BJ & Jamie: Man could get prison for catching wife cheating. 1/22

Monday, January 22nd

A man uses his “find my phone” app for his wife’s phone he follows the signal to his wife’s boss’ home and the door is unlocked so he goes inside and finds them in bed together, he takes some video to get prof he sent the video to the wife’s family. Now he has been arrested for breaking and entering and revenge porn for sending it out, he may get 15 years in prison.       


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BJ endgame and you wanna hear wacky story now here's the story for me unions and yes. Well I'd just assume you're not gonna say now let's get it to actually you know. Broke the here's a way he's OK yes at a new features Aaron a guide features used by nightfall because he felt like his wife was up to shenanigans to ensure an. Big and so you supplied by phone app and he found his wife. In bed. At the boss' house her boss' house or that can hit that. I think. So he is not prisoners hers that she estrangement is she sleeping with her boss OK so he uses the gap by my vote. Shows a certain location. So he goes over its. The boss' house so the doors unlocked so he goes it. He hears his wife. And guess what she's up to and bar yeah so he goes up in into the bed broke did start to videotaping them together so he's got proof. Now he's looking at fifteen years in prison. Because breaking and entering the and because they've now arrested him for breaking and entering because he had no permission to go into that house. An inner all the time I think I would kill to but they're lucky get murdered I'd tell exactly. And it's IG in the door. Yeah exactly. There are times when you do have a bright I think I keep your wife is in the air upstairs. You know she's in her because you're hearing her I beat you have ever right to go and it got property that it well climate action. Right is that what that's I would think so I think it would be a crime of passion. And you know this was these guys now to fifteen years they arrested the guy and they say they're gonna stick it Dillon he's already edits that do we. Yeah finance the cause. I like that in their system is that the human excrement as well. I guess they've added mortar. Charges. He got hit a breaking and entering although he just walked in because the door was open. But he also took the video in he said it is still the wife's relatives. And I guess there I like him even more they're adding these charges no luck. I think you have every right. To see in this video as well don't you get it if you if you posted it on baseball and maybe. Maybe too little too far there are actually engine whenever yet that's at revenge porn thing right. But this did grab not to look at your granddaughter naked with a bias. Dead look what your granddaughter is doing cheese with adult boss she's married to me but look how she's three weeks. And I think you have every right to send it to the families broken that he was that they do directly. Right yet the took throw those charges and tubs and another dozen to fifteen years imprisonment. And just because it looked again. And she didn't have them. Berrian and you've got to turn off the five mouth off. If you gotta be doing this kind of stuff mean you gotta you gotta know yeah he should do that everybody should turn off their location no matter what I got to turn it off. See if you turn it location in a lot of the apps that use that you can use Sochi and I've never found that to be true. What do you. UK and I've never summit to be true. What do you mean he hiding there I recruit. I can use every single app I have except for obviously Google Maps I have to plug in an address and to learn from because it won't use and abuse. Bullet allocation is off right now you know I was up I use every app and there are a lot but if you have AE and amp like way he's for example. Well yeah he would use to track the location that's a traffic went back you could likes to use Google Maps you just have to actually. Physically couldn't each address he can't put my delegation why is it that you sink that everybody needs to turn off locations. And because I feel like there are some people have access to my phone and wood time and location. As last year in your photos are time stands yeah with the thing on it and they can find out where your your picture was taken. Our hospice and you don't wanna ever. Turn off your location near a neck and that's scary and me and do you really want to know where you are even you know some distracting you right now. No heart TC in sync cargo Obama counselor tells us that something's going on actual idea that you showed. Again I is that you yes. But I got to drive the year cul-de-sac it displays or go to all the time I'm always afraid I was afraid that if I don't have my locations on if I don't lose my vote accuse Obama vote. So that that's funny bit on because I'm thinking that you know at some point if I lose my thought was on the losing everything that I have that. At some point if I lose it I gotta be able to usual should score. Or if you're kidnapped in the U wanna get a ping her yes yes those two things. Well I don't worry too crazy things have been thinking relocation of battle out there if you're like me it just do they. Think the I'm your pictures where they can do that apparently let to tune in to the where your picture is what's terrifying and. I get a report email every month that shows me a list of all the places I've been how many miles have gone I mean it's well he's. On a map where I've been all month how many new place and like I get death. It's just Google's track to negative from Google map. My sense demand for a monthly report. I think it's now chat whichever one that shows little kids all over the map in the snapped back I don't know I said is convinced that his one friend has his mom and dad take his vote with them. So it looks like he's had all these cool places ha ha. Joseph did you sign up for that much and I never heard of that I don't think so I just started getting them. I'll find one and then from there. You know early everywhere jacket and it gets your birth through year over and they left. You know there is that's bizarre I have just don't hurt everyone got that. A monthly report no little problem Google apps not now never got anything and hammer that I've been. She is this is that's op yeah she's there isn't energized the erred on skid. In. More on Alex I.