BJ & Jamie: Missing Security Guard found on ELLEN show. 10/18

Wednesday, October 18th

Jesus Campos has been found! He is the Security Guard from the Mandalay Bay that was shot by the shooter before he started shooting at the concert from his room. Yesterday he was missing and had canceled all his interviews and we all gave our reasons why he was missing. Witness Protection, Scared of ICE or taken by Government.. Nope He is going to be on ELLEN Today!   


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Vijay and yeah this guy's been found Jamie thank goodness it is an Asus. It tastes just came close and now yesterday we told you. There's big conspiracies all over because nobody can find his first press junket. And now. Is the big boss of the union said we don't know where Casey says we haven't seen him. He said in court to a clinic that we've never seen him again for a couple of weeks. This is a security guard that was in Las Vegas Mandalay bay going up to the 32 floor he's that guy that was shot prior to this gunman shooting the concert goers and this guy has a lot of information Pitt and a lot of people wanna hear his side of the story in this guy went missing in yesterday we we get all these series of weary set and literally the media was saying they have no idea or disguise god. They canceled a bunt like he had a hold Preston get ready to go all these different people on interviews with them but he canceled all of them he didn't show a lot. Until people like show and the government grabbed him and put him under Britain in a bunker he said yesterday you know tournament and conveys I thought he canceled everything because he's from Lithuania illegally. And immediately go on because ice would find them he's gonna be deported via so that's my theory in your mind was witness protection program yeah yeah yeah. Well guess he's. Get out of here at the talents of all places he's on Ellis took and. We're looking I don't know I think he's a witness protection program do you think he's left the country I think it's a government he shows up on island. So that BI and today we have a little preview of what he'll be saying we actually have the whole thing it's today's snow but he's done with them. Our theory is talking about what happened in May and light day on that night. Someone from the 31 look to a 32 right when I approached door. They did an open and you know those blocked off so I had to reroute. Laughter we're drop down Lincoln that through Holland and then client approached the room. Got into the door. There was a metal bracket holding the door in place and at that time I heard what assumed it was drilling zones and I me I believe that. They were in an area where can somehow. They thought that really did do a guy Chad and you thought it was just chilling sounds first I think those just drilling so right. So that at what point did you get shot what happens here. Is that the worst closing minutes so many at home and don't slam and I believe that's were it. Cut. The shooters attention a little broken down. I heard rapid fire and at first I took cover. I felt the brunt sensation. By a went to go live without laid up an assault blood. That's when I called it an on my radio that shots have been fired. So so if so he shot. Didn't even know she shot through this door right up from behind the door I don't know how he was shooting down but he shut out. Today I'm Alice. Wow so she found and there is kind of feel bad to discuss. Because he's traumatized well there's a lot of scrutiny to pursue this guy's story doesn't it you don't don't what she'd do until you're in that situation under cardiac. No I think the weather says they're not saying about him there saying that the please why did did the police along after he called he had called down. Two you know that the main security and said oh my gosh there's a guy shooting and then wonder why it took police a log and then the timeline changed right but he has been shot in trying to. But also part of that story has been and now there's been many different stories OK so your story absolutely correct. But there's also a story that he didn't make the phone call like pieces he immediately called out. He went into a gun battle there without calling in saying shots been fart that's also been set I don't believe that permitted I think he did call a and I think you're right the hotel that react quick enough. But I feel bad for the god he's been some scrutiny. And I get to that he walked into a situation that you don't know what you would do until you're in there that you got to get the guys in their machine guns. How can you imagine he grew up they're just if you think and then alternate gunshot comes through that door. Thought it was drilling and you're in the construction may be some construction workers were in their fixing it putting up the big screen TV you didn't know they did ask him where were you what happened and he said he just he's been really mentally not okay. And he said he just needed some time to get it together he wasn't ready gonna press junket. But she can't blame them. In. More on Alex.