BJ & Jamie: Man who put camera in our bathroom still on the run. 8/21

Tuesday, August 21st

We are wondering with the man hunt that is going on here in DTC it reminds us of the man who put the camera in the woman’s bathroom of our office, he is also still on the run.  

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Vijay and Jamie Allison 105 or not. I mean it's a BJ and Jimmy morning show manhunt underway in the cherry creek area this morning because a couple of guys so I shot. An officer and think yeah officers can be OK but they are on the run. It reminds me though that manhunt of that pervert it was built and Jamie I listened to little more serious. I agree but still I. I damn I do know that the guy was never thought that I know. OK so here's that link OK okay can I so this is a bit comes up. He's a football don't you feel you know I think now the video I so they're what are and persons that I really like and she went to remain anonymous. So she was in the bath and we have that we have like seven floors that we use here at the radio look colored doors. It's a little closer and then. It's a little close oh yeah let's talk about that little close to her real name sorry there are so way he goes some else OK let's go with. Jeanne. Gene is going to community and who you price of Jean. She's apparently ninety. Could put this okay. So Jeanne we have like as a general floors near the radio rants and that and that problem our secure which is odd because. And the figure well are all all he was yanks. You remember the holes or he was on my power to floor revealing. The new hobby for you in the body or this is Nancy not much content look so anyway gene locked in that she's going to go god it says dean had to go. Yes we are potty mouth at screw crazy. So she was start walking and is blocked out out of the women's restroom in he didn't have one of those floors slippery when wet eyes or anything. They did have a mop over his shoulder wasn't maintenance snow wasn't a custodian no impact yet unlike black dad dad pants. And no white button down shirt OK okay and so any way to just like. That's peculiar. You that's suspicious now. That's not you know we don't do that unisex bathroom and now we don't look suspicion I mean I don't think jet genes not buy an -- no I think she's a female. She was in the right recipe she was in the right restroom in the and so anyway should it should start looking a mansion in the law when I was like I am here since she's you know how we have that straightening it goes like this. That sprays stepson of a smelled advised the gaffe when you open the door yes air freshener right. Well anyway she noticed it was kind of like dangling down the back Sheila what and they have until he had put a camera. You it's insists he grabbed the camera she was shaking just freaked out she grabbed the camera and then they did some. Some kind of forensic analysis and it was easy it's the inning when he was putting the camera and it was rolling. That we had the great greatest picture yet of this pervert the he'd ever seen before because again it's snapped and taken a photo of him. When he was there. And so we had a great pictures so it was just a matter of hours before this guy's going to be caught. And they obviously have elevator cameras they have done different that they have you know part cannot cameras in all the cameras they even got his car on camera. But when I was part to dating to his stupid license plate. This this picture was so good it was like he went to glamour shots with any I don't like the deal. Right I mean that we had this guy was nailed a nobody telling you what the cops were all over again it was and is perfect in the elevator in the. Bathroom in the parking lot everything I mean there's no way to not cede this guy so. It didn't think somebody also have a like a plate number are partial plate number I think partial may be impartial in the first three letters we have this guy. He asks. I mean it's I think panic. Still he's on the loose did know about Nat. Our amber if there are other people in other buildings around our complex series DNA DTC. That also said that it's he even their building so they have also witnessed yeah. But he's slip through this week and demand. Indoor answer this if you are they can man I is that hypothetical known hypothetical what's called and it's a blank kind of questioned. Even though the rhetorical question. What it was to see me peak. It's eighteen. I don't know what is I don't IQ is it that I'm not that guy at the aliens there I don't know what the reasoning and the. I. Note. I'm just I get where are going with an excellent ivy Eilat and may all have the cameras just. And that guy that indictment and a whole Hazmat suit and got insulin. Porta potty it with a snorkel in a mask. He got data into the toilet as the amazing gag though you could could look up the app world oil boy yet again. That but the guy got away it's a craziest thing. That none and now and it just took the picture down. You know there was no it was not captured in this given any up this is that almost a year now yes I'll for sure it has. But you know it it's been a year was last fall I think once they ask so yeah. It is crazy and it seems to me perfect I don't think it. This is kinda nice and I think a lot bigger issues. You know out there than a case of there's and creed B do that was see women paid. That's been on I mean. Cases I am I don't have bigger things to ride. Fry it right I am you know you don't find the guide them personally know three or four days and he's now back in the building yet I am with you I think Dave Kohler cold case yes there's like letting go in our kitchen every pops up again fine you know. But I think for right now per user and the back burner news. Now I'm William. As a great story you know you really hit. It easy and more on Alex I.