BJ & Jamie: Microchipped at work. 8/20

Monday, August 20th

There is a company that has implanted microchips in their employee’s hands.  They are able to use the chips to open locked doors, buy things from vending machine, and they know when they clock in and out of the building. This would work well for Jamie because she loses her stuff all the time.  But this could be  the beginning of the Mark of the Beast from the bible.

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CJ and Jamie so I was just telling you about just microchip I don't get. Our kids now get our here's what they do that here's what you'd be able to do it without going into complete details. Let's say Jimmy white once a Diet Pepsi. With those with a microchip from air com radio right here in our ability. You have a little microchip in between your finger in your thumb right in that area right there then nobody chip okay. You would be able to go back to the vending machine and just hit a button and automatically it's deducted from your bank account. Through the ship so my bank is in my finger not well part of it yet bankers a lot of things in that chip a lot of things not just the bank. But you can deduct from the vending machine if you want to. No longer would you need a key card to get into the building on how to help me sooty you stick your hand up there but it opens up because likely next big chip yeah rap. Everything even when you come into the morning Jamie. You would walk to your computer. Originally preannouncement guess what you do when I'm so yeah you're like got you got up and acting out. Watch. Like repeatedly. But it's like to Kardashian did people. I was showcasing by the way they gradation thing was joking. Jamie tricked all you people. You don't know what you just did and you we days I knew that the right it was alive and a. A round here we like to do like surveys and stuff you know our listeners think it's a marketing thing they do around here and what does the categories it's like. Who do you know that your audience it's a Kardashian watcher. Right off so winning is what she says you can text that we have you found never how we hope yes. Happy new you just went into the car addition watcher folder so may I just sit on you people who thought. I didn't know that the dead woman in the guard as well as the dead. So hot air. It. Accurate data yeah. Kardashian watcher does have to get it. Gets ready it's a view yet dummy cart record high right aren't you get you keep it. Sort of sane people welcome you did that. Love that you do it reenactment you've ever touch your computer it's un body and you don't have to have shown commitment to start at the top forty every match that we fantastic when the. Oh dear I don't stuff. I was over to computer had come back across much one of those weather guys how to walk around a cot was just I'm just. May I think the way it Dewey hey adding people are. Yes is in the Bible that if you start to do that that's revelations of southern. Well there is mentioned in revelation about how each person will be assigned a number you know a number of the beast will be graduates will be ma. Edwin markets with it then it out and so some people see you think that if your chip that's part of the revelations the regret of revelations but damages sliver to let them. So it's really it's really dark for a lot of us Bible some parts the early and it's that's as a as a saint right there in your hands. I didn't look at it that away but it's kind of dark for me to I don't think I want each of them Iranians have employer knows exactly which do it on the time now I mean they would know that you got six diets Otis in one day. They would know that right. I'm not drinking Diet Coke came out and I don't know I don't say and who wouldn't go to him book they would have no they wouldn't know that that you put your hand up to the key card to I think downstairs about twenty minutes late for work. They would know what you want. I was late today it's. But it is today is not the little belly that they would know I have. And locked in well we all started. They would know that and I think they would know that I've routinely walk through the seals departments stealing every intent that I see that it wouldn't know. I don't know but no that's weird but I do like accessing his you know Moses Lake my cheek aren't you aren't. And I get that I've lost my debit card to and a hand landing is still from people like me that are like what would you calming. You're com. Tennessee loose but the unit and I don't silly leases forget apple was forget and I. Forever remember it's not forget Lennar it Muir your we know when you don't have their stuff together VM disheveled he. Sorry if I am disheveled so it redeemed each Levine big in shag me. I get what you want to act you know I'm a disabled person I have right guard I might of our area. See it to me it's too limited it would be like Cokie that chip not not only does it need to get Minnesota out of the vending machine. Turn on my computer working get inside the don't think it needs to start the car. It needs to cook dinner in east there's things I wanted to do outside of here so just to have would just from the workplace. I am not into that. And it's creepy I watched a video yeah you guys they are really doing this this isn't like. Companies in the future might be doing this no they walked up the guys squeezes the middle of between the point a finger and their thumb. Any puts a little tube under the skin now in Wisconsin right no this is in Sweden are guys Sutherland was less content. No I think is Sweden maybe it was yeah I don't think it's happening in the US just yet. May name is whether that story years seeing was from a Wisconsin company last year so they did it's 1:17 AM I'll say it. Yet it also was the company doesn't say the story just as the US tech company. Yeah because they had shirts on the set I was microchips. Really yeah so it's hit he hit us still and yes that was almost exactly one year ago and I'm stuck it in and I don't want to chip no tip for you to try to did tips yeah. But it was no need good data chips it no we knew that cooked up popcorn every day of a few around 9 o'clock Jimmie and I have popped popcorn in the. We're not so secretive they don't know what's going on with us Sunday as cyber stumbling grade I mean I love oh and I felt like they already know. And we see more on Alex I.