BJ & Jamie: Man bitten by rattlesnake head. 6/7

Thursday, June 7th

Man is bitten by the head of a rattlesnake after he cut it off the snakes body. The man almost died from the snake bite and may have a hard recovery.

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5:9 BJ Jimmy morning showed Jamie I know you're shocked by the story we're about to do here this guy in this rattlesnake. Yeah that's crazy that story but is abuzz that live in the wild kingdom world we've known this for a long long time. Really he's known you can kind of sneaks in off but it doesn't stop him from biting you isn't. And you Google I like that like to know what that's like temple star. It's that you can cut off as snakes that they can stop them from biting this guy he doubles de. I know yeah Sutcliffe and her husband were due weekend yard work which he spotted a four foot rattle out. Set let's says her husband quickly took a shovel in separate the head of the rat tat. Moments later he bent down to dispose of the snake. And that's when the snake had bit him looks and not case because there's nobody it released all its ban them that points in a lot of them. Sutcliffe called 911 and begin driving her husband towards the hospital immediately he began having seizures lost his vision and experienced internal bleeding yet. Most. I didn't realize all the venom goes to their head after you take up your body. It will what's inside there thanks she said because it didn't distribute throughout the body was on the dead pool light goodness this is snake he gets his hit cut off the I've seen this before man back when I lived in the backwoods of blood Nashville Tennessee. We could go catch a snake we cut it off it was still stay there until weeks it's body where it yeah. I feel like that's true at all. It is true it is true I currently available so I don't know all the I don't feel like you're in the snakes body just went without his head diesel yeah. Did this day my body would take off without its head like it can't Jamie I am right and I am. Attended a chicken is the same widen Jim book the opera rhetoric around and they get cut off via. But it's Niko did the same thing this is proof. And like a worm same thing with the war craze. Same thing like with lightning bug intentional but off of film turbulence. Praise in the stories over the steps at. I thought that I just. I find it very interesting aegis all the time reside in the back what I did all the time yeah we we can't just sneak yeah cut it to at all and I think are terrified of snakes well isn't that where we younger my Brothers actually get aboard a hike I am not a big tennis date and as anybody here is where this would have slit are often the leaked her yet another phrase that is this guy he gets bitten he thinks everything's okay big dummy. He reached his dad grabs a separate edit. Ani almost eight. Can you imagine it I mean you would still like you were in a movie man. Do you would you go you've played golf the other night brightness and you get it on executive par three or whatever. I if this coming year. If I hit a ball into the weeds and a little four. Well it's nice that he saw that I have a golf ball in my town bush. And I think your part of golf column a bunch of the fourth. We sub picture yet as a unit I'm not I didn't rabbit you know fighting gravity wins and we can't post pictures of the gulf of bush. Would be twelve today if it helped or not we can potent witness I think it's Vietnam and I are supportive I didn't get hot again I'd I didn't get you can't. And it's rattlesnakes he's and that ad didn't pick it up by the way which agonized couples who never hit the ball and that Lucius Clay give you need to stop. Unlike lives three miles optical close golf course up as they hit they hit two roads to get her out of it. He can hear the crap give goal for amber or are they handed out the shorter clubs go to eBay. Late and you know that's like that didn't lie that in my yard and a wonder they busted my windshield. Let's listen to adjourn to keep it literally ceased to at least two blocks all the score away yeah yeah it's an even got a ricochet off other houses cars something it's. Well you get to hear I remember right humid house. I did but it was right on the course you know that Seattle and I have a house well I'm glad you guys with the ball I've ripped the ball would tied it on the fly. He went through eight patio door that was open they guide just open this door slid open. But all those in a year. And I shot it ricochet inside it was house. When I finish. This is like whole wealth or right would I finishing get to the clubhouse he's later. Big guy is anybody's clubhouse with the ball are you yeah he'd he knew my shirt or cowardly shirt and he said you. And got my name and blab a bus at a broken blazers I. All kinds of that is house I never. I'm really ever for it to us interrupted and an answer haven't gotten a phone number and I was very nice event like dude I'm sorry every that you bought how. I don't understate it you buy a house on the golf course yet your age group somebody hits or. It sake let's try it a private corporate table if you on that golf course and by sky raids. You know exit whatever that street is a miscarriage and there's all is beautiful houses DJ hit your house okay here. And he would. We're back with out of course I think people not play a. Now he doesn't. Not all of the stuff it into the snow and it's not our fault you bought the house there we you know you'll see things that people don't think about when they buy a house on a golf course number one is coming balls are gonna hit your house. Number two is that begin at 5 in the morning start tomorrow. People and people like an needn't tell me Allen about the house that at reviving him volleys mowers are gonna start up. The record the out there mowing the golf course today does that led brochure an article that part of living in terror Diana tracks. In. More.