BJ & Jamie: More Sexual Harassment reports and Jamies Rumba name. 11/8

Wednesday, November 8th

Two more people have been accused of sexual misconduct and harassment.. the first if Reverend Jesse Jackson, a woman says he groped her at a conference and the other is Mariah Carey. A former Security guard says she greeted her with an open rob and that is harassment. Jamie is naming her Rumba tonight with her son.


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Vijay and Jamie Jamie there's two more you'll never guess it. Italy we have to go into it but you'll never guess to more people yesterday were accused of sexual harassment and they can keep. Don't know this is good you're you're gonna like it and I didn't like art and it'll I would never ask again and you'll never ever guessed who these two people are. Personable. The reverend jedi Jesse Jackson. He's he's a sexual predator these walker there yeah. The reverend Jesse Jackson has now been accused. Of by a woman then he groped her. During a picture taking session I don't look this is as shocking as of former president the old man bush yeah that was already jockeying pretty shocking but Jesse Jackson is pretty shocking to and the second being. Mariah Carey. My ranking. She's sexually assaulting people. Former. Assists at a Paris. Due to. Blue I guess he's in cities really good looking and Mariah wanted him really back that it could he claims that he wit in Kabul he claims which were road because she coldly not to lose luggage. But when he got there Mariah was only wearing a see through Nikola jacket. Yeah I think you no matter if you ever watch her documentary that's all she won't walks around and it was a button and open when he walked dead and he's claiming sexual harassment. I think all of those people can I watch us who played documentary at least in my life yeah I was seven like seminary episodes whatever was. And she sexually grasses everybody will make sure Iraq and they and that she just lays around in this like Adam no more than as a boost the eighth and look. Body I don't know I mean maybe maybe some judge would look at this is sexual harassment but I don't know if you're going up to grab a bag. For for Mariah Carey's Romans she answers and that was jail. The political. Mariah is now they god this idea that. And it's far there are totally previous and then I'm sorry that I didn't watch the documentary but she'd literally walks around in the high heels and the negligent everywhere. It's amazing she says you know you have that weird thing about how you're raised you have no food you know. And so you you know you don't throw away and I think agenda of food right I need all leftovers right and if it's seven days old was she says she dresses like this everything because she didn't have anything nice and small little. Says she dresses like a war now because she she does. She having implored where when she was little I guess I don't really put it right of it yeah. Mariah Carey dresses that already that because we she was younger tour appearance would borrow more awareness and did everything that I wow yeah. Just like we have a little different than that. Sure she'd be an app but the fabric everything she never had anything nice to show was was to just walk around Philly it's homes there's been nice. There's a difference though between having some nice and just walk around in there and anguish all the time I mean it's. A deal she's cut. Like he or she is in your right with a documentary had media TV show that she had but she's got the light got a female version you have dear John you. Have to walked around that wrote about Yemen on all the time right Danny I don't think he dropped his Jarvis is what she showing off herself New York but but nevertheless he walked rep. That was his that was hit credit and comfy slippers on Chile as high heels on the. Well. I don't know what it walker okay does it have they see that and I don't think I've talked about this. The swift relating delayed as sliver and she and her kid did something in our messed up number and that stuff all of flood season high heels and a sliver. She has a slipper with high drama that. Are you and me there's not one woman alive that would swifter and. I know well they should let you go here's a look at Disney bought slipper here's what I didn't I sort of Bojan where not only do you is different you get high heels and I. I put high heels in the box with the slipper. My Fred Healy said the funniest thing of his life as a vice president of something big with right. So he said it's the funniest thing about her is that she would come home in a complete sued Nike note a skirt high heels. Jacket all this and he said and then it would just all fall off and then she she opened swept me at. He didn't know she was not seen leaving the corporate women all buttoned up everything about tighten up a says and then they're just feel like this pilot who she was. At the door and just be a trial. And she would be right there just. That's what the wicked witch of the west. Who melted right there at all you saw was the pilot hole. The brits it would just be a pile and then somehow she got on a dirty sweat shirt sweat gets it she wears every single day. Was Saxony hates this whole I. This little sexual harassment things getting out of hand me and you got the reverend Jesse Jackson right carried out an. Eight. Actually said the sliver commercial pisses me off to go not only is she high heels what mama's going to elect a Brad little kid at their sister shared a tremendous. Yeah he's he's acting like he's getting he's kept all his doll's hair. This little boy and the super commercial cats although little dolls hair and then he has is his sister's hair get rage had it. Too bad the rumba didn't come with the ideals. I don't have to do anything have to sit in my high heels it was time flies dress or should I act like I'm Mariah Carey with my room Bob you know smooth and for a room. Only tied yesterday again what we dead that's what we did yesterday and you can watch during the voice I was saying and I said I. And that rumba you know and I can nicer and it's just so savvy he's just talking to rumba like kids their friends. Each piece of religious patent because she doesn't have that sense in so the room buzzes that. We should gave him when he said mom you know that most people name their rumba. So we asked him up beyond room yeah I like it Rondo the robot legs or Randy just Larry Sutton so we're coming up with a name and I own. Going to be big wins in your fourth name in the it's clearly in a vacuum. I get to put a bunch into a hat you know Lichen and yeah now and then he likes to go to Michael's and by Google eyes that big a goodly eyes and stick him on himself. You know the name in the hat thing doesn't work though because every time Ichi EU pull out of named Eli Lilly and he's brought that it yet nobody that nobody's there to watch would make you go with the dean poll show. He's got to write it and so I don't even suggested honor your guys to all eyes is put names in there and he will stay. Yeah. That's a good idea slot sounds exciting Gracie died. Have you guys like tomorrow where I am in the rumba tonight I would. I would love to suggested name and where we've got a more afraid of things I'm and then burst agonize and and if you want to name our rumba five put aside nine filled free for suggestions about what redeem on him I'll just sit over with Sean OK I am and ask him. In. Mornings on Alex I.