BJ & Jamie: Mini Horse support animals now ok on Southwest air. 8/17

Friday, August 17th

Southwest Airlines Has a new policy that will go into effect in September. People can only bring cats and dogs Emotional animals. And as far as Service animals the list now includes Miniature Horse.

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Vijay and Jamie Allison of a night. BJ Jamie morning show heard on the radio dot com happy if you download a free android or your poll asked. All my goodness I had no idea miniature horses were so expend. I'm ovary of I'm not I. OK listen I love southwest I really famous in a Southwest Airlines need to I really is that they got it down I mean that getting on that plane and Andrew you know they just have a data it's. It's and it's beautiful and they're always on time it seems like never have delayed I love them. But I'm done I'm done I'm never finds out was to go. Oh we can't say is that this is that they are doing this because there are certain people that need the support animals this is not and supporting animal in Southwest Airlines announced yesterday that they will allow so poor animals mean. Being eight miniature horse. Horse you'd say well here's 14000 dollars listen to me. I am now on a plane with a day am miniature horse Jamie Rose smell like the new work on that thought I would gag. Her name is sweetened capacity suites as is Senator Clinton. Today she's a blue chip sweetened taxi. I told you that one day that that guy got on the plane and yet and he had a huge like amassed massive mass of yeah. That huge. And then the lady next to them was just she was so unhappy and I I don't blame that Douglas all across both rose yet you know on a fund that floor yeah and she uses light and it was like the conclusion that she had. You know sandals on it was like Canada. Like drooling on her feet it's my. But it and she wanted to be moved in I I think I understood I don't like dog girls Malia Obama get a deal with the new car I had. No I I was at the airport when I went Cincinnati remember back yeah okay. I was at the airport on lady. Very attractive lady well young girl probably 20/20 four or older type I mean just a really attractively but. She had a great debt move. This dog was bigger than she was it she was in the airport she was in the terminal area there is a side easier and I don't and I don't what he's gonna. Go to put a miniature horse on a plane if you have five people with miniature horses is. It seems out maps of risk. Yeah it is seen as Barca a far off on the flight have you ever seen in miniature horse and reels and I'm going to need and yet I don't know I had a home. Some kind of yeah I don't think they can get bigger than you know the bigger the Great Dane. You know and re mortar and I are very very Indian and between the sleep it's because they want to murmur. Sure did you find the news story this is a real story and I sat on its on our with how to let out of Dallas. Bill. And. Look at how do you frequent flyers. Hapless airline says shot they'd like to say the company says starting September 17 there will be no restrictions put in place. For emotional support animals from there passengers Molly be allowed to bring dogs cats. His emotional support animals. Ours is when it comes to train service animals miniature horses have been added to the list to. See but first miniature ball. Or so over at the airport I couldn't deal divorce oh yeah he has it here of course they'll add these crazy night everybody in the case went out anyway. It sure ain't the Syrian. OK I watch is that I watch get a couple rules you know Leadbetter about rules DF and she has to miniature horses. And those things aren't nice at all she has matured you know on her state idea but not I saw they did they kick him. Look these are trained these are service animal. Person might be just a little warm early but these are trained they're trained service animals are used to flying and they won't take any but here's one for 7000 dollars. He expensive my. Want to get into the miniature horse breeding a business where my sister keeps her horses they have a miniature horse and that's soccer is mean as crash. You get rat and he'll bite you with what he's not been to school like yeah. You've got to be sure you're just you're just a struggle to get them trained to be service animals and you see these service animals wouldn't jackets are right. That means they're always well behaved. In that attic and does that tell the monkey and top. Well a rolling until his people usually at the circus it to have the miniature horses with the monkeys right on the ball here's what's important meeting with Graham and don't let these immoral about 950 dollars I can get this with your deliberate wait why is it. Why is 19517000. What's fun was it Alan Alan. This here looks like it might have lamp. On its got its data here well ahead. I ate each Joseph and that was. Her and don't it. Pulled. I. Now that's grazer I did even imagined actually it wait to see but first more subtle flight. Is it is not okay with me and people like children have a huge yeah the fear of miniature not miniature. Intercourse he hates to I ate and he its course I. It's. It's a lot of questions it. Even dogs there are people who have allergies to pets what you like dogs and cats right. Yeah it's so what do they do what you get on a flight there's pony next to the. I would just depends on on airplanes and thinks relation mine is I don't know if you get a nice supply of epic and I don't know there. So on agrees that they're gonna have big guys in the there. I know. And the book I'd say you know and if you're looking at you. That's a nice and eight and the cult name stylist I have been detonated at a emotional support animals are not the same as service animals emotional support Hamels did not receive any Qaeda training at all huh. Owens is bad news we gotta have some trick that that lady in the video just said well trade well that she just said I I agree with the text or. I agree that a service animals way different than an emotional sport well I agree to but they're all pretty much trained though because that lacks a van to pump viral loads. I'm what's the bitchy girls names she's slump with everybody on the cast who Kristen. Kristen had like an emotional support Guinea pig and had no training but she got paper from her doctor. Really yeah. She takes it everywhere she got a a feel like it's not a Guinea pig but it's of the weird yet you ground and hot market for Padilla and isn't it odd and I after I can't talk everything out and there was no training because you just get paperwork. I really Dexter its toll right. Service in action deserve what what what it doesn't matter yelling you just patent on my got to feel that doesn't manner the rule has been made deadlines for a blind person or some they would PT SD. This is like I look at dead island bash. Either way they can get on the planes now continue to rise in a miniature works. I think Fuhrman entreaties. I don't think a person like me he you know I don't I guess that's a lot of Pete Pete would drag Graham. You can read a miniature rolls. If your small and skills of pent. Talked about what it did when your voice goes up high and I had you know you've been offensive and out. What you ask that question I feel like that was the set it really wasn't I don't well if you break their back if you could just like it could it be a fun little thing in Mena. Please because remember when that was really popular to get those tiny little motorcycles you know everybody is writing those Kenya and yeah I wanted to but I had there was no yes type I didn't if you can now with a minute to. I. Yeah into everything important on Alex I.