BJ & Jamie: Man stop to save Burning Bunny in Cali Fires. 12/12

Tuesday, December 12th

There is a story of a California man who pulled his car over to save a burning bunny. Now a Second man has come forward saying he was the man in the video saving the bunny and he has a singed bunny to prove it.    



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Vijay and Jamie did you did you get pulled over the same bird and money being. He's a hero. He's a hero. Izzy but it's according to what I'm reading he's a hero he he was reunited with the body yesterday. You see that now get this guy he's driving down the road escaping a fire and the fires yet aging it's it's chasing. Amy seasonable in the on the side of the road I think it's more than one buddy of that is like three or four hours a three or four birdies on just went to that maybe it's an old pack and well he got out of his car analysts say it's one bunny OK they saved the body although the body was injured. So the body what to recap. You know that zone I don't know anything yeah the body what to rehab it around. Some Keating. No no no the bodies of teaching them about this definitely. The funny at all. We're talking about a body to survive the fired a firefight or or a guy that pulled over and it happened this went. What's so funny that. Sides manhunt two get over those accused of weakness. At county fair you've got to 40 but they all people in the same broad Oregon had a picnic but it. It hit me off the left didn't know what they did that put him remote control car. I NC. Look blah blah blah blah Glenn got this like I said many that aren't the body made a root a remarkable recovery where guests about it okay. The guy yesterday was reunited with the bunny that he say this is that what. I'm glad getting weak yes he did indeed he he he he doesn't look like a bloody saver though. They say look like. They gave little pudgy. I hear. I think he's got a beard maybe if it's a guy yeah you got your pudgy got a beer probably suspenders. Look at things that that's what I pictured it in probably a cowboy hat or. The thinking of. But this is a young Wipro stamper he looks like he's possibly you know India a meth dealers something. And is definitely a buddy to guys like. I. Until that's got to Norma right are they like hyperactive people and math people look. This is one of the best on these stories. Of 27 even that can pay you always are making a mockery of what you've got a buddy. He. Let us have a buddy audio. Up your immunity and it's the clock it's a man scooping up a rabbit it's the Thomas fire rages along highway one. We as I'm sure you were. Bit curious about its identity well we learned his name is Oscar Gonzalez. Here's what happened he just got off work when he saw the rabbit darting around the flames so he chased it around a bit until the rabbit finally. He's at ran straight into his arms home videos now say Gammon. Our. I'm skirt is supposed sweet is that that the best buddy story of what he's seventeen. LL. You name a bigger buddy story that it. Is just to me why did. Well another man has come forward claiming she is the person in the videos saving the rabbit. And he has this changed bunny to approve. Really we have got drew. Ballots that Gonzales so did say that he was the one who pulled over but you know and an. Second anybody. We got to straighten this out he. It is now the best buddies or whatever way you can't you lost your credit if he didn't tell it now there's some body confusion he. Very confusing. Left this guys says he's got a seems funny. To prove it's a little seeded out of this. Singed bloody prove anything. I don't know okay crazy seeing if I could look look I. I was the guys this is a good that they the third man and I haven't sinned bunny as well each inch we see more on Alex. I.