze around. Chad field corn maze is absent the best it crossed it's really nice it's being and it's it's great I mean if you want to little scare. It's perfect. A bad thing I would say about the jet building and there's nothing that I'm not going. But wind when you get in England those balls that are on the waters of the figure in the ball right there is big mouse ball. Hamster wheel meaning you get inside the hamster will and then they blow it up with hair and then they take on this pond to water and you supposed to crawl around in it. I don't know how it happened but one who got rocks and inside the ball inside the ball until your in there as answer you're getting pummeled by rock does dodge the Roberts. Roberts of flight hazard tied up and realize you're also in this ball where a ton of Slaney kids have been inside there. And like you know who burgers and it's not look at it like she I expect. We should go out I should you let those camps and I don't know I should video debut and aims to bottom now that I think should be fun and by the way it does seem primed for about a minute and then you're exhausted and united if you think. It's a duck well yes. A time ago and that time ago anyway I am I did she adds to make photograph that guy and the two depiction of it looks a lot like he'll. Yeah it looks a lot like you what you do it last night with what we do at night. Does man who looks well like him. You're single now they'll wait and get a woman has given them a corn maze. This crazies and it gives me the guy sneaks in there and then he tells them. Tells her cousin. You cannot proceed down this path. And lest you either dance with me just mere touch I have no idea you know I OK the his speed and touch me are there's a creepy stuff but even more bizarre is you got to dance with pretty. It's. He he doesn't think he's assaulting anyone if Pete says you know those three options. But Emily grabbed her and carried her dragged there that's when it crossed the line yeah well you know knocked her down to the ground contractor via. So that's kind of crazy that you would never expected something like this you go into a corn maze and some. Guy lurking in and it doesn't even work there he's not one of the actors. And he just went there are two to jump out at people and in grab people. Yeah O'Neill and this is and I think this is me and I've heard of you know people act like and their doctors learned people in an odd though that doesn't snow. It's the new angle. Each in each week and more on Alex I.