BJ & Jamie: Mandala Bay Security guard missing. 10/17

Tuesday, October 17th

The security guard that was shot before the Las Vegas shooter killed 58 people was going to do a detailed interview with Fox about the day of the shooting. He is now missing and the report is he went to a walk in clinic the day before his interview and Now he is missing!! We all have our own theories on where he went. Sean says the Government has him, Jamie says he could be an illegal and BJ thinks he is in Witness protection.

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PGA and Jamie sort of god nine DJ and Jamie money should you know sometimes I'm just amazed at certain stories just grab you. Oh yuan that you get similar and actually need to you know. This particular story because that cleaners. Know it's kind of lonely island sorry. About that was the stories I McEnroe yeah platinum black related are rare Europe are and. One now it's very uncomfortable even though we're with a Mandalay bay pay. It's about it yes. Such as security guard all that and that is smeared. Lisa this is crazy busy crazy story he's the guy that was first on the scene that got shot away. Yes. Before the guy went on to kill 58 people which is the whole story is so weird. And now the security guards miss. The Mandalay. Security guard shot during the Las Vegas massacre. Has mysteriously vanished pacers campus has not been seen since he supposedly went to a health clinic last week just before he was scheduled to be interviewed them. However health care officials in Las Vegas denied that they've ever treated him. We know what's going on here it's very bizarre police say he was shot minutes before. 58 festival goers were killed after trying to confront the shooter on the 32 floor and now nobody can find where. See this is the weirdest story friends so we're great what she's series this is from Fox News so that personal shot in the leg he confronts the bad guy. And gets shot in the leg they have a fight you know shoot out right pretty much but sort of 45 minutes nobody calls police snubbing known and then they're saying six minutes. Analysts say six birds that. Yeah that's a long time we've got to shoot out going on race the candidates that are like I I heard the whole time and was all messed up its oldest and now they're even disputing this -- nevertheless this is the got a shot always OK and so he was shot in the hallway. And then what happened was Alan Fox News it's out of the big. Interview with him this huge interview him like he's gonna tell us what it was like to look in the eyes of a killer and you know confronting him and all the stuff and they were they were gonna talk to. He's innocent he went into a walking in the Clinton. Camp. But the clinic is saying we never had him but his bus the boss of the union for security guard. Said no he told me was gonna go walk into the clinic and I know he went there and then and bosh helped set up the interviews through the union. And now they can find he's innocent I think this audio I think it's from like Elise PC listen to this again the Mandalay. Security guard shot during the Las Vegas massacre. Has mysteriously vanished. Now Sean I have grown deer I. Let's start I do let's start with Sean because it's so ridiculous as the suns but let's show. Everybody there is no better idea show on where it's at the theory is this and you complain along the front when a fun night. Where is this guy where did he go what happened its security guy that was supposed to do the big interview and he's missing nobody can find him or talk to and again and no bad ideas here and bad there except for this what it. A hot hot hot shot. I think it's possible that this shooting was perpetrated by the government in order to you know try to meet. Maybe perpetually mind control. Or population control I'm not really sure the reason but. My theory is that the government has now scoop this man up and they have him in a bunker somewhere in area 51. Yen down under the ground and area 51. Your time's up time's up that was hours at a time at all. The whole key to those now the doses into circulation control. Thing. I think. Time's up and let's at the time forget the government is into the population. Whole different. Relief for the one world. Jamie if you're going to our. I would say shy and are at it like I wanted to just get here is so weak and content over at and model pot some real clear some. Is where is security guard that was shot in lake. That face that the bad guy where is he went rising missing list posted an interview. My theory is seize illegal. And he is concerned ice will see him and take him and send him back to where every from Lithuania and carping he's Lithuanian and he's in this country illegally. Our. Time to. I think ticket for your time at the time that was a timer like you do. It sums up my theory is much like the witness protection program this guy. Has a lot of unanswered questions would that delay in not calling the 911 in every there's a lot of I mean you've got fifty. You've got 58 of hockey is it's not that I gave myself a little longer with the time I look at him. I gave myself fourteen minutes. And then. I think the guy is gone with a lawyer in died and I think that he used to stay away because they get some answers here they need to come up with something that makes sense. Do you think buster has not up yet I have question. And am embarrassed. So do you think somebody said hey look you look like an accomplice unit that lawyer yes okay. In the and you just go and hiding them could be out of the country you can write a book but he cold. War is sorry to keep interacting. You talked a bit at 2 o'clock starting him in directing it or is human you look at what can I finish my sort of a plot wise. What white people attempted joke band and started bringing you a series of iron Mike Haley now. You're already on your third battery and I hit. What apple are. With a buzzer that still isn't somebody it and it's amazing you can make millions off the book don't do the interview righted. It's going to I was gonna get back up. In the immortal John Ellis nice nice.