BJ & Jamie: Math Question stumps internet and Sean.

Thursday, February 1st

Jamie found a story about smart pants that help you navigate your way around the world. They buzz and vibrate if you’re in danger or lost.  There is a math question that is on the internet that is stumping everyone but BJ got it in 3 minutes and Jamie in like 90 seconds. Will Sean get it right?

The answer is 42.5 for some reason but Sean says 36. 


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Vijay and Jamie I've got out here at this is not to make anybody look battering of a slow. Hard not to give JB props. I got the answer correct in about three minutes Jamie did it ninety seconds. Which let it go out. What kind of romance quiz to stumping everybody on the web simply hoping he would give it to show on it appeared. You don't win your car or home whatever maybe you can go to try to see if you could come up to be achieved this as we get it to every seat they can get. OK now let's you read the story you know well it went viral yesterday. You did it faster anybody have ever seen do if you run the Internet SC primary shot back. A mom looked at some other mothers to it to school very upset because they sent home a math quiz for seven years what seven your soldiers at a second grader. And there yeah yeah so second graders it's at math a question in that the moms are furious because they say it's not even if I. Little shocked that that is eight at first or second grade math problem. I would agree with the image similar complexes it dead. It didn't stop you know I mean it really doesn't have not getting that it seems norm fourth grade. Yes big east or is there. Just because how they develop it seems more fourth grade should. I guess you know what's governor. The shot and I looked up pretty good map zone all you'll I feel good with I'm OK with. As I would any air right because again it took me about three minutes from now you know this tells me is he's our CNET. I had not seen and I swear I don't even know what it is don't lie to us I swear you. A liar and you cannot have any confidence with the kind of knowledge why is we now we will come got to wonder if you don't know me at my own math skills. Don't know if that stuff momentum and know. No Google. No I don't know. Yeah I'm not in front in OK and I am that you question. In the new low you work it out OK I got it because to do it I mean you know it takes a while when are we doing this right now and right now. What you did she is not the south and east of the guy who. Are showing erratic Redick in. There are 49 dogs signed up to compete in a dog show. 49 don't write in a dog snow boarding up. There are 36. More small dogs then large dogs. 36 more of small dogs enlarged. At least bulldogs are there in the dog show. Got it. Anyone who abort. I know I'm working it out by their 49 dogs to sign up assign them to compete any audio you know people text him. No text no sure don't look that tax move that computer. Stop it. The computer. Trying to knock it 49 sign up for the dogs and 3636. More small dogs nor are large dogs. So how many small dogs are they're gonna compete in this dog chip. Are there going to compete so how many are going to compete. So how many dogs total are competing no way I gave you that answer forty guide our I don't at least mauled dogs Sean. This is classic battles all. Thought he needs time to do that and come back. Aren't welcome back to do it again yeah they do yeah this is thirteen. No he Seyfried. But I think that's a good. Solid gets that make you put enough low end to end the full. In the race he's still working out the problem in there. That. Morgan nobody seems to be getting right on to do either man that I judge how Smart you are Jamie I got it. She's these guys don't look tightness acquisitive that's dumping the Internet and can you math teacher since home for seven year old to do this problem mothers are outraged because you don't like the answer. Because it's too hard to 49 dogs are competing at the dog show. There are 36 more small then large dogs have been small dogs are there. 36. Cool that's right inch and he and it's right it is it not ever it is it's just it's right age she. What should answer because it can't be half a dog and there were no lip but at 36 is it even close so well there's 36 more small dogs. Near ragged. It's well the Internet snows and by the way you with the majority of the people on the planet who Joe's 36 the answer is 42 and a half while most people answered the problem is 36 people aren't exactly top that would that number's odd lots. That could. And so people are all over the place with that but after a long debate on the Internet yesterday aged woman pointed out to previous comment that found. Yet another possible solution to the problem. And I says if there is a total 49 dollars and 36 of them are small Dodson. Then there aren't thirteen large dogs that means 36 small dogs of dragged by thirteen large dogs. The their 23 more small dogs are large dogs 36 minus thirteen Eagles played great well they're saying. That's director. That's right it Sean 42 would have to answer. So 42 point five. Mason to. Mathematically but don't worry giving a seven year old this quiz we got to happen to all of see that's. Wrong in her involved but you haven't had. But the majority of the planet yes your target the planet the media and well I don't know if that's true wrong. Note that there on the companies that think it's a very. Question for his seven year old. Let alone a forty year old eighth U. Ask don't question Lazare do you continue working out to explain to me how the heck comes out to 42 and a half. I can't until I hear news of OK and it's crazy because I don't understand. What do you have for dogs 49 up subtract 36. Possess any dogs you want more than or at this more than the large dog right. I did take the number left over thirteen thirteen got it can't. Boom. You got 36 more dogs. Got. You know and let our Delaware yeah. Not 142 and everything else to do it makes sense to me. I yeah. And we see more on Alex I.