BJ & Jamie: Man lost one Million dollar lottery ticket and gets it back. 3/22

Thursday, March 22nd

Man buys and wins a $1million lottery ticket the employees at the place he bought it find him and give it back to him.


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PGA NG game and here's the story of the guys overeating Kansas they got lucky twice he first wins the lottery but he loses ticket. I don't know I have CNN says is crazy this is crazy a store finds that taking in the fight them in the give it back a one million dollar ticket. To me is the weirdest story ever okay so they seen this guy drop a ticket. And then they pick it definitely under. And it says the million down yeah. And I don't like that they seem the ticket they found they saw the guy lose it and it's a million dollar winner. And hasn't been signed. Anybody can cash or they could cash right then technically but these people are such good people. They hunted this guy down and found him in game back is ticket. Would you. Would you. So there's the issue could use a million dollar write yeah you see it look. And look to get. It's it's going across the grant him. You mentor bull bull bull bulb blew a little faster than there. And lighter on that theme thank you very much if you think you get the dig into a machine. But he didn't. Keep you would coolant can pick I would think it would I would I think if I I. What I saw the person drop it in a god and knew the person was. It was a little immediate. They didn't drab and a beater or an old guy in corporate teams down on his luck and it probably. Have a conscience can do the right thing eyes. But if it were some little poke at. I even got in I. I'd I'd profile TI or is it that they were all there are gonna die soon they would need that million dollar now no no not not do so our film and I feel sorry for them. I think you what I. I think UT give the money. I could go this route if I knew the person was I might coal. And they like in disguise the voice of the witness who I am. But I area. And music deserve threat asked about the tickets you dropped him throughout the billion dollars you'll get it back you'll give me. Nice problem to parents. Well. It was in part. We'll with the part that a 100000 you can't pay me a 100000 I'll give you your million dollar. That's I think that that the people should get a reward you. They should get it yet again yet but you know another reward thing works we've seen in the past like somebody would a million dollars knowledgeable look at when he. Like really you eagerly need to fully bucks you're gonna get a million you put yourself that you can't add to get you could really live with yourself. Well. Let's say that dude like 35 years old drive and a hot. What Maria. I make a run port. They know the detection. And I don't even I had guilt I know or will we both that good people. And all the way it looks up in the I don't like good people. That of. You into weekday mornings. Now ice ice.