BJ & Jamie: Nathans 101st hot dog eating contest. 7/5

Wednesday, July 5th

The 101st Nathans Hot dog eating contest and Joey won it again   he ate 72 dogs in 10 minutes.


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Vijay and Jamie had a bit of correction here because this headlines run since Joey chestnut wins the tenth annual hot dog eating contests and and an idea it's been going on along moment. It's his tenth win. That's the difference it was actually a 101. It's been going on I don't know not a this is crazy so I'm sitting at home yesterday because they have a women's division and a men's division this eating studied the this eating competition dating is grace okay. I watched it but I don't really get I feel like these people are going to die. It seems unsafe it felt like I'm watching this yesterday and I swear. The entire ten minutes and ten minutes is a long time. Or the parent to get him to go to hide some of these people clicked OK because. Just a mouse or older shoving more and 72 hot dogs in ten minutes. Talking to the Nathan dogs having their little small hot dog they're hard to write this eight dollars or dogs it was crazy. It does. Like to control. Choking like Kazaa I watched the video in what I'd I'd like to Julie and and they aren't just for seen. Those pot crop up expand its like they'd shoot 23 times options to break it and it wasn't just maybe a couple months ago or so we we had a couple of deaths. Remember rip remember eating the guy even here in Denver did a guy die because he was eating voodoo doughnuts. Oh yes I remember like the in store challenge I think he's. It was an eating comp. They have every category. So yesterday I'm watching and good channels and and there there's media hot dog eating competition there wasn't anything August. So I I'm watching this. They treat this thing is a sporting event and I watched this before. They introduced the contestants that come out and got this big hoopla they got their own thing it's at least it was hot dog that's odd. It didn't they they come out and costume. It's just crazy name read out the rules that it in that right before they they get ready to you know. Sound the belt on in here we go and then it's within minutes. Which is a long time long time of Julius gorge is a bit hot dogs and in wet runs down your throat and it's it's groves actually. The wet but the day it look Oscar fewer strokes Joey chestnut the EE at a new strategy yesterday let me play the audio first. The. Joey chestnut looks like he's getting yeah. They're they're biggest film another 172 artificial which will be erected for the quarter surf and stillwell 101 running of the Nathan's Famous south. Like the doctor Ayers at the super ball big time it's unbelievable how this thing was done. It did he did to Pete is as good as it sounds like there's a huge crowd there is thousands of people will Joey chestnut. Here's the deal. She wanted to get to 75 I guess the record 73 and a half a dog every day so you'll get 75 so we came out with a new strategy yesterday. His strategy was instead of eating a hot dog one at a time he's gonna do to at a time. Now what he does and I guess most of the contestants do it this way now they separate the bun in the hot. So he's got two leaders had his hand. And he starts when the waiters in its Michael Wood chipper it eat. And I. Both. Most of them out with a gloved hand. In his right hand he's got both bonds which he's war wadded up until ball. It takes a dips data to a couple water which as a big help to ease into cup water so real good. They'd showed what the dose that is broke swallows in goes to the next until way. Read GU got you sick afterwards I don't know how those guys. I could not imagine eating seven hot dogs and in. 72 hot dogs. No one else he became close to him he smoked about how his new technique used is the way to go he'll be. He'll set the standard of conduct he could techniques from here on now I think he's already Jolie jaws chestnut. Has already set the standard worldwide. The. So we just not look. Looks like he's getting yeah. They want. Repair record here to disprove another 1721. Official to be erected for the quarter surf and stillwell 101 running of the Nathan's Famous opera content. Guide other guy what I had another aren't just politics that we think eight. 20000 dollars one eager to get 20000 dollars and I think it's split up through the first three like 1231. Prize and a second place. But it's 20000 dollars is what they said yesterday. But this guy. He just continues to dom. But it protects NATO at 51059. It was pancakes. One was voodoo doughnuts were person choked up and then right before that remember there were two back to back it was pancakes some children. It got its finger on its toe hook yeah it's got to be deadly heat for sport. Hold them back in July debit network the necessities he's only worth about 800000. Which only where I just wonder these me all that. Eating hot dogs over these last ten years in competitive eating did you see did you see all he's he's got all these are sponsors. True icons outdoors we thought was making money now she would then they wouldn't mustard belt the mustard belt is pretty cool. Did I will fail looks like the WWE. Belt only it's the biggest. Colored a must come Ilia it's got there and mustard logo with a date the logo group. Is good for. An important. I.