BJ & Jamie: Mentally Ill man escapes Hawaii to Cali. 11/16

Thursday, November 16th

There is a story of a man who was in a mental hospital and he escaped on a private jet to L.A. H was tried for killing a woman and found not guilty by reason of insanity and is considered Very Dangerous. He walked out of the hospital got some fake papers and headed to California before he was picked up by authorities. BJ knows a guy who’s car was repossessed.

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Vijay and Jamie got a question for you okay yet you know yesterday you and I were sitting in the studio we have all these monitors that Iran and here in that we will watch a report on this escaped. Psychopath killer. The one from light yet the mentally. Old guy that I guess was in some hospital out. And he's out labeled like killer and he broke out things on the loose and there was a manhunt for me yesterday. Just see. Here's what really just gets me. He got an airplane that guy got on a private jet. A private jet they said I like guys airline ticket on travelocity. According to this it's a pride that playing. Is now what they've discovered house and I guess he booked a private jets. It's actually thought the private plane for you can't isn't it all. He'll hurt anybody can get a private jet. Even a killer yeah I mean that you have a little jet services that you can get a private jet you can ask what's Cosby. 'cause this cannot afford to go into housing task. To get a private jet well it premier tech LA it's M 151000 dollars okay from Hawaii to get California. I think this guy had to eat just feet from mental hospital because he afford a pride yeah it's all the credit cards they dollars a month it. It was a commercial airliner how you afford to get. To the US. The they have this thing you can buy into I thought about it but it's too expensive beaten by a elect it's like. Time share. Even my time share to play from here to veil on a private jet. That you have to pick your weekends and stuff is cool. What you can buy two to fly anywhere in world yeah and that daylight time yeah there's one called wheels up. Nuggets go yeah I think I'm in Denver. I don't know exactly where it's out of that and they use it a lot on some of these pregame show like holiday and stuff that yeah yeah and I know that if the pro golfer's. Usenet chat yes from Tampa. So yeah you can iffy let's say that these 5000 dollars a year 101000 dollars a year he's still have to pay the service a private jet. But you're on the list it's like I had a golf club membership he's got today that. The yearly dues yet but then your analyst to use so I wonder if that killer guy was on the list now or private planet. But just makes him. Got a product why that's so weird position hardy got a ticket on travelocity and that was weird to defeat it. That's how do you get out of a mental hospital now have a bank account that you can go in and use your debit card. Just sheer all have good job another you can afford a private jet. But yet this Yahoo! and the second or needs it. Would go to Google prove it to Google's got you know ballot no I'm with you but I am so where they find it where rising oh is he doing. He was oh. Mets in new your story Ian Sampson. Do you agree. Let's see here let's say they said that he he just walked out of the hospital he walked about a mile and Hawaii. Picked up a backpack along the way which contains a cell phone and fake passports somebody was in on this yes I do once at a news jet pass you know. And then I was caught northern California. Cops are investigating how the hell he got to northern. How hard. Within a year. And now as a service and private jet service knows this is Wilde's the court. It worked invited some private jet friends. Damn well there are few and far between I know that you said to you we're gonna work on because I'm like dude we need a private jet friend and he said he'd work and then I heard nothing from. The only thing I've found was a friend get his car repossessed. The long way from private jet doesn't. Well finally got it this past week really. Are you sure did you watch some like applicant is grind whole series and neighbor yes and instead of flashlight will describe. Nationals came out it was like four. For 10 in the morning I guess it was so this truck. Circling the neighborhood in it was a a tow truck. What that's well that's kinda strange and 4 o'clock in the morning. And sure enough. I drive up the street is I'm coming to work and I saw he was in a driveway. Act up to a vehicle it was date stops. All day yeah. Today that they they got Dave's car. They loaded it up that morning my name you won't do that also I have a neighbor in the next day out all later on the day I saw another neighbor. And I said it sought to address this morning I think to date has dropped. Those are sort duly hold it all that he doesn't. Drug lords and about gave an agent man damp track piety and no amount for a guy. And nobody gets out he's got all know that's my story that I was looking for a guy that owns a private jet and become friends and them he got a game for the guy who does car you. A lot of work when your heightened from the repo back. It is my girlfriend Audrey she had to hide her car for yeah yeah I've read a guy. And they would look in her her. Carport or not interpret her dry holes gift with a flashlight Steven then because it was locked in there polo shirt. I did. And did she always have to take that it's not like just to I seem too much work. I came within a day of repo 12 meetings he has several years ago and I got within a day and I got warned. The finance Kathy called and said hey look here's to. You it's money of your toes. Or tonight. We're gonna start look at that vehicle I know who. Never. Agent who's gonna take my house now HOA's head unit pay your dues or just take it. We'll take your house. Short via rhetoric boat owned never gotten and I just asking him but major content I have months I worry about it and I have never actually at a leaving now. Closer. There's only car I've never had a car payment. Payment like. In yen on the Cuban McRae didn't much it. Instead of approximately. Older. EQ. Black tallied twice and presented to Zahn and me. How long he's sued you for life like 400 dollars a month you get lucky here and fifty. You think 400 dollars a month on Cuba and then kill your fist. I. Yeah I see those commercials and transfer one point nine month yet but I don't have the credit my credit score like eleven. We should take him over and and I don't mean to help them. I don't think if you don't hit it to listen to a store and I don't think that you know. Instant credit score above and beyond now with David as those guys to an easy mark and they help America awards. And getting a little. We see more on Alex I.