BJ & Jamie: Man Steals Oscars Worst ratings ever. 3/6

Tuesday, March 6th

A man goes to the Governors party after the Oscars and he takes an Oscar that belongs to winner of best female actress Frances McDormand he went to his Facebook and did a LIVE video of himself with the Oscar. He was spotted by a photographer and arrested for theft.    The Oscars also had the lowest ratings of all time.

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Vijay into the game and see where that Oscar got stolen. I did yet that that lady that what was she laughed like when she was crazy like hyenas crazy lady crazy lady SR two nights ago yeah her Oscar got stolen. Did you see the video that got the stolen I haven't seen I gotta play you the audio yeah it was the best. All it's the best he goes to an after party this lady she wins watch a best actress yes. She gets your Oscar stolen G goes to a party to lays it out with the it's a Yahoo! comes log give it to them free. Stop he goes to the governor's party which I think is the same parties is a different part of the room he goes. Any start short off the Oscar for and say it. What I want to look what we want any serious all the he's been about the start congratulating him for winning is not scared they don't already better Iraq. You would have thought they were were there they were noted dot bright guy who's got word that there on stage so he does this. It did somebody says that he ask someone where you go and after this they said Jimmy Kimmel party heels words. It. Go with Libby get at if you haven't Oscar I don't think they Jackie ticket at the door there it is an. Athletic usual for the does your head right there is discouraged. What is she bought it added that he gets busted and yes. I've got to cut it up oh you do it is like four minutes and make dormant. That's her name that today via so he has been arrested he is Nevada way. And she got Oscar I did this I guess a couple of guys joke Diebler who took the Oscar back. But is his bragging about it all the people every call you this fifteen or would he be able to walk up to be in congressional achy body is Oscar. Felony grand to have two after taking the best actress statue from McDormand table for the governor's ball and bill is set at 20000. Dollars. A yeah. Didn't grand theft via a debate and as a big race I have to I didn't know that later. Deal of them. He's branded somebody's got to vote and that's the they get to vote out the video and made turned it over to some of the news stations in near this guy has bragging about his Oscar people congratulating him and then his biggest question is where the hills Jimmy Kimmel party I added I'll be here here. I got it right now and he has just ahead to do it looks. A man have you seen the picture Ali I watched a video it's amazing yeah me and excited and he looks Oscar yeah I guess who this they might be. Well. But I would get that way for them. That was round and yes a little thrill yep well I am sure it was a thrill that all these people congratulating. Now right didn't last long his role. One baby five it'd sell I thought before he's tackled in the Oscars taken aback by her Regis your Oscar down. Yeah it's her fault. You hold all I am well. Yeah I Derek did you block it away you go ticket putting the trunk of the car or something putted the obvious second usually that car services and you don't. You don't put it on a table and just walk away it's her fault but the group. I think to be at a Oscar parties think the the crowd there is that which will not steal and a well now you know that we've we've all learned our lesson Halloween though don't. By the way the Oscars horrible ratings solidly posted that you have the it was so we said that we said nobody cares. About these cells in leading us nobody cares about what it was the second worst in history that the worst violence or the worst news Atlanta yeah hit it it was terrible nobody watched and I. Have to talk about it torn about that need to talk about dumb to not have than haven't you guys did all of that didn't see. You feel obligated to pass along all the things that happen at the Oscar recap some of the moments that everybody Saudi that we find out the next day it's. It wasn't that exciting you didn't miss a thing humility was and hash tag Oscars so boring. As Alice and it and he was that they have Julia why around. The that's dad's born. And more on Alex.