BJ & Jamie: More gifts it is BJ's turn to open. 12/15

Friday, December 15th

We exchange more gifts Jamie got bj some Old Spice and they came with Old Spice sock   BJ got Sean a Drone and Jamie got him some super fun stuff too.    


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Vijay and Jeanne can you believe people actually saw how binding ass we would do the ads are reality yeah. Hello it's Hershey's chocolate heads it was all say it's a links there's no TLC here to go see your whenever put on here. You guys come my shot to break it surely is perfectly Fides dot hi Reich. Right. And get a good amount if you did that but I hit. They say you need to start up that FaceBook live again let's let's Monica and all that we were just getting nothing happened nobody ate anything everything's fine nothing happened okay. And bands pains in a wash. OK so I have presents for just to prove that we're all cool here okay I don't do because you'll be glad I. Are you from last year so I I know this uncomfortable for because there's so many back again. Just remember at last year and she okay. Aren't so so do you want me to start presenting you jumped into the takeaway it is kind of uncomfortable because I've only guy who for you rang and I and and I fear in me. Or. But he's ninth me. They did to this nine with an entire one majority have on now so I don't even know it could be a great Christensen who know how to. The Big Apple now it's personal check it was just showed you okay. Yeah okay thank you all right let's go ahead we rob just it was a totally okay exactly how the. And it's going to be a couple odd planes get more credit than that we are not those low life scum hockey type people. We. Will again. Rather it could I don't know we know that the that we know aren't we start that we don't have again we are we faced a guy that's music. We need to Chris Evans and Christmas show you what you'll throw some Christmas is dug for us via. It. And can attack sleep magnolia OK I have great yep we're ready prizes so what what I do here like he got the job. Don't go over grab one or you can grab a coordinate what. Program. Look like now. They show what it. Ya can't really take what do those pause because we don't have Christmas music yet. Did you Cole hall and art AD. IR OOK okay all right here we go. Wow this. Maybe one. Look at these jacks it up please yeah I subsidies would gladly jones' and keep in mind. Last year yeah on the Friday before we left our Christmas vacation you've got me the best Christmas gifts ever what Jamie got sick. Yeah our viewers you were sick that and everybody on mermaid blanket until I love them. Yeah so good I didn't yeah. I got to have. Last year I did and speak to Woz or was that a year before. Really weren't thinking John Britton or not. We're not doing sexy time dose of Chris Schott is not good taxi time there's no it's miss this it's like you've eaten one of those love biscuits a viewer. He loved this. You can get you know gotten hit a different song yeah with different zone there. I'm worried about you. We're gonna. Yeah its. Well I didn't want anyone of the Edwards and I know gifts of my pillow and my pillow and I got it for you can now did you tell your pillow what is that guy right there he was. Holder did he was what some crack down her back. Yeah brown in London but there ES he looks good. Now it's guaranteed the most comfortable pillow you'll ever own you don't I don't know that for a fact because of never own one. Although the endorsed him before. But I thought I had accident grown to a Sony I got my fellow and my pillow. Yeah isn't from last year. I guess unless you know that's this year the distance from last do you find this very painful split just what is generous idea yeah that's what I don't know what happened. Son who. Sean lay flat on that what are you laughing I only eleven. And I told a joke that the ability to send bush coming here in particular that than anything. Are this is that if both hopeful and remember last year I don't know I have for you ought to make a love night. Let's. Got these knuckle up its former slider yeah it's just beautiful looks like god almost like what a towel. But only it's got little pocket holders for my remotes and everything in the recliner caught yet. I know I know I thought that's feared yet. Yeah nationally shared I was. Really yeah. Why could you is that from past years puppy yeah now you know here's gift that brought it in in like January. By the way if USC the single place but glad BJ and Dina think that night. All of them. I eventually outwit and things is this I know I know bright as lashes gifted it's like to just didn't read it inside and the. I did OK yeah. In arm rest organize because I know. Number it makes you happier than they look at military I want you look here you can put a little via peach Ice-T appear to you but I'm going yeah remote yeah almost say. Or what this lens on the left side went on the right call double barrel. I'd tell you just know what you don't have very. Oh yeah why not Sean. Though that is a look at this shot. It wasn't like state. Flex take out and uses to take a shower floor. Yeah. There yeah this stuff is really like everybody can generally it may have gotten me. Right here. From last year but I don't take the fray yeah Lansing being this is us with. This says soft stuff and my incidents. Joseph and I. Did the same thing okay. Of that I saw them doing and then that night yet. I. Got one more here in Italy and make him to rank a deep that this is like really great audio. The big element love it right they love it the FC NNS probably. The smoke pot this Friday is our best radio and I got you got a hip. Now. I gestured now yes you know he has to say yes we can say Abbas and you have made love it won't let. And dominance of the Urumqi on. There's also word I don't know I don't know and resentment that Walgreen flammability. I don't know didn't know you bought did they discuss the NF wouldn't. Good call. On today and look at this this is my old miss Cleo who's. Miss Chris I could start delegates to create a sun care I can get such he missed. I think yeah right. She passed away and so that's a collector's item and I know we've been starting to board late late yeah but that would be good morning get the miss Cleo. Tarot card reading stuff. We'll work on a bribe. It's the best you've never. The old spice you've packaged. And wait it comes with Sox. It's got an atlas is this. I'm. Can I get so I am the spies give back and as manly it's not our Ramon could not the luck oh. Love smells like builds not own it so good right. Aren't quick break out OP yeah I got back we've got gives Rihanna okay. I the FAA gives Virginia six. In the mornings on Alex I.