BJ & Jamie: Men look good coming out of prison women do not. 10/6

Friday, October 6th

BJ is a bit Sexist and Jamie sort of agrees with him.. OJ still looks pretty good for a 70 year old killer, So Jamie jokes maybe she could go to prison for a little while and she would look amazing and nice and skinny… BJ says that the women don’t come out of prison looking as good. There is no make-up and hair dye. No tweezers for plucking and shaving.


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Vijay in June. Alice 1059 BJ and for the first time ever Vijay is kind of a sexist I agree with him on this point. Now we know how it he had. This I don't know. I'm trying to let me you already tested opinion and it put it out there and they you don't although some no ground. I agree with you being a sex that night that you sexist remarks are agreeable. I'm not being sexist. I make it an observation. About his agent that you know what in light wind that we just don't have never performed. It's no limit we just what we don't even have a parent jail. Let's explain. I watch a lot of crime ships and sixty minutes ago I saw some footage here of OJ Simpson has to go in and he's got to sign off on some papers it's part of his parole. And I said to JB I said. Geez that just looks good for a guy is seventy years old man is a little crippled. But he nevertheless you think mark he's it'll be you came from put all these old beaten up. I know but I think that word is about where. Only three things that act which can be happily and just give me and yeah he's injured OK he's been injured Andy Phillips who. Of his political correctness and that leg Tuesday ED. Look for. I kinda stay focused I am okay focusing I. OJ looks pretty good when guys seventy cannot give you that really doesn't get broken back but I said the GA messaging how what's a lot of crime shows which is show called jailed a watch locked up in all these different shows what we're trying to figure out white guy coming at a jail look shall go well a simple. Their way from all the bad substances out there that that drag you down like alcohol and drugs and cigarettes and everything that that makes. EU each so fast. Is gone it's eliminated formula right so all you're doing and now is NJU two like the perfect place people at American out there in jail prolonged period of time they look so darn healthy they really do should I say to. Met me I should go to Jennifer well get over it and now he said. No no no Jim doesn't go so well for women know it does. Not send it okay. Now granted there are just as healthy when it comes to be healthy but who. Appearances. But a guy coming out like OJ for example and I'm not being set out to be an observation okay all right sexist thing. You got OJ he looks great for seven years old. But for women it's a little different because you don't have the cosmetics you don't have the be you know you don't get to Hitler color your hair yeah that nature rats here on relented and all I'm an authentic woman he sued saying you're just doll caucus village I should tinian well it's not the same. Eight in the heart because Jamie really safe and hey I should go to jail but I'm like. Now I've just like EJ you know no access at any cut alcohol drugs you work out all the time all Sammy and all the Diebler physically. But then he reminded me that. They're not wouldn't get air coming into any doubt look like Dudley and keeping your decision you're not aware and you don't know where they may get really ugly here then I'd never said that would you say. It's not as good. As always and cranked and visited me. So authentic that we lose that you weren't a think teaching is that question as fantastic as slips and cosmetic Jaime Jaime off to saint. Jamie yet. How do we get these conversations going between you and I. Thought about it. Here's the Jamie as my. Out of your. Andy do I need you entirely losing it with what we've been together way too long long way to blow Darryl I don't know this is about it I don't know what is. Still an entertaining isn't that but then I don't know. No really to be the big indeed other. And merry go. There's a day. I don't. India and do more to. And Alex I.