BJ & Jamie: Morning show just met the new Boss. 11/14

Tuesday, November 14th

There is a new boss here at the radio station and there was a welcoming party yesterday to greet him but none of us stayed to meet him.. Well this morning he came into the studio to meet them and Jamie was covered in popcorn and diet coke.. He said he had heard about them and BJ told him he is a gambler.     


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PGA and Jamie Allison of what kinds of digital money go lucky guys who does not to do problems we've had a big boss here today intercom Denver I don't know if you realize this or not. Because this kind inside information. First of all our company is about a quadruple. A six times its size yeah we've just acquired CBS radio. And ethical this takes place like Friday of this week ran on the so things have been changed around we get new big bosses would that a couple dates we can't sit arched he has to he has shirt was start trying to and so are some. We chance that the brand new boss for here vice president intercom Denver yeah. Who just got to tell you this for every. Idea had a big meeting yesterday 1130 but it was outside the window welcoming towards Jamie and I cut. That's what we could show a show if we don't welcome you between here in the elevator you don't it walkabout didn't like that look at. That. It's your pick who has just took him so he's just welcomed as himself to us because we missed the meeting I literally had people say to me just even the school in the hallway to like. You weren't hearing this and who Tyson knows how said the welcoming the window for Jamie and I. We can't kitchen between the studio in an elevator we'll see we've Coca we're adults and I kind of feel bad because he came into welcome himself. Now here's let me just set up the scenario here okay personal. I have some popcorn and looking. Through our face out. I am surrounded the shroud of popcorn has fallen off my lap in his or it's. Repeat so he thinks PP PG right away right. And then I have made appear. I made a pyramid in diet cocaine and the. It's not a good look cook. Many when you walk over there it looks like she's literally just throw park picnic cleaning up like the day after. I know I know we needed to spear kicked her out of there and we're sent what do you tell you get involved was like yeah. I ask does he started asking us about about you know Colorado activities because he's given in from New Jersey he's familiar with collar rat. Can get a W. You know when when people come in or they they familiar from Denver they automatically ask you things like okay do snowboard. News he do what's of this mountain to go to and you guys know me I don't do any other. 'cause again you know what I do I do Colorado activities I did things a horse race is tonight on the only did. He told the new Buffy backed up right outside erase a and it hits the floor very Conrad at. So we had a chance we just let the new boss and he said to us. Which tells me somebody sorry that I know listens he says to us are here you guys are killer yet that's what he said. And I look at BJ after the second what does that mean for years were Killen went to keep it here with. OK so you're so we ask okay we're either killing you in the radio I'm doing so well that he really happy this or. The reason they brought him in years we've killed the don't look at it that record at the culture so either I just I delegate. I feel like sometimes they compliment you before they cut your head off yeah I. Then I yes may I. Everybody adds in your own business how we had like the bus compliment into a cult like John large caliber and then the next they're fired every all yeah everywhere delisting you have that crap out here. And I think they're going to be nice to have got a golden rule trusts free for UN from the okay in I've lived by this all my career it is basically work. Well when you get a new boss like this guy coming in and he doesn't know us we don't know him when you get a new boss. Do not go on vacation. Yes. The Italian that's true cut use so quickly they will actually can you look like you don't care now it's time we have to really. Act like we we get hair yeah exactly and I really have to put on a fake you know opening here. So she would I'm against god knows we just. Took the fifth round I can creator. You could I briefly after a couple of saves it to make it seem like we choose. Would buy gift so who should get him some really edible arrangements an animal arrangement. Keep you employed I liked that idea that a Maureen Dowd have a coupon. I really do have coupons right now a look at. Union with English but he has they would have went sent a short you do us a favor actually the people already admirable arrangement which which is read off of I seventy you ever seen it like I've seen that one and it opened a new one and in that castle rock today love our show not one of us there is what it's worth and they'll be able. Remember in the past that said Gary. But I've heard there's one in boulder third row at the point where there's fruit there's edible arrangements even darker. We knew it the date they send them up a big hit over the arrangement before because it's into the show and they appreciate surgeons at. Did you look at to see if we could have won. Delivered down to John's office police did his job up. John I got a job that I've gotten how to he's got an agent oh does not British jail where are you sure I'm pods can I done my homework now aren't we wanna suck up Sean. Yeah was sucked up to the boss I ads and get a daily does welcome like a welcoming. I arrange how guts onto your normal harvest daisy or swindle which won it in the listens to the just. Referring to chat location listens to. I think he's put them on I seventy near golden. That's come along delivery OK here towards. Well we simply gets and so there remain plenty of stuff things I think it's worth it. Okay our maintenance of the edible arrangement if you get dead happening it was the it was deliberate that day today I'm okay I'm yes on the shot what's his last name. I don't look forward to. The first letter first in first letter role as a whole without FO OK it was full nine MPH then roll the idea asked not held for a. Thought that it the courage just because about their loved ones and the light and new it'll. I'm not Alice is your new day anyway no practical and on this we went up her free. We want it for free choice if that's that's that's my producers of this big dough I can't. Saying you know like I got to raise a low as the high esteem hit Atlantic. You can't find the Bruins. Yeah well get in contact with the person out there that loves our show. And they'll throw what your way we have been delivered to his office today we looked like Europe yeah everything works out perfectly rank how. You don't put on there this to John welcome to Denver from jaw. Yeah. Indy and the importance on now let's. The ice tonight.