BJ & Jamie: million dollar ford. 3/22

Thursday, March 22nd

Ford is making a million dollar truck, made in China. Would you buy a million dollar truck?


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BJ endgame. Hate Sean could it give me a favor you put the picture of the 2.2 million dollar AS UV up please and thanks for your page it's gonna look like IG. We think so not yet the same price but man they've put that I eat and then shoots me this 2.2. Million dollars it's bulletproof. I know I concede that added to gas manages. I say it's handy will rank. My goal would need B five miles per gallon I'm I'm really on the way. Adding Kenya. I don't know who's gonna pay 2.2 million dollars for a vehicle well in Asia the those Saudi people. Except that Abu Dhabi people. They love that stuff. According to the company they're only gonna by are there are only going to be making nine of the news but I think it's been developed in China actually. It's a full court. As of when Hamlin. Is that what little it's missing its affords them forward now who now think about the this Furman an OK you gotta be asked that question yet. Who should pay 2.2. Million dollars bread Chinese made the award. A contract. The. I don't know they had these people that have money they love collecting cars. I blackjack have humor what we help TV show remember it's called the secret lives of the rich. In the I love that he yet so I've never seen. My god what a guy built a house and it rotates. So we always has a good view of the ocean in super cool that's super awesome and all those people and the secret lifestyles of the rich they all buy those kind of cars. Yeah yeah I've also heard that. When you go to like Saudi Arabia in different places where there's a lot of money that they really cherish. American made cars much like we do with German car later or whatever you know. Breast may be a BMW Audi or whatever over there they love Ford and shifty he's keeping. I think is gonna back tasty way to I want to remind people to go to Alice what a 59 dot com and again you don't forget the dot com. Alice a 59 dot com and bill it to life has the little things that you can vote on the Jeep. Different things written orders and that pink color and all that stuff you pick it. Yeah you take it and don't she is like Build-A-Bear well and she still likely that ability they're all like Legos yet there be you what I did what I another. I loved the 1 I am writing when. And that you will think he's my idol and I didn't think it was well made jamiat yeah I had one in Florida and I took to topple off plummet because it's perfect place to have a Jeep. Well Colorado to. But I had basically drilled holes in the floor so when it rained I edit topic we're back on it again that's just the way I drove this Jeep. I felt like when it got 200000 miles. The evening built. Hard on me 200000. Some 100 dozen miles a car shouldn't ballpark TV that what year was that ninety day and old. Old bar are like hey every now or walk I'm just don't slim and you putted slam your GI bus slammed by event like it was you really going to be an like eight. You were talking about the home in that show that you know. And I've for the rich yeah in the half the house that the it evil Jamie tells the earlier this morning. She refuses to go to the Denver hold shell that at that. 'cause she wants everything she can get drugs herself down there because I go to guy I could go broke. Good to go pro if it Joost because she wants every time I tried to get that I I. I don't like going to something like that in looking at things that I can't happen I know it's just torturing yourself right so is colts this. Who was. They're looking for another payment. In her locked. Your English it's the goal. It's a lot. And though long show on what I don't I won't include. He would think about polls. They separate UN of that cold cash because I didn't overspend and then like now the K club I've been thirty dollars. Adds to the gum equipment thirty dollars I was and that. Then I'll let. You qualified for it. And that their fishing that's called the hot it's ridiculous. They're testing out there and you get latched on your just a big fish I had them I mean there really knew it. It's crazy and I didn't I don't even need them like well I got and so it's like it's really addicted because they're like. I have thirty dollars and I was let go by. Don't know know exactly right I do the same thing with monopoly into McDonald's. I gotta have a piece I thought I'd go get a sandwich just so I get my next bit of peace they've employing monopoly right now. A little bit Jackson who are on their goal was willing. I haven't seen it for years through. Its importance. Analysts.