BJ & Jamie: Mighty Millions Raffle house is amazing get tickets now. 3/7

Wednesday, March 7th

Mighty Millions raffle is amazing and the house is awesome BJ & Jamie are going there today. There is still time to get early bird ticket!


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Vijay and Jamie I'm looking at because you're tired doing a video shoot the by the millions house to that yeah start to look at the mighty millions have you seen the the contests. Here I need to go to the house today to make sure when an in jury in at the you know I'm not sure if I wanna win two million dollar house 3.2. Two million are previously. 3.2. Million dollar hasn't look at Obama look at the pass by the so well. Your house doesn't ring I am my BS stock photo cookbook and. Pete looks like a last year's house and back. But they re a surprise on yours you know they have the early bird special Ideo way it is march 12 food mart succeed where sixteenth looking at midnight march 16 is ending early bird special man do they have a truck on your end of two is. When law want to truly isn't Ford F 150 now it's a Toyota Tundra Brazil and it's kinda. Jacked up. But did you get the bonus cash of 21700. Dollars to pay that. Taxes yet they pay tax everything even ouster I mean you know what it is. What else to have now let's see here all the of one of car that you like a lot. It is yet Al Kidd who got an ultimate ears the package the ultimate Vail early bird grand prize. You get Ritz Carlton sweetened dale. He gets ski passes he get 101000 dollars and equipment. And you get that twelfth 2018. Jaguar. F ace. But it isn't ass. He's a nobody is acts well I don't know I mean juices of days and lasted athletes as. Tennis is that ice. And it doesn't say as a human. What CS forty is that passes as I listened it's forty NASA's like about 40000 dollars more. Well I have to have in the grill now guess. That it goes I got to zoom in mid June. That's up five car I think what we usually don't have fighting hard as as to the ground. Art but here's what you get guess what you get to pay up the taxes on this X it ultimate video early bird prize pack of 48000. Dollars tax he just takes a tax money just. It's funny that it and then there's another prize another early bird here he wouldn't 2000 dollars a date for a hundred days and thorough. Thousand dollars a day as it did well what the hundred days in a row each. Would be nice wouldn't it just blow all that wouldn't you you know you know that's kind of the how worst of the prices though because you don't get tax money. It's got to commend them. The other should get taxed like the idea to pay taxes on the tax buddy. Wondered that. The wind doesn't shock. It's so I. Right I ask that question at the regarding. But the way they do you don't yeah I. I thought you did as I did ask that question meeting could see like you would have to pay tax money on the tax thing that they give me but the way they write it up in the whole thing and I. And it's not it's covered. It's pretty cool yen as the mighty millions raffle remember he used to be every ticket one in 2018 of winning yes now one in fifteen. Yeah. They lowered it. 300 dollars to speaker. They used it more than that. He's been about 12100 success you've got to do not. The kid doesn't get you guys big lizard island children you would slacker I would love to write Q we. Dubbed mighty millions of wrath I guess the you can buy tickets now Joseph when he put a link up eighth Jamie I have to go over to that 3.2 million dollar house today but it we live there or are we getting allergy and we agree we're gonna showered and yes. Actually Dicks that I'll think yeah they came back and say they think that the denigrate these phobia. I think they had they didn't think we'd had these physique a well. Video clip where I swim dressed and even gonna whereas the those shorts and as a way to that the well no I changed my you did OK but does win a swim dress you know like moms where. I just so weird to be just looks like the exact same house or. I saw him in what is despised him. And designer decorator and construction people. In the income you can look at the south and at the entrance ever because you know I would over there and we shot of the little guy guys he's prizes are unbelievable. Yeah this is a I'll raffle like you don't leave it. Does is. Let the court that they'll let you. Thought I got looked at his house. A I guess so yeah that's got. Let them know no where I've been. But it seeking a mighty. And shot what is the web site or you know what it's muddy millions rattled dot com okay who's don't like their mighty millions rational dot com and you can buy tickets and it's fun because they and early bird special which is. Different prizes that you can't get later you hand down and so it goes on forever but I found that was really fun my friend and I did it together. Is it seems like they have drawings for Anbar. Until it's really fun. I think if I'm not mistaken he goes soon I know looking at the scheduling and I think it goes slammer June via. Right having to search Droid like next week yeah it goes through June. It just like your money goes a long way for a long deck of the money goes to great policy goes to Children's Hospital you know we support Children's Hospital we love those guys and doing great. To god yeah like super fund gambling via the yeah and again like you said you know he's been the money if you went nothing the money is is it's great for the kids absolutely. Oh here's the tickets but tickets are 100 dollars each. You can get three for 250. Where you can vote by the five pack for 375. I think you bought about while looking for pride back after that you would do well. At stake here but. I. Did that egg that is cool that. Ed Fries loses unbelievable. In the importance. I.