BJ & Jamie: Mayweathers 18 Million dollar watch. 6/28

Thursday, June 28th

Floyd Mayweahter shows off his new $18 Million dollar watch, 50cent’s  home just went on the market and it is over 50,000 square feet, no one wants it.

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Vijay and Jamie you know what I was reading just now when I was reading or Floyd Mayweather. Just purchased at eighteen million dollar watch. Why where do you start to watch worth eighteen million dollars is that that's what works as I've just looking at it is says Floyd Mayweather. Claims he just purchased an eighteen million dollar watch. At. I've known for a 1000002. Million and the collector items or whatever but I did go to you know your risks I don't. I don't look at the watch TV show that's called super secret lives doesn't religion payments. That show but that there's a guy that makes alleges that that was only the million to nine yeah that's what it says it is really easy. A I think he ripped off the. A good thing about him though unlike the Kardashians Tuesday where there blowing around in the robbed in Paris or whatever. Immediately or go to missile Florida Mayweather and now. You know we're watching you want is that it. All of that's all it's all diamonds in Tyre is Leanne is diamond and cry and yeah it's it's the whole thing even the class as diamonds. There's not any metal you can't see any medal won the past. So I okay it makes welcome addition to brag no sense. And makes innocence the way it is severe blood diamonds there inside the movements and I'm in that he has repeatedly hardware. I. It's his style. So I don't think I've ever be afraid that I get shot in the head is yet to defend myself and then autism. Well good friends one money wisely not written in the stock market and I just you know it's been eighteen million likes. One day he will fall into the category of MC hammer no kidding that's right no that's the first thing at he will one day when your body this type of bullying. You know in and. I don't know I mean who can afford eighteen million dollar watch that even Celek do you want is salad right as a bad investment sum that's I I watch SM well I like to eyebrow those shows and I know you don't. And it's called million dollar listing. And it's all these different realtors atlas house's time in new York and they have also an LA went well they just let baby. Did he senses. House on the market yet. 58000. Square feet. And nobody was sick. And really show. What do you do it and that's what you're saying to us like no there's a moratorium. At The Who must abide auditorium feet. Thousand square feet and has eighteen bedrooms. Merely that she. I think I don't know I. Ice so one yesterday and you're talking about a flip this is who was it was Derek Jeter. Derek Jeter was in the news yesterday that he had his mansion to castle so art upstate New York. He's got it for sale for like at fifty or sixty million dollars he bought it Jamie. Or 400. I 80000 dollars flat. How hated dad in the end he put three million dollars in renovations intuit. It's on the market for like fifteen million would and that's a good clip because I think these. So did they bought his for like five million dollars and right now less than four million. Orange who and nobody went to instill how we should know pretty much of 50000 square for a halt to you do it it's like just watch it with that. And there are it's a basket but the taxes were per year a 150000. Dollar saw. She sees it property to sit you imagined it till I liked the fact that it it it. Yeah I think that they currently picture this Floyd Mayweather wide open it's an eighteen million dollar watch. And you have a good people in this world you get help you know what you do that money it's crate yet that's ridiculous it isn't just isn't as gladly yes. The seller that you know the way yes yeah yeah. Floyd act there. Blood gonna be going now I had talent in America look me up. I can handle our environment. But reality he's gonna be and seeing hammered they had a whole deal where they're like look bad at all that big stuff there 50000 square pounds ago. Which I did wrong G years ahead. House I was watching him I forgot what team he shooters but I was what he's got a house in it like a lot of a big celebrities with a lot of money have. But he's got like a thirty car garage. That's completely full tee shot nothing in sports cars. But the dubbed the best cars you can buy the most of Roddy is that whatever. You would tell my sense is that. Haven't. Yeah but could be a match he could have what the hell of a yard sale oh yeah but. Political. Yeah important.