BJ & Jamie: McGregor and Mayweather fight seemed fixed. 8/28

Monday, August 28th

The Mayweather and McGregor fight felt fixed. At one point it was like they were just playing around in the ring and Connor was landing some blows and then in the 10th round Mayweather came alive and started hitting Connor and the Ref stopped it.  After the fight McGregor went to Mayweather’s strip club to party.


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Vijay and Jamie. Okay. Good. Night and. Gabler Madden on cheese religion are still mad that they let him knock him out here. That they called the site of where knocked him out that's deep at least it's on social media. And raise like why. Why they call this is McGregor talking about exactly what team he's talking about. Elizabeth look like the theft. It was a bit of I has enjoyed it a boxing game is that not not different than that it is the mixed martial arts came from everything that they approach do it. And I thought the reverie donate and a great job was that I do feel it was a little baby book. I respect his decision and I thought he'd done an amazing job I putted at the plate flow way where should've flown. I don't know jamiat around the room. He's too happy to be a loser did you let. And you watched it in a bit late to intermittently right I didn't pay for I stolen from periscope and my signal cub going away. I would I would watch like the first two rounds and then I've missed a third and a fourth 10 o'clock to theft and loss of six and back to the seventh. So wind flight wasn't doing anything you guys do in case she did the exact body. In wind went live with donate things can leg had aids is alum boxing gloves and premise face the whole time for a couple of rounds. Will then all of a sudden Connor whatever Davis he's our city is out Adam. It hadn't been. The biggest advantage on him or any putted can't find his back like not hit me. Can't they did jump then you're dancing around the gearing you know you'd love the body have weights. There's reason why. Because he had 400000 dollars better in the casino on that the fight would do at least ten rounds Buddhist. Floyd Mayweather he did he went over to the end casino that's a story this morning to put down money that it would go ten rounds. I thought he tried but they do Atlanta via well his people they say. Not gotten a bad at home nobody really knows for sure nobody knows for sure but nevertheless. There's something fishy about that got debt on its own thigh. I think I really feel like look look I'll be the first to. It's brilliant what they did here would this economy Gregor and Floyd Mayweather broke the marketing prelude everything about it absolutely brilliant. But I do feel like it was one big job on America. It was a big big farce that they put together and they pulled it up again until like millions of. I feel like you're not gonna take our sunshine away from us today because I disagree I. Actually I am saying look hardly entertaining I don't I disagree I know but you're not gonna tell me it was regular as a rigged it was it was a it was a real flight to carry out I'm not saying it was rigged I'm Cindy both knew going in who's to win rob duped. We were do we were due to think that this thing was going to be competitive. That means part of the written statements I disagree I think it's a price that fossil was that could yet he should do with fights like this delicious. I hope I don't you do what you should do if you really want to fight he here's what I think he should do you should have a 100 million dollar purse Jamie. McCullough our economy Gregor and Floyd Mayweather. Winner gets at all. Alison then they really fried pork yeah than ever get paid nobody gets paid if you lose this new to have a slightly. That's great should end up with that integrated audit completed. And listening to a jets say he's got a text NATO at 5105. Do you think the fight was absolutely pulled off exactly the way it was perceived that this thing was real it it was seed. That's exactly what it was or do you think there's so the little fishy here. Am. 5105 down text. Indeed believe an alien I have an apartment and I enjoyed it but I thought it was it was it was great kids that I loved practical in the shadows curry it was actually great. You know the thing is is that it's it just different fighting techniques I'm not Annika MM AX rating back. And yeah those guys that MMK guys they just all sports so fast and so hard at the beginning. And so it would never last like ten rounds and in that make you think would never have that stamina I don't know so that's a different kind of athlete whereas like. Boxes carried them grandma's grandparents front front that they would compensate if they went opposite and they and that and that Mayweather had MMA fight. He'd be toast he's smarter than happy to host he says he's done. Plus the opportunity to make. 30350. Million. And dip in 36 years why now I had to do it but this the last one you guys have a word. Had a great career. I will be always remembered as a winner you know no matter how you win as long as you win. And on a lot of hard you know unaudited dissect my opponent and up and to walk here. And breaking down just to get a gainfully. Once a day 350. Million dollars he just wore him out and each guest entered the billionaire list for athletes there's only two people on the atlas as Michael Jordan. And Tiger Woods really ink and and now it's Floyd Mayweather Michael Jordan is a brilliant idea that Michael Jordan and there's three billionaires in as pro athletes nets' history. And Mayweather made it. As of Saturday night. Together afterwards. That's one thing that she seems to lose this is and how you fight it did you go to strip club. It explodes. I guess moves the common denominator there aren't that this is every relationship really does change the importance on Alex.