BJ & Jamie: Man poop almost cost him a leg. 6/25

Monday, June 25th

Bj has more bad news for Jamie this morning the list of inductees for the Radio Hall of Fame and BJ & Jamie didn’t make it in.  BJ also has a story of a man who has such a big colossal poop it cost him his leg. The whole story is that the man was so constipated that it caused paralysis in his leg, luckily the doctors were able to extract the poop and save his leg.   

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Yeah PGA and Jamie analysts. 1059. You know speaking of doom and gloom. I got one more bad story all due to leverage Monday while I don't think you know this. But I think issued in for a meal because I think it's better if you heard from me where in some ways I can guard Ashley and doesn't want you now hold. What what's up here reflect. Last night. Boot radio hall of fame inductees were named. Yeah you know aren't on it. Let him that I can't make the hall I feel like it's old people. I feel like we're now actually it's not know it's not some young with her now there's a crew is I think it's. You know there's that well I yet there's that he's going to go and audit most people don't know who they are I would I would note names but. I'm just inform you that you are we didn't make it. They did take a serious enough I guess so who we didn't make kids Huckabee. As though there are gonna be a bus to their view and there's. All I wanted people to go to the whole family to promote it and it I've been there. Well this time next year an excerpt we are here at via radio hall of fame and good. Well by the way either you hit the story of insurance. To be asked where to prove advanced yes DC today god. Had a colossal poop and lost the leg. Can just write this there. That you for the guy where you go to. Colossal clue of cost me in his leg I wrestled the death he was so constipated. That will he win okay that it paralyzed and then he lost a leg. Yeah. When Amy let blood flow Lawson right on then yeah. I mean it was a paralysis because this system just wouldn't shock. And and they I guess they had to take a lenders is that moss what I. Amazing part to this story honestly anything. I mean I. And again I. Our gadget that colossal improvement plus. You always accused you of that that's why I have to do research. So yeah if your research boy yeah. I know that my illness but yet you're you're we know who I can say at. Doctors are not and why don't we like it better than this aren't better than I. Don't. We need to make the radio hall of fame this kind of stuff will do it for. I don't I am. Wait. He didn't lose his leg. What that's what this blood says no it paralyzed. Having it lose it. Well you could legal us to use up bowl and I patty meaning was amputated yes I mean he's lost but he's got that eye is paralyzed. I kid teen parent why I'm not gonna fight with him on this is obviously is not worth it does not seem paralyzed. Duck yeah. Doctors in Australia have they intervene after 53 year old man became so constipated he is Pope gave him prowess is one of its. The man to get down to the emergency with abdominal pain and then had been. Building up for three days he was experiencing pain in his right leg which she was unable to move to battle over hours. Am I guess is leg had no pulse and it was pulled to the tax turns out ages really need to put there daily. A scan revealed his fecal matter. I've become so backed up it had done. Audiences large intestine and put pressure on his right. Really act artery this pressure caused the pain and leg as well as the proud does that. And you took the seriousness Tuesday in his surgery right away where they remove the move to relieve his pressure said just a sad story two liters put a man. Just to later. Two liter of pop it is this legged two liter bottle yelling at you and your. A matter of this content and then be a double and and a man. Well it is a colossal put my friend yeah. Just thought you might wanna know that. News this morning OK yeah breaking out the good news is she's at finality to improve regularly and to walk. Back to normal and that is yeah there is hope. Yeah Ali yeah you know this is is that if you have little constipated deep he plunged takes up the can it can get series sounds likes. In. More on Alex. I.