BJ & Jamie: NCAA brackets Bj Jamie doing well Sean sucked it up. 3/20

Monday, March 20th

NCAA bracket talk..  BJ and Jamie did really good but Sean did not. Both Jamie and Bj are in the 30s with their picks and Sean is at 21.


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Vijay and juniper. Basketball music. Yeah it's March Madness the oh excellent basketball over the weekend Jamie why should you wouldn't believe it I never left the house I watch NASCAR. He did yeah. Something wrong in this picture the millions. So we did the brackets last week as most Americans in a thing are a lot of people didn't Brent. And does so I have my reckoning here I guess everybody's wondering how we did right. People wondering if there. Helen Hunt and I'm aren't you wonder what I was wondering how I did a yes. My practice. Jimmy likes dragon but I think everybody got that messed up this weekend I think it went really wrong well no no. Melanoma are supposed to win. Yeah there there were a couple of teams that what they call the bracket busters. And Villanova is one of those teams I guess that was one of the a bracket busters. But here we go on all the games were played since last Thursday you had 38 Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. In total forty seats games were played. 4848. Webware we're mature on the same page OK when now so they were they are actually Garrity played. For the reality games and finished up with the last scheme being Cincinnati UCLA last night out and UCLA when you see only one book at a campaign event you do yeah I would think campaign financing digitally record everything. And Jeremy you'd kill bit yeah. I felt all right here we go this is where we stand 48 games keep that in mind I got 33. Of 48 correct. 33 out of 48 and really get me out of 48 correct on much. Nice job thank you very. Get this. Jamie won eight got 31. Net well and only separated by two games out of 48. Yeah I. Have a clear advantage because I watch a lot of basketball so that I'm gonna take. Wondered too that maybe you don't know progress book for you to get 31 has come within two can either speaks very how near you or very lowly of many. One of the two I'm. Sure I'm gonna go with high of me I don't know how you too because I think 33 out of forty eight's pretty good here I know gray. 31 very good to commit. So you and I did very very. In Arlington national. Yeah it has on the island. This in general like we're like all of stoke an ourselves like yeah we did great you haven't even you know Shawn tries really hard he has no asked Biden if you wanted me to give his total while I do I do's. I'm 48 game show on tolls. I really NCAA. Racked. You read. 23. Correct mama I'm bloom. Burning and that's horrible. Horrible Darrell are horrible and terrible you what do you trump 23. RD three or 48. Not even that too patient choice. And the outlook even worse. OK because you missed so many that your outlook for the future games is really liked this guy in the toilet yeah I feel like. Still like Schilling can't get a break. I mean. This is a bracket it's like all guessing I mean for me I'm at trinity guest. And and I did really well and uses a Philly this and then he's singing the National Anthem that that woman's. Football game and he was so excited and and mini van that I was at a high school in Jordan yeah. Because MB of the stadium right right right I did nothing ever. You know and I mean it just doesn't come together and hey yeah in its media stunt the stars that we really he's he's the prayer I have and you know. Generally taken as having you don't take that idea. Mean I had an insists she brought it up but now that she brought up I am kind of thinking about it. It is kind of a thing do you feel like. Well I mean for the guy I appraise our diamonds them it's like it's the end it's not right he's feel jinxed. Have a little bit of the jinx feel about me. Yeah everything Japan my leg was shorter than the other. That when you don't know if not it doesn't really became apparent yeah you're really suits geniuses like it's not really a thing it's just you know made up. Now no one's Jeanne east. Have you met Sean yeah I mean I left it short and it like how the film battle I mean I feel bad data revealed your number here we go look what it started this fellow here would. I just a bit leg you know it's just she never gets a break something happens they never get to brick and and I try to help lemon a tour and then that when day is like not let the birds a little let issuer in the other night I'm not not I got. Just take it don't fill in well yeah I have a special true. I heard you and the smell associated with that is upset at the what looks like you mentioned this and that the not to file on your jinx this but it moving forward. With the with the games that are coming up with the the a sweet sixteen in the in the elite eight final four or whatever. Jamie's got seven great chances of getting teams into the final four sevenths. Guy on the other hand I am not in July yeah. Joseph and his two top awful Monroe. East teams I've picked for the final four they RD out. Aren't all of a one all the ones you got one left native that sucker gets beat in the next game your Dunham died you'd you'd have collapsed now. Good about it. It's time. Says it's our fault the senate says it's because you guys are both age blank stare him all the time. His foot shorter and the other not I can do is let go and all packed bag I don't his bracket for aging you know. Do they the army does him. Yet president Bob like you shorten the other. That's our charge maybe next year. And yeah we are and the basketball so who cares but Baxter might actually believe that more interest in title are you pray every day. Yeah yeah I would stop. Well let's. The eyes so have a lot to look for it without ceasing and he's having no life like this with prayer imagine without trying to. He just couldn't. Do keep trying different partner prey are good at that. Come more often do is keep going. Into the immortal John Ellis I.