BJ & Jamie: Mega Millions is huge tonight, we all want to win. 7/13

Friday, July 13th

The Mega millions is way up for tonight’s drawing and we are all in and hoping to win.

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CJ and Jamie. Lost 1059 BJ Jamie morning show. Mega Millions tonight 340. Million dollars. You know you sometimes crack Leah ward today do. Because sometimes you build lunch without even caring about any kind of power by Mega Millions of raising the kids sometimes it's like light a fire in. Well when he gets to this magnitude. I I normally don't too until he gets about 300 million and then all of a sudden I start dreaming. Our dream and all that money what I would do if you're headed over to Italy yeah and to a Paris from what if because we're that would powerball Pete's gonna come through and get our money we're all gonna be a part of office pool I would guess a lot of people in our office pools throughout the city. If we win. In you get a phone call in Italy and you're pulled the jury instant millionaire. Probably ten million or so when we divided up. He just day for a lot. So I think that would just pretend this steadily since I was ten I get the phone call. Men in them actually in any year of its a weird wearing black. I have Mac. Okay wow OK we get. And then. And it's as I want and I think have do is I'd call you in the Bosnian Mike and Sean and be like listen. On the net and I did throw each Libya half million dollars. On just to cover me for about a month and not I will be back but just have a million dollars to cover should make it all of it. I would start buying people media I would start by people wouldn't shy people. I think so yeah I think so I think the first thing I would do is that. Since I'm loading your five dollars kitten pool all with you being out of the country aha I think I would get a lawyer and somehow try to weasel you out of your portion. A bit since well. Country and yeah prove after saying this all year right now yeah I unibody. I'm big and that's he said on the as the therefore you. It's my money if it's a loan that the nine. Andrea likeness like yeah I guess a blue moon my discipline because I just admitted that I'm loading it to you to participate in the powerball. The mega million alive wouldn't that be crazy though we want yeah yeah man stands for instance I would you do. Oh my gosh. I would damn TV when those people's right you can vision. The question I'm confident and content like that yeah I think he people those people it's on lottery changed my life and destroyed it. Yeah off. Yeah I could see them in yeah I could see shown going way over board. Gift I could see also I could see Sean although I don't know Sheen it would letting but I could see people swindling him. That's what I mean yeah I just got a million and I felt weird uncle comes up that. Movies better or some investment yeah that company an doesn't even exist. And I thought well. Well I would go by at least 67 million dollar home price five or six cars. You know I don't know orange duty will investigate mark. Well I would keep the Q after an iconic hello of the Cuba I would get some you know classic really build a skate park predicated the bullet would want the state. Was 23 but he really like gaming news. You know an aerial would really like the recording studio so I built some of that their house a place to get your son a job. Yeah I mean yeah I am that they have to go to work there. And it's going to be tough to nearly got escape mart I all of its working. He works which I think acknowledge it retail. American retail now what's the mode what's sell it he works at big lots. That's retail. You would mean via big lots big lots. Of people signed up for Tyler Campbell I'm forty leap let me get this is secret. Pack it hasn't. Always. OJ we won't back me on this we had a conversation about your son he went to the pizza place he stayed for one hour because he put it in the dishes from now a leading start washing dishes he didn't want that's we walked out he was upper full time job O recorders and he turned it down because he needed to skate for the summer and it never comes up but getting he's got a full on each other big. And yeah because he didn't take court because it. Bet incidence is around times yeah yeah that's the battered and ambivalent. Well yeah of course it is but it's not down the street from the skate park. So this way he gets the work and skinny cow every day action. So those kids have to be millionaires. Some do they really don't it's like the new kid on the travel team you never know giant yeah. Supported it got to support and the support him so rare though. It. Seven nonetheless have Mega Millions tonight it's one in 300 billion de wet at a just don't think so I'm busy have a sponsor. He has one sponsor yes he got yet but it's for us no skateboard. What he has had a lot and it's just a product nominee. But that's a really nice those gates. I like how they do that's a lot of these guys and you don't know this like world men in snowboarding and skateboarding analysts death so they all I like compare them. And you're like O ring odds and who studious kids or whatever that you guys gave written I never sonar. How would they pay it. And they gimme putt on it. And that is the truth I. Did snowboard again abort you just get the board again and maybe some clothing there's of the Abilene and it's ignorant you know Vietnamese and the board. He's got the gloves well he's pro growth nannies is Perot who. Such an important.