BJ & Jamie: Meteor almost hit earth causes earthquake. 1/17

Wednesday, January 17th

A Meteor fell over Detroit but it blew up in the sky and caused an earthquake.


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Vijay and Jamie. Our guys that don't you know what I have to tell you one thing. Sure we'll almost died last night we talking about oh my god that meteor I was asleep. You're here well I would slip through the death my gash you guys it was a broker. Kind of media where burned up in the snare. But don't they all know is a number have been in the dead space yeah as it happens. You can see him there will be in the atmosphere no this is a Bubba bedroom room. While a lot though this is a big kite the where Big Ten AM attainable if they fit to earth and then then burned up is so it's the burden of the day it was it was a bright light distinguishing Detroit yes yes it was Detroit's. We would have been far that would head the fallout here only guy and caused a 2.0 earthquake this thing. This thing coming out of the sky view Betsy new video you gotta check it out online but be on video. It's a huge ball of fire it almost looks like a plane coming down. Yeah does is scary yeah and and then it just. It's gone before hits earth and you know it's amazing and not I'll post it too because there's a whole montage of everybody's three cameras catching it here and everybody's Kenya's security can't because cameras are prevalent now. Everywhere and now and it's a montage and ever every angle that this thing came down yet so that guy well it's been shot at a bit. Is that a special kind of meteors a bit ago. But yeah it is felt that bad the bad and I can't can't be UB year. Bubba Bubba the Lady Gaga. I don't remember what can I saw a couple when we graft for for the holiday vacation. Sitting on the backyard just looking at this guy to do it again they're shooting stars for the most part rather like what this last last night but it's pretty amazing to see. Eighties and when you eat yet when you see a lot. And then 'cause it hurt him and all I would have a bit gruesome earthquake I didn't hear an earthquake you know that's not. 2.0 up in the U shaped. That would be weird gluten that it would and then made the sound of thunder they said it was really loud and got to see video. Yeah it proves to me what's that we have no capability shoot down a comet and asteroid at. Meteor and nothing would hit you you'd gone in one day it's coming and it's coming one day. Hate to be dimming but this morning but I think what I say it's gonna happen really but we're renting right now a quick break here and really why pat twenty GB more Richard. They. A rookie call up. Right we got what it's bad luck and thanks in the morning on Alex I.