BJ & Jamie: Mom hits teacher with a brick. 10/20

Friday, October 20th

BJ has a story of a woman who threw a brick at a teacher and knocked out her teeth for taking away her daughters cell phone.     


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Vijay and Jamie here's a story of a mom that's out of control this mom I guess the teacher she screams the teacher went overboard choked her kid I don't think that happened way way that kid there's a ten year old kid in school. The kid as a cell phone not supposed to have a cell phone at school teacher takes a photo why. Mom goes to the school after finding out what happened with the teacher and hits the teacher with a break and knocked her tooth out. In overtime to hand it distortion Italian name is a shock to them Williams. And this morning she's in the Allegheny County Jail on several charges now according to court papers Williams was upset about this won't handle. An incident involving her daughter. So she took matters into her own hands telling police I ain't gonna lie I did it. The paperwork says Williams and her boyfriend college teacher Janice Watkins and in her car. Then approached her when watt can stop. That's when Williams told police she threw a brick at Watkins which knocked out tooth then started assaulting her kicking and punching. Oh. Viewed through a brick at the what woods' face because these are the cellphone from your tenure old school. Issued deficit or a phone that's cool idea that allowed to have phones of the not not on you know a during classes. Yet they can't turn among brides so so if the teacher takes it away and sheer fatigue got it actually. He'll go to the school of bottled teacher to work hard hitter with a brick yeah. I don't think so script went amiss yeah really yeah you can't assault teacher. Oh wait those kids are so I'm guard about having their phones take away they respect the laws of that trust me. I mean because my son he's like Wendell details we turn our phones a little bit early because it was seen a fall break is like I want to make shares I would have to DJ and double Astor. Is proposing a way. And what's really weird about the story is that you've got here is sure who were saying that the teachers cross the lie. But taking this away from the child yet they cross a lot but throwing up brick and her face. It doesn't yeah wrongs of the Mecca IP to exactly. How does that the Ecstasy to Iceland who knew Doctor Who found the or to third in the south pop up a little cake. Surprise. The surprise six surprised at a brick when it knuckled it doc out the entire girl there. Rush is the name. No they got Eric you be the the. These are crazy. Our whack candidates ran what makes you think you can go to the school faulty should department on pro brick better you know I was seen about this whole flow situation the headaches I was in the parking lot and the school is he moaned as. And the only way I sent him timing in the parking lot every day is by taxing me wary of the accents I know that epic its leg I. I don't there from the school allowing phones everything you have mourned during class put. But as it comes sitting in for you right I know that is to see schools got so big an animal India India to. You know one bedrooms go. Yeah one bedroom. There was one group. In the school. We did not act blog debt deal and Powell. We're gonna schooling did you give it a good one bedroom which he. That explains all New Orleans today is that when bedroom school when he went to really does Syria what's. And more on Alex I.