BJ & Jamie: Megyn Kelley moving to NBC 01/05

Thursday, January 5th

Megyn Kelley made a VERY public farewell on Fox News the other night to move on to NBC News. BJ and Sean discuss her reasons for leaving.


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Vijay and Jamie there are linked to the outside world yet a couple of weather bug updates forests are rap hall. Maybe two inches. I. On let's say they're not evergreen it's very very cold cold it's cold as a which is OUK it's unknown TSA they can eat cold. In evergreen. But only about three or four inches of snow. This doesn't want to support me. Yeah I really is I was expecting a lot more accumulation yesterday we were screaming for us Oprah just. And then I mean I guess is just so cold that it was like freezing up in the upper act. Atmosphere as it was following in their four that's why I could never really developed into those big flakes you know of the Arctic chill I am sure. Were from the acting Harrell area and we didn't have that march. I mean now soon to three inches that was I could still sue the lions in the sidewalk yeah my. No not not bad at all in fact kind of like what was on the ground oil went to bed last night yeah there really happened and then as I got closer to the radio station this morning and we are at the attacks senator to south of downtown. And got more snow here. Now much more but there's more snow couple more. It's a little bit more submitting Christopher will give us a day here. It's just habit you know I was talking about the how much fox 31 piece Chris homer I don't know how much but it just say they pay him more than we pay yeah there's a story is they came out yesterday yeah order on this by you because I'm not buying. And IA EK you know with me. I'm skeptical on a lot of stuff in and Barrett you got to prove some stuff to make for example. There was a story of these two toddlers in this. Dresser drawers that fellow from one toddler can be a little toddler saved his life. Now Jamie. I don't thought that was like crazy is it simply this fellow on this kid this kid dude to save his twin brother. Yeah little. Alone someday and doesn't look right here and he's giving me like a really small kids yet. Don't look now it turns out that it possibly mistakes which will get to a dispute that it but yet it turns out that's possibly think they're talking assault. Everything. Everything it's like a big fat milk it's a big. It's thank you can't you can't trust anything he does not as opposed to be a big bet dealt I acknowledge this. Washington I was all filled with a love for these kids and I was like oh my god. Hey go and then it's like I look at that kit I'll look I'll get back to jamaat I erred so so cool and I. I don't know why but something I'd never said anything but something inside me said. And don't I never as a player is skeptical that request on this here's another what I'm skeptical like there's a story that came out yesterday we talked about this meg and Kelly today she's a day that. From Fox News the body into bay as what some people dinner I don't know. But she made the move announced earlier in the week but she's going over to NBC news. Now he a couple of days ago I told I read a story where she literally asked for 25. Million dollars from box. And they said yes. Don't want to door hits yet and Andy Chua to NBC and reportedly they signed her for that. To sell outs bucks. 25 million that in BC is offering me while that story now according to her people completely false. That that that's not how it happened here's what they are so you tell me if you buy this OK okay. They're now say eaten. That meg and Kelly was offered 100. Million dollars over five years. Okay. Some twenty million winning the grand army news for you finish when he cut doesn't Mac market she was offered 100 million dollars. She said no I'm going to in be say for fifteen million a year. For how many years did tried adding it's a three year four year deal maybe five but that would be sixty million. Let us make it four years. OK so so you tell me does that make sense makes no sense. Do you think she really turned down that extra ten million dollars a year. Or eight million or what ever it is I don't buy that either need I don't I'm not smoke in what they're spoken. Yeah and I could see initially like oh maybe she doesn't wanna be locked in for five years yeah you know or something like that that's why she didn't want the hundred million for five year deal. And she's gonna go for something but to take less money doesn't make any sense though since I. And then they go I'm that big apology that we heard this occupied part of this. This big apology that we heard what was it yesterday. The ugly so a little look yesterday. Yeah okay here it is this is part of Madonna to play it all goes on to administer this Megyn Kelly saying goodbye to her audience when she still on here until Friday. But she's saying goodbye she announcer early evening to NBC on fox she did this on fox a couple of nights ago. This is a tough to finally tonight a personal. And professional know from meeting you. After more than a dozen years at Fox News I have decided to pursue a new challenge. This is a tough decision for me because I love this show. Our staff. My crew my colleagues here at fox and you. All of you. Those who read me the lovely handwritten notes asking about my kids. There aren't any windows two and very rarely complain nobody ever writes me asking about my kids never. I never handwritten note let me ever gotten anything from anyone in this building about your kids. Kids little notes left up for you in the coming into the morning now. Does that hooker could lead out and look and writes notes anymore is to put FaceBook messages here's what I think they're trying to do I think they're trying to make it the year. That she left because she just wanted to change. And she's not a money grabber like all these other people wouldn't see these big contracts of some of these DB and home. And she's making a move. Based on our heart. And her desire. To be with her children right where she's trying to do the right because she's a month that are. That's what they're trying to paint a instead of her being. This like a money grab the beauty and don't forget and which he which he Condit come across is being. Some sort of an angry person away and and hard to get along with some people say you know so they're trying to redo the image I think. I don't teach turn down those millions I don't yeah it doesn't make any sense why she sits should so I'm with you on that I could I regret what. Buddy grow so what. I wouldn't turn down now this no way you would not turn down five billion dollars a year just because you want even more time advocates you're talking to any great 3040 million though. And justice that you're saying no to yes at peak a year courier our academic sense makes it close at all. But lawyers say does got to make sense that they're trying to read you know give her a whole new look because right now America's like chestnuts out hired you know right. Which takes us back to the toddlers can't believe anything anymore aren't the only show we can trust is it. I agree 100% were real yes. We don't. We don't know when my dad knows some stuff we might have some tax yeah what are we might have this and we not make mistakes and do this but we're not just get on here brightly lights and yet yet meet personally I'm not Smart enough to treat people on purpose and exactly what I thought I don't know what it. Perhaps not sorry I collapsed in each weekday mornings on Alex. I.